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Homesteaders, logging barons, military leaders and more all staked claim to the area now known as Anmore, Ioco and Port Moody’s north shore.

But until now, nobody has catalogued the transformation of the area from virgin forest to industrial outpost and semi rural and suburban enclave.

“There hasn’t been a lot of source material to study this area,” said Drew, who self published the book and through sponsors is distributing it to libraries, city halls and other agencies. “To have it available in our local libraries would be great for kids.”

The book is a treasure trove of First Nation legends about the area, historical maps, photographs and often humorous stories and intriguing details about the projects and initiatives that went on in the area, many of them money making schemes that went awry.

Did you know, for example, that Admiralty Point, now a park, almost became a hospital for people with infectious diseases, or that tall ships used to dock in the inlet to pick up raw logs for shipping around the world? At one time, there were plans to build a causeway linking Belcarra to Vancouver’s north shore.

The region’s steep topography made it easy to transport logs down to the water while its strategic location made it important to the British military.

There used to be a shingle mill near what is now Mossom Creek and the Ioco townsite was initially a military site where ships fired guns for target practice.

It was later a shanty town for oil refinery workers before proper houses were built and plumbing was installed.

Now it’s the site of a future development. And where Old Orchard Park now stands used to be a real orchard the 1890s.

Many of the images and graphics in the book were culled from original documents and anyone who flips through the 362 page tome will be entertained by the combination of information, pictures and storytelling.

Drew said it’s important to try and captivate people’s imagination so history is not just dry numbers and figures but stories that people can relate to.

But as a long time resident of Belcarra, Drew said he wanted to leave behind a legacy of knowledge for his grandchildren.
cheap flights from jersey to southampton Belcarra mayor pens third historical tome