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This Wednesday, April 14, 2016 file photo, shows a push button landline telephone, in Whitefield, Maine. government survey found that nearly 51 percent of homes and apartments had only cellphone service in the latter half of 2016.

Deborah Braswell, a university administrator in Alabama, is a member of a dwindling group people with a landline phone at home. government study released Thursday, 50.8 percent of homes and apartments had only cellphone service in the latter half of 2016, the first time such households attained a majority in the survey. Braswell and her family are part of the 45.9 percent that still have landline phones. The remaining households have no phone service at all. households including Braswell’s have both landline and cellphone service. The landline comes in handy when someone misplaces one of the seven cellphones kicking around her three story house in a Birmingham suburb. “You walk around your house calling yourself to find it,” she says.

It’s also useful when someone breaks or loses a cellphone and has to wait for a replacement.

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(Published Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017)


Renters and younger adults are more likely to have just a cellphone, which researchers attribute to their mobility and comfort with newer technologies.

The in person survey of 19,956 households was part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health Interview Survey, which tracks landline use in order to assure representative samples in ongoing health studies. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 1 percentage point.

Cellphone only home have other commonalities. “Wireless only adults are more likely to drink heavily, more likely to smoke and be uninsured,
cleveland barons nhl jersey Americans Hang Up on Landlines as Cellphone Homes Dominate
” even after factoring for age and income, says Stephen J. “There certainly is something about giving up a landline that appeals to the same people who may engage in risky behavior.”

Ambulance Use Drops as Uber’s Popularity Grows: Study

Why that’s so will require further research.

The survey doesn’t get into why people ditch or keep landlines, though landline users cited a number of reasons for hanging on in phone interviews and email exchanges with The Associated Press.


Top News: Gun Victims Mourned on Sandy Hook AnniversaryWin McNamee/Getty

Plenty of people would get rid of their landlines if they could. It goes beyond complaints about cellular reception at home.

Joe Krkoska, a supply chain director, needs a traditional copper wire for his home security system in Zionsville, Indiana. Getting rid of the line would require crews to drill holes in his home and put batteries in the bedroom. No thanks, he says.

Chris Houchens, who works in sales and marketing, says his phone company forces him to get a landline with internet service. There’s no cable TV alternative where he lives in rural Smiths Grove, Kentucky.

Frantic NYC Subway Track Rescue Caught on Camera

And those who could drop phone service might pay more after losing package discounts. Internet based phones through the cable or phone company aren’t true landlines, although the CDC counts them that way. The internet modem for these phones still needs power.

Both kinds of landline phones are more dependable for 911. Even if you can’t give dispatchers your home address, they would often have that already. Cellphones primarily use GPS for location, which means the dispatcher might know which building you’re in, but not the specific apartment.

Preschoolers Battle for Baby Jesus Doll

Two preschoolers taking part in a nativity pageant at a Tennessee church engaged in a tug of war over a baby Jesus doll.

(Published Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017)

For that reason, Trey Forgety of the nonprofit National Emergency Number Association recommends landlines for those who live alone and have a disability or medical condition. He says cellphone location accuracy is improving,
cleveland barons nhl jersey Americans Hang Up on Landlines as Cellphone Homes Dominate
but there’s still work to be done.

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households got a raise last year after seven years of stagnant incomes. Rising pay also lifted the poorest households, cutting poverty by the sharpest amount in nearly a half century.

Higher minimum wages in many states and tougher competition among businesses to fill jobs pushed up pay, while low inflation made those paychecks stretch further. The figures show that the growing economy is finally benefiting a greater share of American households. household’s income rose 5.2 percent in 2015 to an inflation adjusted level of $56,516, the Census Bureau said Tuesday . That is the largest one year gain on data stretching back to 1967. It is up 7.3 percent from 2012, when incomes fell to a 17 year low.

Still, median incomes remain 1.6 below the $57,423 reached in 2007. The median is the point where half of households fall below and half are above.

How to Step Up Your Coffee Game With a Chemex

Making delicious home brewed coffee will be easier than you think with these quick and easy steps to make coffee using a chemex.

(Published Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017)

The report “was superb in almost every dimension,” Larry Mishel, president of the liberal Economic Policy Institute, said on a conference call with reporters. “This one year almost single handedly got us out of the hole.”

Even so, it follows years of tepid pay gains that contributed to widespread political turmoil, driving insurgent presidential candidacies from GOP nominee Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Median household income remains 2.4 percent below the peak it reached in 1999.

