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Her husband, Dr Gordon Masson, told Winchester Coroner’s Court her mental state had worsened following a hip operation in 2011 and underwent cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

“She did not find the CBT very helpful,” said Dr Masson.

In a statement read out to the court, train driver Steven Long, described how Mrs Masson stood in front of the Manchester bound train and stared directly at it before it hit her.

Weeks before her death, the former medical practitioner was referred by her GP to see a psychiatrist and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust send her a self referral letter.

This asks patients to phone up and make their own appointment however, senior coroner Grahame Short said the referral system needs to change as people with mental disabilities may find it hard to self refer.

As a result, the coroner said he will be conducting a Report to Prevent Future Deaths about the referral system and he will be sending this the Southern Health.

In response, Kate Brooker, associate director of mental health at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are very sorry for the loss of Anna and offer her family and friends our sincere condolences.

“After learning of Anna’s death, we began an investigation to review the support we had offered and to see if there was anything we could have done differently.

“We will carefully consider the evidence heard during the inquest.”

Before her death, Anna was director of charity the Boaz Project at her home.

The horticulture based charity was established in 2007 to provide a day centre where adults with learning disabilities could grow plants, care for animals, learn to cook and develop craft and woodworking skills.
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She was born in Osceola Mills, daughter of the late Hershel and Geraldine (Hefferon) Slee. She was twice married, first to John A. Trostle, who preceded her in death in August 1970, and then to Montgomery C. Ainsworth, who preceded her in death in 1989.

Surviving are a son, Robert J. Trostle and wife,
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Sandy, of Altoona; two daughters: Jacqueline J.

She was preceded in death by a son, John Trostle; and three brothers: Robert, James and Donald Slee.

Dee was a 1940 graduate of Altoona High School. She retired as a cashier for Riverside Markets after

She was a member of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Altoona. She was a former member of the Red Hat Society and the Order of the Eastern Star.

She loved spending time with her family and her Graystone friends. She also enjoyed cooking and playing cards,
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especially double hand pinochle.

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Thomas III, co producer and lead scholar for Ann[a] and Professor of History at UNL; and Michael Burton, co producer and lead animator of Ann[a] and assistant professor of practice in the Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion design at UNL. Thomas III, co producer and lead scholar for Ann[a] and Professor of History at UNL; and Michael Burton, co producer and lead animator of Ann[a] and assistant professor of practice in the Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion design at UNL. Starting with Ann Williams’ story, they hope to produce and market more films and animations around historical cold cases.

The story of Ann[a] Williams is one of survival.

“She was known in literature by the name of Anna, her enslaved name,” said William G. Thomas III, co producer and lead scholar for Ann[a] and Professor of History at UNL. “For 200 years her name has been forgotten and changed by the public. history has been highlighted by anti slavery reformers and abolitionists, yet they didn’t bother to talk about her name, her story, and what happened to her.”

SPN: Why did you pick the combination of rotoscoping, keyframing, 2D and 3D animation?

KD: We want to give it more ground, and expand the way we look at the subject matter. What we mostly know about slavery comes from mainstream Hollywood. These stories are told in specific ways, focusing on particular things that happened.

For example, you’re going to get the whip and the chain, rape, the cotton field, the auction block, etc. We wanted to take a story and show what life was like. We know about the danger and horrors, but there were those that did indeed survive. We wanted to explore what their lives were like once they were sold. We wanted to look at legacies that were past down to the enslaved,
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how they uplifted their children, and what happened within the home. We wanted to open up that interior.

WGT: We also wanted to bring in the imaginative and the symbolic elements of the story. The medium that we’re using takes the audience away from hyperrealism. I think there is tremendous interest in the subject, and we are linking that with animation in order to open it up to more audiences.

MB: We’re combining a variety of animation mediums and techniques and we kind of want it to look like the original etching of Ann[a]. We want to bring more people into the story by catching their eye at first.

