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Three hundred and forty one officers and men of the Algonquin Regiment have been killed in action, fatally injured by accidental causes, died of wounds and missing, presumed dead, according to an office Roll of Honour prepared overseas for a memorial servie, and a copy of which has come to the New Liskeard Speaker from a friend in Europe who did not disclose his identity.

The service was held at Almelo, Holland on Sunday, June 10, 1945, it is stated, and taking part were Honorary Captain J. Naphin, Roman Catholic chaplain, and Honorary Captain W. Valentine, chaplain of the Regiment, each of whom said prayers. The regimental band played Last Post, the Benediction was pronounced and the National Anthem ended the service.

Of the soldiers whose memories were thus honored, eighteen officers were kill in action and three died of wounds: there were two hundred and seventy warrant officers, non commissioned officers and ment killed in action, thirty seven died of wounds, six were accidentally killed and seven are listed as missing and presumed dead. While many of the names are of men whose homes were in other parts of Canada, a considerable number of the dead formerly lived in Temiskaming and Cochrane district area and enlisted from its communities. Jewell, Lieut. Armstrong, Lieut. Burslem, Lieut. Byrnes, Lieut. Christopherson, Lieut. Fraser, Lieut. Hamilton, Lieut. Hosack, Lieut. Hunter, Lieut. McKeon, Lieut. Mowry, Lieut. O’Donnell, Lieut. Ratte, Lieut. Roberts. Grafton, Lieut. Dutcher, Lieut. Richard.


Cpl. Allemang, L Cpl. S. Amundson, Pte. Anderson, Pte. Anderson, Pte. Armstrong, Pte. Ashcroft, L Cpl. Asplund, Pte. Atwood, Pte. Auld, Pte. Ayres.

Pte. Barlow, Pte. Barnard, Cpl. Barron, Cpl. Beckingham, Pte. J. Beers, Pte. Benere, Pte. Benjamin, Pte. Bertrand, Pte. Bird, L Sgt. Black; Pte. B. Bolger, Sgt. Boppre, Sgt. Borthwick, Pte. Bouchard, L Cpl. Bowman, Pte. A. Boyd, Cpl. Boyd, Pte. P. Boyko, Pte. P. Brasseur, Pte. Brisson, Pte. Brydges, Pte. J. Bromilow, Pte. Brown, Pte. Brown, Pte. T. Brown, L Cpl. Bulgers, Pte. P. Brunelle, Pte. S. A. Burnette, A Cpl. Burns, Pte. J. Burton, Pte. Byers.

Pte. J. Cadzow, Cpl. L. Caldwell, Pte. Campbell, Cpl. Campbell, Pte. Cameron, L Cpl. Carlson, Pte. Carruthers, L Cpl. Cascanette, Cpl. Charette, Pte. A. Chisholm, Pte. Chippewa, Pte. Clarke, Pte. Chisholm, Pte. S. Clark, Pte. Cole, Pte. Cook, Pte. Cocney, A Cpl. Conn, Pte. E. Copley, Pte. Cosens, Pte. J. Cowley, Pte. Crawley, Cpl. Creelman, Pte. Crilley, Pte. Crue, Pte. Cunningham.

Pte. DeBay, Pte. J. Deon, Pte. Dent, L Cpl. Diamond, Pte. Dietch, Pte. Donald, Sgt. Downey, Sgt. Downie, Pte. R. Drake, Pte. Duff, Pte. Dunn, Pte. Dunn, Pte. Dunnett, Pte. Dusomme, L Cpl. Dyball.

Pte. Engles, Cpl. Ellenwood, Pte. Elliot, Cpl. Ellis, Pte. Erison.

Pte. Farrell, A Cpl. Farrow, Pte. J. Fast, Pte. W. Fasel, L Cpl. J. Fedoration, Cpl. H. Feldman, Pte. Fennah, Pte. Fishback, Pte. Fitzgerald, L Cpl. Flynn, Pte. Fogal, Pte. G. Ford, Pte. Foster, Pte. Frain, Pte. Fraser, Cpl. E. Freve, L Cpl. Funk.

Pte. R. Gauthier, Pte. Gauthier, Pte. Gawne, Pte. R. Gregoire, A Cpl. Gibbons, Pte. Girardin, Pte. Gilhuly, Pte. Goguen, Pte. Gordon, Pte. Gordon, Pte. B. Gore, Pte. M. Grant, Pte. Green, Pte. Grubb, Pte. E. Guinta.

Pte. Hall, Pte. Hamilton, Pte. Hardwick, Pte. Hemphill, Pte. J. Henry, Pte. Hilts, Cpl. B. Hockenstein, Pte. Hodgson, Cpl. Hoelke, Pte. J. Holiday, L Cpl. Hooper, Sgt. Horne, L Cpl. Hubbard, Pte. Hudson, Pte. Hurlin, Pte. P. Husak, Pte. M. Hrycuik, Pte. Hyland, Pte. Hammond, Pte. T. Hanson.

Pte. Ingraham, Sgt. Irwin.

Pte. Jackman, Pte. Jaeger, Pte. Johnson, Pte. Johnson, Pte. Johnson, Pte. Johnson, Pte. J. Jonts.

Pte. Kelly, L Cpl. Kennedy, Pte. Kennedy, Pte. Keown, Pte. A. Klein.

Cpl. Lafontaine, Pte. Lally, Pte. Lamontagne, Pte. Laroque, Pte. Lesperance, Pte. Legault, Pte. LeRue, Pte. Lewis, Pte. Lewis, Pte. Linkie, Sgt. Lintick, Pte. Lundy, Pte. Loue, Pte. Lucas.

Pte. MacDonald, Pte. MacLeod, Pte. Marabella, L Cpl. May, Pte. McAngus, Pte. R. McCallum, Cpl. McClory, Pte. A. McCurry, Pte. McEachern, Pte. McKellar, Sgt. McWhirter, Pte. Meyer, Pte. Michaelis, Pte. F. Miller, Pte. Milley, Pte. Morrison, Pte. Morrison, Pte. Murray, Sgt. Myers.

L Cpl. C. Nanibush, Pte. NicolPte. O’Callaghan, Pte. Oliver, Pte. O’Neil.

Pte. Page, L Sgt. Paine, Cpl. Parysek, Pte. Patterson, L Cpl. Pepin, Cpl. A. Petta, Pte. Phillips, Pte. Piche, Pte. Pipe, Pte. Pole, Pte. Prescott, Pte. Primeau, Pte. S. Primrose, Pte. J. Prysiasznuck.
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