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Having enjoyed all the comforts of home and congenial surroundings at the Whitehorse Inn, a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast at the Inn Cafe, let’s spend the morning visiting the stores and business houses in town, become acquainted at first hand with the townspeople and visit the points of interest, bearing in mind that this article is offered as a substitute for a personally conducted tour of the town.

We first visit the local branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce of which Mr. A. E. Hardy is the manager. It was here that Robert Service was employed as a teller and where he wrote his first poems and “Trail of ’98”, which were to bring him both fame and fortune. personnel “moved in” to carry out one of the greatest engineering feats of modern times, the bank premises were extended and a largely augmented staff worked all hours of the day and night to meet the situation.

A portion of the premises on Main Street are now used by Mr. W. E. Emery, the mining recorder for this southern section of the Territory.

Next door is the Yukon Taxi where, if you care to drop in, you may meet Mr. Clyde Wann who operated the first commercial air service in the Yukon.

Next in line traveling Westward, is located the Whitehorse Star which from the same location has been serving the community for the past 47 years.

The Fashion Shoppe is near by where Mrs. Burke operates a thriving business in serving the needs of the community.

The ball park, between Third and Fourth Avenue, has been the favourite stomping ground for all sports events for many years past.

There also stood at one time, the old community hall operated by the North Star Athletic Association; a veritable landmark if ever there was one. Unfortunately, this edifice was destroyed by fire a few year ago, whilst occupied by the U. S. Army for hospital purposes.

The old curling rink is the only portion now standing and its days are now numbered. In the near future, a new federal building is to be erected on the ball park to house a new post office, customs department and other federal offices at present located in various parts of the town.

On the west end of the ball park is Fourth Avenue. Caron is Rector.

Retracing your steps to Main Street and then proceeding southward along Fourth Avenue, you will observe the Hi Way Cafe at the junction of Fourth and Main and the up to date Whitehorse Meat Market, which was opened a short time ago.

A little further on you come to the headquarters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, of which Inspector Howard Cronkhite is the officer commanding. (The town detachment is located on First Avenue).

A few blocks further on is located the Staff House of Canadian Pacific Air Lines Ltd.

Retracing your steps toward and one block before reaching Main Street, is Elliott Street. Proceeding down it you come first to the Parish Hall,
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where many community functions are held, and then The Old Log Church and rectory of which Rev. is the Rector. At one time Robert Service was Clerk to the Vestry during his sojourn in Whitehorse.

During the tourist season the Rector delivers a very interesting, illustrated lecture on the Yukon in the Parish Hall.

Walking eastward for half a block we arrive at Third Avenue. Turning to the left one block we arrive back on Main Street with the Capitol Theatre on the corner and the ball park facing northwards.

Keeping on the south side of Main, walking toward Second Avenue, we drop in at the Whitehorse Jewellery Store, where Mr. Besner will be glad to do the honors and show you some Yukon nuggets which her husband and associates are securing from their claims not far from Whitehorse.

You should then drop in at the Yukon Fur Shop and have a chat with Mrs. Hingle, a real old timer in the North, or her daughter, Mrs. Gertsen. Theatre, the first movie theatre erected in Whitehorse. It is closed for the present as the owner, Mr. Sam McLimon, is operating the Capitol Theatre at the corner of Main and Third Avenue. Theatre on Second Avenue is the Cake Box, an up to date bakery and confectionery establishment owned and operated by Mr. E. F. (Ted) Pinchin.

On the vacant lot to the south once stood the first hospital in Whitehorse, which was in later years used as a public library until it was razed to the ground by personnel of the U. S. Army, who at the time were using the rear part of the premises.

On the opposite side of the street stands the largest and most modern garage in town, owned and operated by Richards Transportation.

The neat little office nearby is occupied by Mr. Harry I. Hoddart, a dealer in made to measure clothing.

As you stand at the corner of Main and Second Avenue, looking southward the two large imposing buildings right ahead are the General Hospital and Nurses’ Home.

By the time you have covered the ground thus far it will be lunch time so we’ll leave you at the Whitehorse Inn and call for you again after lunch to show you the rest of the town.

Having “refreshed the inner man,” and the ladies having fixed their “Hairdo,” let’s start out and take in the downtown section of the commercial metropolis of the Yukon.

On the south side of Main, right opposite the Whitehorse Inn, is the Blue Owl Cafe, a favourite rendezvous for many,
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where the topics of the day are discussed and local gossip is sometimes indulged in.