The solid gain will likely impact the presidential campaign. Incomes are now higher than in 2009 when President Obama took office.

Ambulance Use Drops as Uber’s Popularity Grows: Study

Greater competition for low wage jobs has also pushed up wages. The unemployment rate fell from 6.2 percent to 5.3 percent last year, and 2.4 million Americans found full time, year round jobs. That’s forced restaurants and retail employers to lift pay to attract workers.
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witnessed its first full blown, coast to coast solar eclipse since World War I.

Millions of Americans gazed in wonder at the cosmic spectacle, with the best seats along the so called path of totality that raced 2,600 miles (4,200 kilometres) across the continent from Oregon to South Carolina.

was a very primal experience, Julie Vigeland, of Portland, Oregon, said after she was moved to tears by the sight of the sun reduced to a silvery ring of light in Salem.

It took 90 minutes for the shadow of the moon to travel across the country.

Passengers aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean watched it unfold as Bonnie Tyler sang her 1983 hit Eclipse of the Heart. minor league baseball teams one of them, the Columbia Fireflies, outfitted for the day in glow in the dark jerseys briefly suspended play.

At the White House, despite all the warnings from experts about the risk of eye damage, President Donald Trump took off his eclipse glasses and looked directly at the sun.

The path of totality, where the sun was 100 per cent obscured by the moon, was just 60 to 70 miles (96 to 113 kilometres) wide. But the rest of North America was treated to a partial eclipse, as were Central America and the upper reaches of South America.

Skies were clear along most of the route, to the relief of those who feared cloud cover would spoil the moment.

God, oh, that was amazing, said Joe Dellinger, a Houston man who set up a telescope on the Capitol lawn in Jefferson City, Missouri. was better than any photo. the youngest observers, it seemed like magic.

really, really, really, really awesome, said 9 year old Cami Smith as she gazed at the fully eclipsed sun in Beverly Beach, Oregon.

NASA reported 4.4 million people were watching its TV coverage midway through the eclipse, the biggest livestream event in the space agency history.

can be religious. It makes you feel insignificant, like you just a speck in the whole scheme of things, said veteran eclipse watcher Mike O of San Diego, who set up his camera along with among hundreds of other amateur astronomers in Casper, Wyoming.

John Hays drove up from Bishop, California, for the total eclipse in Salem, Oregon, and said the experience will stay with him forever.

silvery ring is so hypnotic and mesmerizing, it does remind you of wizardry or like magic, he said.

More than one parent was amazed to see teenagers actually look up from their cellphones.

Patrick Schueck, a construction company president from Little Rock, Arkansas, brought his 10 year old twin daughters Ava and Hayden to Bald Knob Cross of Peace in Alto Pass, Illinois, a more than 100 foot cross atop a mountain. Schueck said at first his girls weren very interested in the eclipse. One sat looking at her iPhone.

that changed, he said. went from them being aloof to being in total amazement. Schueck called it a chance to something with my daughters that they remember for the rest of their lives. too, were giddy with excitement.

NASA solar physicist Alex Young said the last time earthlings had a connection like this to the heavens was during man first flight to the moon, on Apollo 8 in 1968. The first, famous Earthrise photo came from that mission and, like this eclipse, showed us are part of something bigger. acting administrator, Robert Lightfoot, watched with delight from a plane flying over the Oregon coast and joked about the space agency official next to him, about to fight this man for a window seat. to learn more about the sun composition and the mysterious solar wind, NASA and other scientists watched and analyzed it all from the ground and the sky, including aboard the International Space Station.

Citizen scientists monitored animal and plant behaviour as day turned into twilight. About 7,000 people streamed into the Nashville Zoo just to see the animals reaction and noticed how they got noisier at it got darker.

The giraffes started running around crazily in circles when darkness fell, and the flamingos huddled together, though zookeepers aid it wasn clear whether it was the eclipse or the noisy, cheering crowd that spooked them.

didn expect to get so emotionally caught up with it. I literally had chill bumps, said zoo volunteer Stephan Foust. It looked like a banana peel, like a glowing banana peel which is kind of hard to describe and imagine but it was super cool. the celestial spectacle, eclipse watchers heading home in Tennessee and Wyoming spent hours stuck in traffic jams.

The Earth, moon and sun line up perfectly every one to three years, briefly turning day into night for a sliver of the planet. But these sights normally are in no man land, like the vast Pacific or Earth poles. This is the first eclipse of the social media era to pass through such a heavily populated area.
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household income fell by 4 percent after adjustment for inflation. It presumably did not rise in 2009, and may not in 2010 either. A median is not an average; average income rose because the incomes of high earners rose, and so the effect was to increase the inequality of the income distribution.