Rotoscoping is an animation technique used by animators to trace over motion picture footage, frame by frame.

Imani Brown, assistant animator, rotoscoping.

Imani Brown, assistant animator, rotoscoping. for about five years. I am also putting them in digital form so that students, teachers, scholars and descendants of the families can access them.

You can access the database of the research here via The Center for Digital Research in the Humanities archive.

I have been working on these cases to write a book about the families. The story of Ann came out of this research. At first we didn’t know who Ann Williams was, but it became clear after looking at things like affidavits and receipts of payment who she was.

Alexander Rider, “But I did not want to go” from Torrey, A Portraiture of Domestic Slavery (43) Stanford Special Collections.

For example, this receipt shows that a man named George Miller paid $5 for Ann. The price of an enslaved woman or man was around $180 or $200. The date and the price, as well as the purchaser’s name, tell us that this is the woman that jumped out of the window at Miller’s F St. tavern in 1815 and broke her back and arms. We are able to put those pieces together like a historical cold case, and this entirely different proposition came forward for who Ann was and why she jumped out of the window.

Receipt for the purchase of Ann[a] Williams. Photo courtesy of The Center for Digital Research Humanities archive.

SPN: Do you think this collaboration is an innovative way to tell stories?

KD: I think technology is changing the way children learn in the classroom.

WGT: We are giving them these raw materials of the past so that a young student can hold things like a receipt of payment for a slave in their hand and consider what it really means. It’s called historical thinking, it’s already happening in colleges, and I think it’s going to move its way through the K 12 curriculum within the next five to ten years. These tools and windows to the past are not only going to be necessary, but highly valued as well.

KD: That’s what makes this project personal for the audience. Now I can ask my students what it feels like when there is a piece of paper that says you are no longer an enslaved person. That is something to fathom and interpret.

SPN: Where do you want to see this project go?

MB: This is our beta of a collaboration that we want to keep going. We want to submit this to film festivals and make it available for many people to watch. I’ve done this with my other animations but now we are trying to bigger as a collaborative group. Firespring is helping us market the project. Best case scenario, we would love to have this be a short film that plays before a movie at the theater. We want to aim really high.

SPN: Why is this project so important to you and how are you adding to the project with your individual skills?

KD: I read the research over and over until I found the kernel that I needed. I also drew from my own emotional and psychological repository as to what I do to get myself through certain situations. It’s in the interior. It’s what you say to yourself that keeps you going. When I found the love story between a mother and a daughter, I thought about what stories the mother can pass down to her daughter.

I am a southerner through and through. I’m from South Carolina. I was able to pour the flesh over the skeleton too by adding how my mother, grandmother and aunts interacted with me and how I saw other mothers interact with their children, etc. I’m talking what they told me to get through life and adding that to the story. It means a lot to me because people survived enslavement. Others didn’t, some didn’t make it. But answering how the others made it means a lot to me and interests me. Chaos happens, trauma happens,
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but the kernel is in the story of how they survived.

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from 1982 to 1990. Senate and a vote was scheduled.

Two days before the scheduled vote, Hill, a law professor at the University of Oklahoma, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Thomas had sexually harassed her when he was her boss at the Education Department and the EEOC. She said she rebuffed his advances and always tried to change the subject when he started talking about sex.

Read a transcript of Hill testimony and Thomas rebuttal here.

She said the harassment died down for a while, so she felt safe following him to his new position at the EEOC. However, the push for dates and the sexual talk resumed and even escalated at the new job, she told the committee, whose chairman was Sen. Joe Biden, D Delaware.

began to show displeasure in his tone of voice and his demeanor in his continued pressure for an explanation [of why I wouldn go out with him], Hill testified. commented on what I was wearing in terms of whether it made me more or less sexually attractive. The incidents occurred in his inner office at the EEOC.

of the oddest episodes I remember was an occasion in which Thomas was drinking a Coke in his office, he got up from the table at which we were working, went over to his desk to get the Coke, looked at the can and asked, has put pubic hair on my Coke?’ said she was hospitalized for five days with severe stomach pain that she attributed to job related stress, and she subsequently sought employment elsewhere.

