cheap china jersey A conversation with Michael Symon about Savor Borgata

cheap jordan jersey A conversation with Michael Symon about Savor Borgata

All of the big names will be back at Savor Borgata this weekend Iron Chefs Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay and Geoffrey Zakarian along with Michael Schulson, The Sherry Brothers and the Borgata culinary team but only one of them has a new restaurant to show off.

That’s Michael Symon, Borgata Hotel Casino Spa’s fourth Iron Chef who returned to his roots and opened Angeline by Michael Symon earlier this year. The multi million dollar, stunning Italian restaurant is a “love letter” to his mom, and was the hardest restaurant to get a table at all summer in Atlantic City.

The co host of “The Chew” will be at the big Savor Borgata event while also teaching a private class how to make cavatelli this weekend. He took the time to tell us about Angeline, what you can expect this weekend and what the secret is to making good cavatelli.

Oh, and if you see the Cleveland native, it’s OK to remind him how the Indians lost to the Yankees in the playoffs.

“The Yankees were the last team I wanted to play in the playoffs,” he says. “And after we lost to them,
cheap china jersey A conversation with Michael Symon about Savor Borgata
I remembered why that was. It was a little bit rough.”

MS: We put a good amount of ricotta in it and drain it really well so it’s not wet. And you can’t overwork the dough too much or you end up with a tough dough. The ones my grandmother taught me to make are literally as light as a pillow.

SC: I think I ate everything on the Angeline menu but never had the cavatelli.

MS: Oh, you should get it. It’s in the Sunday Sauce my grandmother’s Sunday Sauce where we cook the pork down in the tomato sauce for 12 hours so it almost falls apart all of those pork neck bones. Oh, man, I remember as a kid walking through my grandmother’s kitchen. She would make twice as much sauce as she would actually need, and she would set two loaves of bread next to the sauce, and there was no way you could walk by without ripping off a hunk of bread and dipping it into the sauce that was cooking all day.

SC: Do you know what you’re cooking for the Savor Borgata main event?

MS: We are doing one of my favorite things. We are roasting about 20 porchettas, and we are going to slice it paper thin and serve it on beautiful, little house made rolls with some mostarda. One of my favorite snacks in the world.

SC: And we can’t forget Savor Borgata Week, where you can eat at Angeline for $39. How is Angeline doing overall?

MS: Angeline has exceeded my expectations. My wife Liz designed the room with the people from Parts Labor. It’s just an unbelievably stunning room. They recreated a bigger version of my mother’s dining room that we call Angel’s Room, and about half of the recipes are family recipes and about half are my recipes. for Savor Borgata main event on Saturday. Various times throughout Friday and Saturday for individual events.
cheap china jersey A conversation with Michael Symon about Savor Borgata