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It’s possible that there have been a lot of children who, after seeing the movie “Jaws,” may now have a lifelong fear of sharks.

Not so with Michael R. Tilghman Jr., whose dad took him to see the flick when he was just 5 years old.

Tilghman, who does have an art background, has been in commercial real estate for most of his professional career, but he “picked up” nuclear physics when he went back to school to study advanced thermodynamics.

“As buildings were starting to become more energy efficient, more green, I became more interested,” Tilghman says of his new found interest.

He recently relocated his fusion start up company Tilghman Atlantic at The Playground in the hopes of creating a rebirth for Atlantic City by taking energy from the ocean. He’d like to make Atlantic City the world’s “epicenter of clean technology as New York is the epicenter for world trade or Silicon Valley is for computers and technology.”

“We believe we can give leadership by building new platforms outside of academia,” says Tilghman,
cheap rental cars in new jersey A fusion of art and science in A
alluding to fusion centers at Princeton University, MIT, California Institute of Technology and others. “We think academia will want to come here.”

One of his goals is to repurpose now defunct casinos, combining hospitality, conference and research and development cultures. These buildings will not only house new businesses, but act as generators that make, distribute and supply neighboring regions with clean energy for five or six months all fueled by the ocean.

“A bucket of ocean water is equal to 500,000 gallons of gas,” he says. “It (the ocean) could power so much energy.”

Clearly there are other organizations and individuals around the world who are trying to develop the same or similar type of clean energy, but it’s all “very secretive and confidential,” says Tilghman.

“We are the only fusion company taking a non classical approach with the goal to bring clean energy all over the world. It’s a worldwide need and we want to inject a little hope.”
cheap rental cars in new jersey A fusion of art and science in A