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Volunteers respond to a “fire” Saturday morning at building B3 at Albemarle Corp. during an emergency response drill.

TYRONE Local first responders and other agencies will be prepared if a fire breaks out at the Albermarle Corp. plant in the Tyrone Industrial Park.

10 agencies converged on the chemical plant Saturday morning Albemarle manufactures between 20 and 25 different products at its Tyrone plant, which are shipped off to larger chemical companies to participate in an emergency response drill.

purpose is to familiarize local responders with our facility and staff so we can interact before a real incident occurs. This gives us a good working relationship with responders in case we need them in an emergency, said Ben Grazier, Albemarle compliance coordinator.

Albemarle has completed an emergency response drill every three years since 2011 when it took part in a rescue simulation, and in 2014 when it held an active shooter drill, Grazier said.

The concept of Saturday drill was a catastrophic fire in a production area of the facility. The incident scenario involved many types of operations including fire, medical, law enforcement, and hazardous materials and environmental response, said Randy Santone, lead training specialist/project manager for Innovative Technologies Inc., which ran the drill.

A firefighting simulator was used to conduct the drill.

main focus is to have the emergency responders work with the company with a focus on preparedeness, Santone said.

The drills are very important.

get familiar with local responders. This gives us a good relationship so they are not dealing with strangers in the case of an emergency. This helps us to work with the players we would work with in case of a real emergency. This enables them to learn the lay of the land rather than just trying to find their way around in a real emergency, Grazier said.

like this are important to take part in. It is very important to do hands on training. The more practice you get, the more efficient you get. It is like the brotherhood coming together to accomplish the same goal;
nike nfl womens jerseys Albermarle prepares for disaster with catastrophic fire drill
we all get to know each other, our strengths and weaknesses. Everyone comes together to take care of the task at hand, said Capt. Chris Cherry of the Excelsior Volunteer Fire Company of Bellwood.

Safety is the biggest concern during a drill.

biggest concern is the safety of the responders and those participating in the drill. We don want to have any injuries to those participating in a drill. The more practice you have, the better you will be prepared for a real emergency. Doing it under a low pressure situation prepares them better all around, Grazier said.

The drill did produce a few things to be worked on.

Those issues included: there was limited access to the production buildings for hose entry, there are no street names inside the gate so communicating where to stage apparatus was a challenge and the buildings don have identifiers for front or back side, so the company should consider labeling buildings with A, B, C, D indicators, Grazier said.

An official action plan will be developed by Innovative Technologies with help from Albemarle staff to address those issues, he said.

Officials are pleased that Albemarle is committed to safety.

am so happy Albemarle does this. I am glad they take safety so seriously. They are a big asset to the borough but also can be a threat, said Tyrone Mayor Bill Latchford.

has an enormous commitment to safety, they work with the community and continually do drills for emergency responses, said Tim Rea,
nike nfl womens jerseys Albermarle prepares for disaster with catastrophic fire drill
Innovative Technologies president.