Three factors appear to have contributed significantly to this trend. One is the continuing increase in the returns to IQ and education as the United States shifts to a highly automated economy; another was and is the historically unprecedented revenue of the finance industry during this period, much of it received by financial executives in the form of very high incomes; and third is the steep increase in premiums for employer provided health insurance: the increase was almost 80 percent between 2000 and 2009. Much of this is nominally paid by the employer, but because it is a cost of labor it substitutes for wage increases and so holds wages down.

There is no reason to think these trends will not continue; and until unemployment falls to a normal level, it is hard to see what might work to overcome the trends if they do continue.

In considering the effect of wage stagnation and growing income inequality, it is important to distinguish between money income and standard of living. As long as the quality of goods and services increases (largely because of technological innovation in a broad sense that includes new business methods as well as scientific and engineering progress) faster than their cost, the standard of living will rise even if incomes do not. The quality of health care continues increasing rapidly, and part at least of the rapid rise in health insurance premiums is payment for that increased quality. The quality adjusted cost of consumer electronics has plummeted in the same period.

But even if the standard of living has increased for most people whose incomes have not risen, or have even fallen, this would not alleviate the growing political problems that wage stagnation and the resulting increase in economic quality are likely to create, if they haven’t done so already. People take for granted most improvements in goods and services, and do not consider the improvements to be full compensation for a flat or declining income. Then too liquidity constraints may exclude people from access to many of the improvements; this is a problem for many people who cannot afford health insurance.

Economic anxiety arising from wage stagnation was masked until the fall of 2008 by the Federal Reserve’s low interest rate policies; people could borrow cheaply to maintain and even increase their consumption. Now they realize they are overindebted and cannot continue to support consumption by borrowing.

Economic anxiety can produce dire economic consequences by increasing the demand for trade protection, for restrictions on immigration, for union protections, for other anticompetitive measures, and for government subsidies; it can also create class resentment, and thus lead to inefficient regulatory policies, as we may be seeing with proposals to “rein in” the “greedy” banks. One reason I continue to believe that what we have gone through in the last two years is a depression and not a mere recession is that it has raised economic anxiety to a politically dangerous peak. I regard the “tea party” movement as rooted in a widespread sense (not limited to those who identify with the movement) that something is seriously wrong with the country.

My analysis suggests that measures to reduce income inequality, especially measures that raise the median household income (as distinct from reducing inequality by leveling down the incomes of the well off, which would have serious disincentive effects), could increase economic efficiency by reducing political pressures for inefficient policies. That was the rationale for “socialist measures,” beginning with Bismarck, designed to secure capitalism against communism and other radical political ideologies. And the measures worked!

The problem is that the social safety net has become too expensive to be expanded further without jeopardizing the nation’s solvency, given our huge and growing public debt. The only measures that would address wage stagnation without increasing our public indebtedness further would be subsidies that could be realistically defended as profitable investments in human capital (such as public subvention of college tuition), and essentially costless regulatory changes such as eliminating the tax subsidy for employer provided health benefits, eliminating or at least reducing many other tax subsidies, instituting means testing for Medicare and Social Security benefits, relaxing certain safety and environmental laws to reduce costs to businesses, weakening teachers’ unions and other public employee unions and reducing the number of public employees, further privatization of public services,
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reducing tariff barriers, and allowing greater immigration of highly skilled workers.

I agree the focus should be on raising middle incomes instead of lowering the highest incomes, but not because I think lowering top incomes some would cause important disincentives. Lowering top incomes would increase the returns to capital but not increase middle incomes or aggregate demand much. Posner seems to assume that any substantial changes in economic policy will make things worse rather than better. I disagree. Not only have real cash wages been stagnant since 1973, but labor force participation rates for men have been declining since then and for women since 2000. The US economy is inefficient because it is not creating enough jobs here at home (although it has done a marvelous job of creating them elsewhere). Substantially continuing the policies of the last 30 years cannot rationally be expected to start producing different results.