She said she finally consented to go to dinner with Thomas one time on her last day of employment with the government. During that dinner, she said, Thomas told her that if she ever told anyone about his behavior it would ruin his career.

was not an apology, nor was it an explanation, she said.

The media went crazy over Hill testimony, which was carried live on television and radio. Some senators and others who supported Thomas questioned her truthfulness and even her mental state.

Thomas demanded that he be allowed to rebut Hill allegations and clear his name before the Senate decided on his confirmation,
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so the vote was postponed for a week.

is a person I have helped at every turn in the road, since we met, Thomas told the Judiciary Committee. seemed to appreciate the continued cordial relationship we had since day one. She sought my advice and counsel, as did virtually all of the members of my personal staff.

my tenure in the executive branch as a manager, as a policymaker, and as a person, I have adamantly condemned sex harassment. There is no member of this committee or this Senate who feels stronger about sex harassment than I do. As a manager, I made every effort to take swift and decisive action when sex harassment raised or reared its ugly head.

fact that I feel so very strongly about sex harassment and spoke loudly about it at EEOC has made these allegations doubly hard on me. I cannot imagine anything that I said or did to Anita Hill that could have been mistaken for sexual harassment. Senate confirmed Thomas nomination on October 15, 1991, on a 52 48 vote, the closest Supreme Court confirmation vote in history.

Thomas would later refer to the hearings as a lynching for an uppity black. went on to become one of the most conservative justices on the court, and one of the least heard. He seldom asks questions during oral arguments and rarely grants interviews, but a 2004 Washington Post profile suggests he carries considerable clout.

The controversy over Hill allegations brought workplace sexual harassment out into the open. According to a George Mason University analysis of EEOC documents, sexual harassment cases more than doubled in the five years following Thomas nomination. Over the same period, awards to victims under federal laws jumped from $7.7 million to $27.8 million, records showed.

The scandal became a textbook case for teaching about sexual harassment and how employees and employers should deal with it.

The case also may have spurred more women to get into politics, as many women were appalled by the way Hill was questioned by the all male Senate panel.

Hill focused attention on the fact that there were no women in that Senate panel making decisions about people lives, said Harriett Woods, then president of the National Women Political Caucus, according to the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago,
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After graduating as a Real Estate Broker in 1986, I was hired by Fox Carskadon in Palo Alto, which was the leading real estate company on the Peninsula at that time. With major emphasis on selling single family homes and condominiums, I extended my territory to the towns of Mountain View, Los Altos, Redwood City, Menlo Park, San Carlos, Woodside, and Atherton. I was one of the top 10 agents for the entire company and was able to keep my status with Fox Carskadon for the duration that I worked for the company. I was in the top 3% for sales nationwide while at Coldwell Banker for 15 years. Presently, I am in the top group of agents here at Alain Pinel Realtors. My goal is to continue serving my clients with the utmost integrity and fairness, whether it’s for a first time buyer, investor, or an experienced seller. One of my clients, who is a commercial real estate attorney, has used my real estate services for listing and selling 9 properties for his personal portfolio. My business has been mostly on a referral basis. I have other clients with whom I have listed and sold 3 to 4 properties, and now I am selling properties to their children. I’ll be glad to provide testimonials from my clients.

Member of the Rotary Club of Menlo Park

want to commend you for your excellent service to me in late 2016. You may recall that I had asked you to investigate the offerings for rental properties near Sacramento. Not only did you give me the advice I asked for you orchestrated everything I could not have been more satisfied!

First, I asked you how to search for possible properties in a city that was a 100 miles out of your comfort zone. Not only did you tell me how to do it, you dived in and did it all! You researched possible properties and, using your finely honed skills of what to watch for, you whittled down the offerings into a manageable few. And then, you dived right into the purchase options while showing me what to be aware of and how to manage the possible issues that might arise as the procurement continued.

