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If there were sticks and objects that could be hurtled along, then there was No one knows for certain who started golf. But everybody knows who plays it now everyone does.

The origin of the name is believed to be the Dutch word of which means In the medieval ages, golf was also known as “spel metten colve, which literally meant with clubs.

Nearly every area around the world has some claim to the origination of golf. Scotland, of course, has its claim. But so do China, Rome, England, France, Holland, Belgium,
fishing jerseys cheap A History of Golf
even Laos. Every country has a game consisting of sticks and balls, and every country is correct in its assumption that it invented the game. But there is no one country where actually began.

Still, Scotland is widely considered to be birthplace of golf. And it began haphazardly, a way of hitting a pebble or other roundish object into a hole by means of a stick or club.

Edinburgh, Scotland, claimed the first golfing society. The Gentlemen Golfers later known as the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers and today in residence at Muirfield claim their club was already under way in 1744.

The first inter Scotland club matches were played in 1857. The world would wait until 1860 for the first British Open to be played.

It is not known for certain when golf came to America only that when it got a toehold in the 20th century, America became the world leader in great players. By 1900, the explosion of the game in America was complete. Proof was that, at the turn of the century, there were more golf clubs in the United States than there were in Britain.

Women have played a very large part in the history of golf, even before the last half of the 20th century when they finally achieved equality with men. Records of ladies playing golf exist all the way back to the time of Mary Queen of Scots.
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