Basically, we have to make a decision whether we want (i) middle class incomes to stay stagnant or decline so they can better compete on price with competent low wage workers abroad or (ii) domestic wages and workforce participation to rise to produce a healthier domestic economy, in which case there must be some protections against foreign wage competition. The elephant in the room is that there is no set of policies that can increase globalization and simultaneously increase personal incomes for middle class Americans. We have to pick one objective as paramount. If we pick (i), the serious fiscal problems Posner cites, and others, will persist until falling domestic wages levels have converged with rising foreign wage levels.

yay! what a good post, though you might as well throw state governments and the military and the bailout in with the stuff costing too much. I don see why students can bring half of the funding they would bring to a public school to a private or charter school? It seems to me that would leave more dollars per student at the school she chose to leave, and provide a very meaningful subsidy to her getting out of a school she didn like for whatever reason. I have yet to hear a solid argument against a compromise that falls in that range, other than it will allow for strange private schools cropping up(it should not go for home schooling imo). That is a real threat, but parents are somewhat qualified to decide, and our current system seems expensive for the results it produces.

so thanks for your share and it is good post i like to read it The troll who made the first nfl jerseys comment should take note, there are plenty of “out” Democratic politicians. So the conceit that Massa v was “outed” as a penalty for his healthcare vote is silly. That was nobody fault but his own.

While it may look kinda glossy at first glance problems abound. That student packing a half funded voucher will soon find little choice, so such a program is largely for those who can afford voucher plus and plus plus. Soon, after those people are paying a substantial cost for “their” private school the support for our long tradition of universal, free public education will erode leaving those students with a choice of crumbling public schools or low buck voucher only schools.

In another dimension public schools are where we learn understanding and acceptance of those of differing religions, ethnicities and economic strata. As you might imagine those of certain religions or economic strata would tend to congregate with their peers. In the case of religious schools, while you might finesse the separation of church/state problem, today private schools can and do exclude students on about any criteria they choose. Once they accept government money, like colleges today, that the end of discriminating, most likely including more costly special needs kids.

Roger: You make a great point in noting a drag on US productivity due to unemployment and underemployment. Even in the “good times” of “full employment” I thought the amount of retail and low wage “service” sector jobs were indicative of our not creating nearly enough career jobs that pay the bills and create demand for easily produced excess production.

Your other point suggests other questions:

“Lowering top incomes would increase the returns to capital but not increase middle incomes or aggregate demand much.”Does concluding that any returns not given to top earners indicate either such market power that prices would not fall in order to be more competitive with other nations that do not pay such exorbitant salaries to top execs? or that those at the lower (stagnant) sector who helped to double productivity but not benefited, have too little market power to improve their lot? Interest too that the returns might accrue to “capital” which in most companies are the who provided much of the capital but also have weak voices these days.

My friends on the left attack executive compensation because they seem to assume the excess will get spread around to lower paid people. My friends in the investor class want excess executive compensation eliminated to improve the bottom line and their stock values. My assessment is that generally speaking labor has lost its bargaining power and would get none of any reductions in executive pay because, on average, sole production workers stopped sharing in productivity increases after about 1975. That leaves improved earnings as the likely beneficiary of any return to sanity in executive pay. I agree with your points about market power: It is the way it is because US markets are broken and CEOs have market power and labor and shareholders don’t. For example, ousted GM CEO Rick Wagoner total compensation of $14.9 million in 2008 was 0.01% of COGS ($2 for a $20,000 vehicle), and Jeff Immelt compensation equaled $48 for each of GE 323,000 worldwide employees (2.4 cents per hour).

Secondly our economy is not a zero sum or static model. Consider what changes might take place and did take place, if we were in a tight labor, full employment era like the As labor became more costly we respond with more efficient mechanization and use of scarce labor as we always have done. Those in marginally productive jobs like retail and fast food would be drawn to higher paying and more productive enterprises, with no harm done to retailing which would quickly adapt to more efficient models or higher productivity per employee.

At the “top” those now engaged in the shell games on WS of creating shoddy financial products to pawn off on more naive buyers and garnering 30% of all the profits of the US in a recent year would also be drawn to more productive enterprise.

Given that the world markets are increasing from the billion or so of advanced nations to four or more times that number it would not be surprising the good jobs of the future might be in designing exporting expensive products like windmills or millions of inexpensive computers or other electronics, while our big project guys now bilking the military in the M/E might be heading up roads or other large infrastructure projects in lesser developed regions.

In short the road to lower wages (apparently for all but the top 6.3% eh??) in hopes of “competing” with such as China leads to the bad ending of “Get 50 guys out here with shovels” instead of “Bring a couple guys with a backhoe.”