While operating substantially out of your knowledgeable Real Estate area, you managed to orchestrate a purchase offer remotely and then subsequently guided a counter offer and achieved the subsequent sale of the chosen property to both my and the seller’s complete satisfaction. More, you took me through all of the contingency pitfalls and potential home repairs that might be required. What a maze! You did that too!

Finally, when we closed the deal in November, 2016, you accompanied me to the Title Company’s office there and ensured that all of the sensitive issues were satisfactorily resolved. You advised me to procure a Home Warranty Insurance policy. I’d never done that previously, but that advice has already saved me more than a thousand dollars!

Finally, to cap it off, you showed me what amenities I should acquire and install into the residence. I would have never thought of that critical step but those things were the final sales point in renting the property.

I was most impressed with your knowledge, skills and ease of maneuvering the process, from initial idea to final deal, to my and the seller’s complete satisfaction. Your skill and professionalism convinced me, I had the best!
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If cats have nine lives, the Bradic’s cat, Traffic used them all the first day they brought him home.

“I just thought keep going 65 because no animal is going to jump out of the car going 65 miles an hour. But he did,” Said Christina Bradic, Traffic owner.

For over a decade Darla Rewers has been helping pets heal at Ancient Art Holistic Veterinary services. Among the many treatments she provides is one most think only humans receive: acupuncture.

“It’s really minimally evasive. There’s these little tiny needles that can really affect a lot of change.”

Dr. Rewers has performed acupuncture for a variety of ailments on just about every animal imaginable.

“The acupuncture points actually communicate with the main part of the nervous system. And all those nerve endings connect and communicate so that the body can restore, repair, remodel and rebuild.”

Traffic has been getting treatments for 3 years now and other than an occasional hiss or two, he takes it like a champ.

“We’re doing points to help his joints and his immune system as well as his liver,” said Dr. Rewers.

As for Traffic’s high liver enzyme level, that went down almost immediately.

“After 3 treatments they found that the enzymes that was at 850 dropped to about 200.” said Mrs. Bradic.

“You can visibly see their expression change over the course of an acupuncture treatment. You can tell they feel better.”

Today, Traffic is about as healthy as a 19 year old cat can be. And although acupuncture does not always work, in Traffic’s case it’s added on a few more lives.

“I don’t know how long he’s going to keep going but I don’t think he’s going away anytime soon.” Said Mr. Bradic.
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Due to a recent revision to Chapter 22 of the Garland City Ordinance, Garland residents are no longer required to register their pets with the Garland Animal Services Department. The requirement for city registration has been replaced with mandatory microchipping for all newly adopted animals and animals reclaimed by their owners. A paper certificate must be issued upon each vaccination stating the name of the owner, the address of the owner, a description of the dog or cat, the date of the vaccination, the date the vaccination expires, the administering veterinarian signature and license number, and the kind of vaccine used.Animal owners shall provide proof of current rabies vaccination for any animal required to be vaccinated under this article upon request by the Supervisor of Animal Services or their designee.Sterilization of impounded animals required. The owner of an unspayed or unneutered dog or cat that has been impounded by the City must provide proof of sterilization of the impounded animal within thirty (30) days of the date the animal is reclaimed. A person commits an offense if the person is the owner of an unspayed or unneutered dog or cat, the dog or cat has been impounded by the City, the person reclaims the animal, and the person fails to provide proof of surgical sterilization within thirty (30) days of reclaiming the dog or cat.Please note that fees are subject to change due to the number of times your pet has been impounded. Payment is accepted in Cash, Credit Card, Debit and Checks.
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WHY CHICKENS? That was the question. To biologist Dr Ursula Munro, a fellow scientist’s suggestion they investigate whether chickens could sense the Earth’s magnetic field seemed nonsensical.

