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They could see the flames, from the other side of the peninsula, shoot up 300 feet and how the volunteer firefighters in the forested community were trying to prevent the trees from catching fire.

Now, the Alfreds are challenging their neighbours to help with the fire department’s $170,000 fundraiser to purchase new and lighter self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) that will synch with the professional department in PoMo.

This month only as “November is national gratitude month,” Kim Alfreds said the pair is asking residents in the 33 households on their street of Belcarra Bay Road to top up the fund, which is about $65,000 shy of its goal.

And money brought in as part of the Alfreds’ challenge will be matched by the family in its entirety. “I’ve been noticing the needle hasn’t moved much this year,” he said of the SVFD drive, “so I’m hoping this will change that.”

So far, their challenge which SVFD announced Nov. 4 via Twitter has generated $500; however, they’re confident more will come in for the cause.

The Alfreds also hope their street challenge will spark others in Belcarra, which has 230 homes, and in Anmore, which has a population of around 2,500 residents.

Neil Belenkie, a SVFD firefighter and a fundraising organizer, praised the couple for their initiative. “We don’t take for granted how fortunate our fire department is to have support like from the Alfreds,” he said. “Our success in raising the funds required for this life saving equipment relies on our communities. We are surrounded by fantastic people.”
cheap jerseys free shipping Belcarra street challenge to aid SVFD