Dr. Bajaj, where have you been? At one time the majority of American Heavy Industries had magnificient and advanced R. facilites that were the envy of the World. No longer. They were sacrificed and shut down years ago in the interests of ever greater margins by the CFO Board of Directors and Accounting Exec As for “Electronica gizmo these are usually done by small startups and fabricated overseas. Much like the world largest newest advanced solar cell fab. plant being located, guess where, China (utilizing global labor arbitrage and statist controlled capital). Does us a lot of good.

We behind the eight ball now and it going to take a lot of moxy and intelligence to get us back into a leading position again.
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I have been at Elmira College since the Fall of 1993. My entire professional life and, depending upon when you start counting, the bulk of my adult life has been spent in and around the land of purple and gold. Over these years I have been humbled and honored (if one can hold those two oppositely charged forces in one hand) by the recognition and affirmation with which my students have rewarded me. I have been privileged in my life here, enjoying the kind of daily affirmation that very few careers afford, and I consider myself lucky to have worked with the students and colleagues with whom I have shared these stretches of road.

Scattered throughout here you will find information related to my teaching, writing, research, and co curricular interests and activities; some of it may even be interesting. If you stumble across something about which you would like more information, feel free to contact me.

For the record: the picture above is obviously staged; my students rarely look that interested in what I am saying, and I am usually afraid to look over their shoulders to see what they are actually writing down. They don’t even have the right books! But since this represents how I wish things looked when I am teaching it seems like a good place to start.
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New Jersey Governor elect Phil Murphy today named Gurbir S Grewal as his nominee to serve as the next Attorney General of the state.

With this nomination, Grewal will become the first Sikh American state Attorney General in the country. The move has been welcomed by the South Asian Bar Association (SABA). Grewal, who has spent most of his legal career in public service, is currently the Bergen County prosecutor. Working for most populous county in New Jersey, Grewal serves a community of almost one million with his staff of 265.

He previously served as an Assistant US Attorney in both New York (2004 2007) and New Jersey (2010 2016). He ended his tenure there as Chief of the Economic Crimes Unit where he was lead prosecutor for the largest known data breach prosecution. Grewal obtained his law degree from the College of William Mary, Marshall Wythe School of Law in 1999. “We really applaud his accomplishments and are extremely proud to see him be chosen for this honor,” said SABA New Jersey president Bhaveen Jani. Grewal is a past president of SABA New York and a member of the New Jersey Asian Pacific American lawyers Association.
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SAO PAULO Brazilians are starting to pay attention to a different type of football the one played with the hands.

American football once the sport nobody could understand is quickly gaining space in the land of soccer, attracting a growing number of fans and participants.

Some of the country’s most traditional soccer clubs have created their own American football teams, with one of them boasting the fact it has more Facebook fans than some NFL teams. And Nike is selling NFL jerseys here for the first time, and saying the company expects interest to grow.

One former NFL player working as a coach in the country is excited with the sport’s potential, saying it may not be long before American football becomes one of the nation’s most popular sports behind soccer.

“American football is just pregnant right now in Brazil, getting ready to give birth to something great,” former New York Jets tight end Johnny Mitchell told The Associated Press in a phone interview.

Brazil even has a national team playing competitively, and the level of talent is improving.

Games are being played on the famous Rio de Janeiro beaches, sharing sand space with soccer and foot volley, as well as in other parks and fields across the country. Some traditional soccer stadiums are also hosting American football games.

The sport is not likely to ever seriously challenge the popularity of soccer, but it’s starting to leave its mark. Some fans say they are not watching as much soccer as they did before getting to know American football.

“I decided to cancel my pay per view package for the Brazilian league and used that money on high speed internet to make it easier to follow the NFL,” said Priscila Santos, a 30 year old Brazilian who got hooked on the sport through a friend who already liked the NFL. “I realized that the sport is so much more organized than soccer is here. I fell in love with it immediately and now it’s my No. 1 sport.”

Not long ago, it was hard to find many people who knew much about American football in Brazil. The sport was virtually exclusive to foreigners who lived in the country and Brazilians who used to live abroad. Brazilians often said the rules were too difficult and criticized that it was too violent.

But with the growth of cable television, more people started to have access to the sport. ESPN began broadcasting NFL games in Brazil in the early 1990s, and in the last few years ratings started to reach significant levels.

The channel is broadcasting up to six games each week and viewership last season grew 29 percent. ESPN had cable TV’s top rating the day of this year’s Super Bowl, and in 2013 it led all sports channels watched by men 18 24 when NFL games were shown.