“I ridiculed the idea,” says Ursula, an ecologist and expert on animal behaviour at the University of Technology, Sydney. “A built in magnetic compass makes sense in migratory birds, which must find their way across huge distances. But chickens? They don’t move far; why would they need it?”

Since the 1960s, scientists have confirmed that more than 20 migratory species of bird use the Earth’s magnetic field to help them find their way. In the early 2000s, Ursula herself found that the tiny Tasmanian silvereye navigates magnetically during its annual migrations up the Australian coast.

It seemed that species that took part in long haul travel were uniquely equipped for this task. Which was why, in 2004, Ursula was dismissive when Dr Raf Freire, then at the University of New England, NSW, suggested testing chickens to see if they too had the knack. Nevertheless, she agreed to collaborate with Raf on a series of experiments using young chickens.

What emerged from that research astonished not only Ursula but also the wider scientific community. “I was gobsmacked,” she says.

Early theory of bird navigation

One of the first people to suggest that inanimate objects could exert a force on living creatures was Franz Mesmer, an 18th century Austrian physician, although his theory of ‘animal magnetism’ soon fell out of favour.

Then, in the 1950s, scientists noted that caged European robins, which normally migrate southward in autumn, would assemble at the southern end of their cages in the appropriate season.

This and subsequent investigations by him and his wife, Roswitha, proved beyond doubt that birds can detect magnetic fields and use them to orient themselves.

These days we know that birds are not the only creatures that can do this. Snails, fruit flies, bees, butterflies, salamanders, newts, lobsters, frogs, bats, salmon, trout, whales, sea turtles and the mole rat of East Africa can,
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While the evidence that these creatures can sense and use the Earth’s magnetic field is pretty conclusive, how exactly they do it and what organs they use to do so are the subjects of fiercely competitive research around the world.

How birds use magnetism to navigate

Raf, who now lectures in animal behaviour at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, NSW, says this makes it an exciting field to be working in. “A lot of important discoveries are happening very quickly,” he says. “You can feel the race to try and nail down what the mechanisms are.”

Scientists speculate that animals have two distinct magnetic sensing mechanisms in their bodies, each with a different function. In birds, both of these magneto receptors are believed to be in the head. It’s not known if they work simultaneously, independently or jointly.

However, as the Wiltschkos suggested in a 2005 paper, one of the receptors probably acts as a magnetometer which measures magnetic intensity and the other as a compass. In animals, this action could be based on two magnetically sensitive forms of iron oxide magnetite and maghemite. Particles of these minerals in an animal’s body align themselves with a magnetic field, affecting cells around them and thus firing off signals to the brain.

Many bird species have tiny bundles of these minerals in the upper beak region, and Raf has found that anaesthetising the nerves in this region impairs a bird’s capacity to sense a magnetic field. Different geographic features and zones have differing magnetic intensities.

As a bird flies over them during a migration, its magnetometer may detect these anomalies and enable it to compile a mental map of magnetic signposts for future use.

The second mechanism, the compass, may indicate direction. But unlike a conventional compass, it doesn’t distinguish between north and south; it tells the bird only where a pole is and where the equator is.

As Ursula says: “It doesn’t matter whether a bird is in the Southern or Northern hemisphere, in autumn it knows it needs to go equator wards.”

How birds us magnetism as a compass

Here’s how scientists think the avian compass works. The organs for this mechanism are believed to be in the right eye, but perhaps in the left eye also. Research indicates this magneto receptor may be based on pigment proteins in the retina known as cryptochromes.

The Earth’s magnetic field seems to induce a chemical reaction in these proteins when certain light wavelengths (mostly blue) strike the retina. This results in signals being sent from the eye to the brain via the optic nerve. Some scientists believe this may mean a bird can actually see the magnetic field.

The Earth is one vast magnet, with its magnetic poles situated close to the geographic poles. Magnetic field lines extend away from the Earth at the South Magnetic Pole, travel north and plunge back into the planet at the North Magnetic Pole. So at the poles, the lines appear vertical, at the Equator they appear horizontal, and in between they align at varying inclinations.

