cheap clay matthews jersey A few sports items that need to be returned

cheap cruises out of new jersey A few sports items that need to be returned

Millions of people will be hitting retain stores today for a couple of reasons.

The first is the after Christmas sales with many markdowns on holiday items.

The second reason is to return gifts for whatever reason too small, too big, wrong color, doesn’t work, already had one, or my personal favorite, I would never, ever wear that.

In the spirit of returns, let’s look at some sports returns that should be made.

All 10 teams who played in holiday games on Christmas had the new jerseys with sleeves. Yuck. Basketball uniforms don’t have sleeves so that shooters have freedom of movement.

These uniforms one color with a monochrome logo on the front and a number on one sleeve are horrible. At best were the Miami Heat in red. Several members of the team tried to make the uniform festive by wearing green shoes for the holiday. Lakers looked like pajamas. The Oklahoma City Thunder looked like smurfs.

I love orange, a color in the uniforms of the Heat, Miami Dolphins, University of Miami Hurricanes, Florida Gators and Miami Marlins. The only thing worse than the orange uniforms of the New York Knicks was the way that NBA team played.

I propose these uniforms be burned, quickly. I had to change the channel off the games several times just to rest my eyes.

n Wade Phillips as an NFL head coach.

Right now, he’s the interim coach of the Houston Texans, but he has said he wants the job.

But he’s had the job a couple of times on the NFL level and he’s never been really successful.

It doesn’t matter if his dad the infamous Bum Phillips was a legendary coach for the Houston Oilers. Bum Phillips never won a Super Bowl and his son has never led a team to one.

The Texans are in the midst of a horrible losing streak. It’s time the team cleaned house, brought in a new head coach and a new coaching staff.

Wade Phillips is not the answer. Especially not in Houston.

n Kansas City’s playoff chances.

Yes, it’s been a wonderful turnaround for the Chiefs. It’s been a good turnaround for Andy Reid and Alex Smith.

But, let’s be realistic, shall we? The Chiefs cannot beat Denver. It’s questionable if they can beat the New England Patriots, the Cincinnati Bengals or even the San Diego Chargers.

As good as this season has been for the Chiefs, it’s going to end way before the Super Bowl.

Now, before I get lots of calls from Chiefs fans, let me explain. It’s the first year for Kansas City in Reid’s offense. The Chiefs had one of the NFL’s easiest schedules due to their 2 14 season a year ago. Kansas City’s defense has looked worn down the last few games.

It’s a great NFL story of redemption on many levels. I applaud what has happened, but it won’t lead to a game in New Jersey come February.

College football’s BCS is done this year, but it comes way to late.

Think about it. An SEC team has won seven straight national championship games. Auburn could make it eight in a row.

Yet, how many times was an unbeaten team left out of the BCS title game? How many times have college football fans just known that, if given a chance, their team could have beaten the BCS champion?

Division I is the only division of college football to not have a playoff system in place to crown a national champion. Next season, there will be a four team playoff.

Think that will change the debate? Neither do I.

Yet, the bowl system is still so strong in Division I college football that the powers that be can’t just scrap it and go to a full playoff. They should, but they won’t.

Until they do, whichever teams are No. 5 through No. 25 will still believe they should be in the playoff and are being ignored.
cheap clay matthews jersey A few sports items that need to be returned