The league is also available on the broadcast channel Esporte Interativo, which said games reached 23.8 million people in Brazil last season, with an average of almost 900,000 per game.

“We are still trying to help the viewer understand some of the rules of the sport, but we are already noticing during this third season that there is a fan base which is already very familiar and very engaged with the NFL,” said Fabio Medeiros, the channel’s content director, adding that during this year’s Super Bowl its hashtag NFLnoEI was among Twitter’s trending topics worldwide.

Brazilians aren’t just watching American football. They are playing it too.

There are more than 120 American football teams in the country, and new ones are being created every year, according to the Brazilian Confederation of American Football, which was established in 2012 to help develop the sport. It says there are more than 4,800 active players in Brazil, not counting those with flag football teams and youth and women’s categories. Although there are many foreigners playing in local teams, the vast majority of players are Brazilians.

“There is no doubt the sport is growing rapidly,” said Daniel Stoler, the Brazilian confederation’s director of international affairs. “We notice that people are becoming a lot more interested in the sport, they are coming to us.”

The local leagues have been growing and some of the games are broadcast on local TV.

Mitchell, who played in the NFL in the 1990s, was hired to coach the Maringa Pyros this season, a year after leading the Coritiba Crocodiles to the title of the IV Brasil Bowl. His arrival made headlines in local newspapers on sports pages usually filled with soccer stories.

“The next step for American football in Brazil is to find someone who sees the business opportunities of the sport here, then it will really take off,” he said.

Mitchell says there is a good foundation in place and a few of the local players already have enough talent to be playing in the Canadian Football League or the Arena Football League.

“I think that in seven to 10 years you could have talent on the level of the NFL,” he said. “The Brazilians have size, they just don’t have the technical support right now. What is needed is someone who can buy out all the leagues and put a commissioner in place and really teach these kids around Brazil. We are talking about 200 million people in this country.”

Another former NFL player taking a chance in Brazil this season is Nic Harris, a linebacker who played for the Buffalo Bills in 2009 and the Carolina Panthers in 2010. He came to play for the Vila Velha Tritoes, which won one of the local leagues in 2010 in a final played in one of Brazil’s most traditional soccer venues, Santos’ Vila Belmiro Stadium.

Made famous by Pele in the 1960s, Santos is among the top Brazilian soccer clubs taking advantage of the growth of American football. Others include popular sides Flamengo, Corinthians and Vasco da Gama, all of which have been participating in local leagues. In 2011, the Fluminense Imperadores won a title in front of a crowd of 7,000 at Coritiba’s Couto Pereira Stadium.

The Corinthians Steamrollers has more than 1.2 million Facebook fans, more than eight NFL teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals and Buffalo Bills.

The NFL is starting to notice.

“We’ve never looked specifically, but Brazil should be a huge opportunity for us. Great sports country, fantastic infrastructure, getting better by the year at the moment with all sporting events,” said Mark Waller, NFL’s executive vice president of international. “I think it would be extraordinary for us if (we) were able to look at something there.”
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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will address Indian Americans at a charity event organised for Hindu victims of terrorism in New Jersey on October 15.

Trump attendance and address at the event organised by Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) makes him the first presidential candidate to attend an Indian Americans event this election cycle.

“This is a history in the making. Never in the history of US presidential election, a candidate has come to a Hindu event,” said Shalabh Kumar, founder and chairman of the Republican Hindu Coalition.

He claims to have donated more than a million dollar to the Trump Campaign and the Republican party this election cycle. “All the proceeds from this would go for the benefit of victims of terror particularly Kashmiri Pundits and Hindu refugees from Bangladesh,
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” he said.

This is for the first time in the last two presidential elections that a presidential candidate would be making an appearance at an Indian American event. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, has held and attended a series of fund raisers organised by Indian Americans across the country including at their homes. But those are all closed door events away from public glare.

Clinton, often called the Senator from Punjab and has a large following among the Indian Americans is yet to make any public appearance before the community. But she has appointed a large number of Indian Americans in her campaign team.

A recent Pew Survey had said that Indian Americans overwhelmingly voted for Democrats. Trump decision is seen as an attempt to woo the small but powerful Indian American community who can play a key role in some of the battle ground States if the race is close.
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We envy those who were able to observe what everyone agrees was a spirited oral argument today in American Needle v. Supreme Court in years. Solicitor General. Court is very intrigued by the solicitor general position,” says Daniel Glazer, a partner at Patterson Belknap Webb Tyler, who attended arguments today and specializes in the intellectual property aspect of sports law. refresh your memory: The case concerns the question of whether the NFL and its teams should be exempt from antitrust law. The case focuses specifically on the licensing of NFL team apparel, with clothing maker American Needle arguing that the league practice of granting a single license that allows just one company (Reebok) to produce apparel with the logos of all 32 NFL teams violates the Sherman Act.