The precise nature of the chemical reaction in cryptochromes is believed to vary according to the angle of the magnetic field lines their inclination as they pass through the eye. Inclination, therefore, is a strong pointer to direction. Angled lines may indicate that a bird is close to a pole; horizontal lines may mean the bird is at the Equator.

For the moment, what the magnetic field looks like to a bird is anybody’s guess. “The magnetic compass is a side function of the eye, and magnetic information is primarily mediated by the visual system,” Roswitha Wiltschko says. “Yet birds must separate the magnetic from the visual information somehow. How birds perceive this information is impossible to tell.”

Illustrators have tried different techniques to depict what they imagine a bird may see. Some have shaded parts of the visual image in grey. Others have varied the colour intensity, with some parts of the image being brighter than others.

Raf, on the other hand, suggests the information might appear on the image as dots or blotches. Overall, the effect might be like the heads up display projected onto the windscreen of a jet fighter to give the pilot vital information.

There’s a theory that by swinging its head from side to side and thus changing the angle between the magnetic field lines and its eye a bird generates a moving visual impression of the magnetic field. Some migratory birds scan the horizon in just this way before setting out on a long journey.
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Miller Cushon, E. K., R. Bergeron, K. E. Leslie, G. J. Mason, and T. J. DeVries. 2013. Effect of early exposure to different feed presentations on feed sorting of dairy calves. J. Dairy Sci. in press.

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RIMOUSKI L’Oc de Rimouski demeure un myst pour tous les observateurs de la LHJMQ. La troupe de Serge Beausoleil continue de gagner m si elle ne b pas d’un alignement complet et en sant depuis des semaines.

Appuy par le doubl d’Alex Olivier Voyer et une autre performance exceptionnelle de Colton Ellis, les Bas Laurentiens se sont empar de l’exclusivit du premier rang du classement g dans le circuit Courteau en l’emportant 4 0 sur le Phoenix de Sherbrooke, mercredi, au Colis Financi Sun Life.

Depuis son retour au jeu la suite d’une fracture au poignet, Voyer ne cesse d’impressionner en compl merveille le duo compos d’Alexis Lafreni et de Samuel Dove McFalls. L’attaquant de 18 ans comptabilise quatre buts ses trois derniers matchs. Dove McFalls a notamment amass des mentions d’aide sur chacune des r de son co

y a des bienfaits aux blessures. Les gars rechargent leurs batteries et on voit comment Voyer est revenu avec beaucoup d’ a indiqu l’entra de l’Oc Serge Beausoleil.

Le reste du travail appartient Ellis. D’un calme olympien devant son filet, le gardien de l’Oc a multipli les acrobaties dans les moments o son semblait manquer de souffle contre les rapides attaquants du Phoenix. Il inscrit ainsi son troisi blanchissage de la saison gr 25 arr

gars n’arr pas de me surprendre et on peut encore une meilleure Il ne faut pas trop s’emballer, mais on gagne nos matchs avec des jeunes. On est dans une bonne s mais on doit continuer de travailler pour prot nos acquis estime Beausoleil.

Maxim Tr et Dominic Cormier, avec son premier but en carri dans la LHJMQ, ont compl le pointage pour l’Oc Lafreni compl le match avec une passe. Il s’agissait de la deuxi d par jeu blanc cette saison pour le Phoenix au Colis Financi Sun Life.

Rimouski compte maintenant 46 points au compteur, deux de mieux que l’Armada de Blainville Boisbriand au sommet du classement g

Zavgorodniy dans les meilleurs espoirs

Plut dans la journ l’attaquant de l’Oc Dmitry Zavgorodniy, a re l’assentiment de la LCH qu’il participera au prochain Match des meilleurs espoirs. L’ aura lieu le 25 janvier prochain Guelph, en Ontario.
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