American Needle maintains that the league 32 teams should be considered separate businesses that compete against one another. The NFL, which enjoys an antitrust exemption only for the licensing of its broadcast rights, has claimed the teams form a so called single entity that should be exempt from antitrust restrictions in the area of licensing.

A federal appeals court sided with the league last year, and American Needle (repped at SCOTUS today by Jones Day Glen Nager) petitioned the high court to take the case. In an unusual move, the NFL and its lawyers at Covington Burling also suggested the Court hear the case, and did so in hopes that the Court would rule that the league should be considered a single entity for most business purposes. appears unlikely, according to Glazer and Lyle Denniston at the estimable SCOTUSblog. Bradley Ruskin, Proskauer Rose partner (and thus a legal ally of the NFL and other professional sports leagues Proskauer regularly advises) concedes that the justices were “hard to read” and batted around a number of hypotheticals. Ruskin says that suggests the Court is struggling with “where you draw the line” in the case.

Ruskin, though, says he is “cautiously optimistic” about the NFL chances, in part because the justices seemed to reject American Needle position that the league should rarely, if ever, be granted single entity status. Other observers agreed with Ruskin that the Court will almost certainly reject that argument.

Among the hypotheticals getting kicked around: Could two teams decide to schedule an extra game against each other without the league permission? Could NFL teams go into the home building business together? Are teams really competing against each other in selling jerseys? Is a fan of one team really in the market to buy merchandise linked to any of the other 31 teams? (Our favorite detail: Justice Stephen Breyer, a Boston Red Sox fan,
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mentioned that he would rather discuss baseball and the impossibility of a Sox fan ever purchasing New York Yankees gear, or vice versa.)

Glazer notes that the Court gave Kagan office ten minutes to argue its position, and that the justices seemed most inclined to adopt the government take on the issue: that courts will have to decide on a case by case basis whether sports leagues are entitled to antitrust exemptions for particular business activities.

“The Court is clearly struggling with the gray area here,” Glazer says. While a middle ground ruling would deny both sides a clean victory, it would be a bigger boon to the league, which could gradually litigate its way toward a broader antitrust status, Glazer says. (Ruskin wouldn say so, but we bet he would agree.)

SLD is Sports Licensed Division of Reebok which is owned by Adidas, a German company selling NFL jerseys, hats, and apparel of which not a single item is made in the USA.

In Nov all retailers received a letter from SLD/Adidas informing us that the NFL told them to tell retailers that if they want to continue selling online they must apply to NFL for permission.

The criteria for application states that in the past year a minimum of $2,000,000 wholesale in jerseys were purchased.

If retailers sell online without NFL permission, the NFL will tell Reebok/Adidas to cease shipments to these retailers, which in effect puts them out of business. Small fan shops get destroyed and rich corporate executives get richer. Customers will have no lower price options when shopping online. The NFL jersey prices will be fixed and no discounts available to consumers.

Reebok sales reps are stuck in the middle as they get no commissions from the big boys and their small accounts are threatened with closure. Reebok corporate is not fighting anything as the NFL contract is up in 3 years and they are also part of the supreme court case and being sued by American Needle.

Eliminating small retailers from selling online will give 100% contol of NFL jerseys to GSI commerce and their corporate ecommerce partners. With no online competition they can set any price they want. Customers will lose. It is exactly why anti trust laws were created. To me this is not enhancing customer interest, price options, selection, or protecting the brand. All this does is keep prices high. If I sell it online at $68,
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the NFL will tell Adidas/Reebok to cease shipments to my store and deprive my customers the opportunity to buy jerseys at a discount and deprive small retailers the opportunity to service local customers with selection and price.

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Benjamin as he sailed from Boston, along the south coast of Newfoundland, past Trepassey Bay, up the Southern Shore and into St. John’s in a small vessel where the food, the proximity to other travellers, the dinner table conversation and some of the niceties of navigation were not to his liking. Nevertheless, all survived the trip (physically and psychologically) and Benjamin was deposited here in St. In addition to Newfoundland, the selected Atlantic Islands included the Azores, the Bahamas, the Channel Islands, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton Island and a few others.

Benjamin, once on (relatively) dry land here, focuses first of all on our dogs:

“The streets abound with dogs, almost as if it were a Turkish city, generally of mongrel breeds and burdened by a billet of wood hung to the neck, which renders them harmless. So numerous are dogs in the inhabited regions, and so mischievous to the flocks that the laws of the island permit anyone to shoot them at sight.”

Sounds rather like the good, old American West at this very period, only there, the target was people.

He does make an interesting point about the Newfoundland dog, however: “But while other curs are so common, individuals of the genuine Newfoundlandic stock are scarce and fetch from eight to one hundred dollars. The breed is consequently guarded with great care, but seems, nevertheless to be dying out.”

I checked and learned that $80 in 1870 is the equivalent of $1,500 today. I checked prices for Newfoundlands online. The price doesn’t seem to have changed in 150 years.

Turning to another sector, Benjamin described the evolution in our seal hunt from brigantines with wedge shaped hulls which allow them to rise with the squeezing of ice and avoid being crushed to “a few screw steamers carrying 150 to 200 men their crews share only a third of the receipts, but the increased rapidity of locomotion enables them to gain equal profits with the other crews.”

Curiously, the book, designed primarily for the traveller seeking health and entertainment occupies itself at length with the seal hunt and the codfishery. I did note last week that Benjamin recommends a visit to the seal hunt as a tourist experience (believe it or not) where one will truly rough it but overall he does not live up to his own mandate, at least in the Newfoundland pages. Unless, that is, tourists would enjoy travelling to see things they did not like.

“Twelve men, most of whom reside in England and carry on the business through agents in Newfoundland, furnish the capital on which the fisheries are conducted, consequently a large portion of the profit does not remain in the country, but is taken abroad to be distributed elsewhere.”

That is part of Benjamin’s large picture. More up close was his view of our most prominent landmark,
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the twin towered Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

“The Roman Catholics have, in former time, been in excess of the Protestants of the island, and, as elsewhere, have characteristically secured the most commanding site in St. John’s for their cathedral,” Benjamin noted.

He pointed out that it is “the first object that meets the eye on entering the port and its size and position leading a stranger to infer that opulence and numbers are monopolized by the Romanists. But the exterior is far more showy than the interior, which is cold and barn like, finished off with crumbling stucco and poorly ornamented with cheap copies after the Masters.” As if to encourage the smoldering divisiveness, he adds: “The last census, however, showed that the Protestant element is gaining, and is now in a respectable majority.”

You could call the cathedral (Basilica) “new” at the time Benjamin visited. While I have not discovered when he actually visited here, possibly he knew of the accident inside the church in 1870 when two women were killed by a large falling plank erected at a high elevation for some work project. (Paul O’Neill, “The Oldest City,” page 562.) In any case, consecrated only in 1855, the church could then still be considered new.

As to the Anglican Bishop of Newfoundland, our tourism journalist notes that he visits his See (Benjamin plays here by noting the bishop’s See is more “Sea” as he visits it by boat around the coast) and “the winters he devotes to the spiritual necessities of the Bermudas, who evidently receive more than their share of spiritual nourishment.”

The origins of political correctness, to come perhaps just shy of a century are evident in several of Benjamin’s lines and he is not untypical of his day: “Immediately on striking inland one comes to the primeval forests of spruce and pine, which are about as destitute of traces of the supreme Caucasian race as if Columbus had never been born.” And yet, surely Caucasian Newfoundlanders were beyond redemption? Look at this next paragraph:

Trying his best to cover all sectors of our society for the benefit of would be visitors, Benjamin in another part comments, “There is some attempt at popular education on the part of the government, but, judging from the intelligence of the popular mind, wisdom will not die with the Newfoundlanders.”

As to whether we were up on current events in great grandfather’s day, we may wish to take note of Benjamin’s “careful, personal observation.”

“The United States press is represented in the bookstores by the most vulgar of the New York weeklies, which may account for the not unreasonable opinion expressed to me by a usually well informed clergyman, that he supposed the United States was governed entirely by mob law,’ ” he wrote.

Would it be equally ignorant of me to say that I can almost see that the clergyman was, indeed, well informed?

We were also to be blamed for not tapping into the information flow with the trans Atlantic cable crawling to land on our shores.

“The papers of St. John’s are of a contemptible character; the telegraphic news they contain is much garbled, and what seems extraordinary considering the near vicinity of Heart’s Content the terminus of the cable is obtained by way of Boston and Halifax several days after date!
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” Benjamin stated.