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Although we are always thinking about salaries, we never talk about them, except in hushed tones, and we never let others know precisely how much we earn. Thus it is difficult to get a grip on what others earn who are doing the same as we do. Unless you have access to a series of publications from CostMine (a division of InfoMine).

In this review I take a look at these reports, compare the salaries the reports list, think back on my salary history as a case history, and seek to answer a question posed by a 27 year old who read an earlier draft. He asked: What is in it for me? So while on the topic, I might as well also ask the question what is in it for all of us.

CostMine surveys mines throughout the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world annually for information about wages, salaries, benefits, and incentive bonus plans as part of an extensive data collection program to monitor costs areas of significance to the mining industry. The data was collected by sending questionnaires to personnel managers at active mining operations. The information included in this report was taken from the forms returned to us, from labor contracts provided by some of the mines, and from follow up telephone calls. Included are wages for hourly employees, as well as salaries for technical, managerial, and administrative personnel.


Are you being paid a fair salary in the mining industry? One way to answer that is to compare your income with those listed by CostMine. But keep in mind the human resource officer has probably done that already and so is one step ahead on any arguments you may raise for an increase. Then there is the issue of skills and location. A large consulting company in the Unites States for whom I once worked, provided a salary adjustment based on the local cost of a McDonalds Big Mac. They reckoned it was the best measure of local cost of living, and so they paid a premium in areas where Big Macs are most costly. Have you tried to eat at McDonalds in San Francisco recently?

If you gather with friends around the dinner table and the topic of salaries comes up,
cheap patrick kane jersey Benefits and Mine Costs in Mining
I recommend you deal with the tricky issue of quoting a direct salary by comparing the ratio of the cost of a house relative to salary. OK, there is a problem: how many mines are close to the Beach Cities of southern California, San Francisco, or West Vancouver (where many a miner lives)? No mining town I know of ranks in the top one hundred most expensive places to live. Still this ratio is instructive and interesting so let us pursue it a bit further in what follows.


My father was a mine captain in South Africa. I still recall the happy day he returned home to tell us his salary had just been increased to 150 Pounds a month. When South Africa went metric that converted to about R300. Today, inflation and currency drift renders comparison to Rands, Euros and Dollars meaningless. But the important point is he had no housing costs to pay, the house came free with the job. Even the painting of the house and changing of the light bulbs was done by the mine. Here is a further description of the first free mine house we inhabited:

The house, number 77, faced east with the three bedrooms along the south side accessed by a long passage at the end of which was a single bathroom. On the north side were the living room and dining room. Stuck somewhere on the west side was the plain kitchen with green walls, battered wood table, a coal stove, and a simple fridge. A large pantry that seldom had much in it separated the kitchen from the dining room where we ate all our meals, for the kitchen was where the servants reigned supreme, and even my mother seldom went there except to agree on the food to be cooked for the next meal. Dirty fine wire mesh screens mounted on old wooden frames enclosed the large porch and its concrete floor was kept shiny by constant application of red polish. We never used the porch either for sitting or for accessing the house. The garage was at the back of the house along with the servant’s rooms. All entry and exit from the house was through the back door to the concrete paved back yard. As with all the houses on the mine, the garden was large and dreary. A few fruit trees and expanses of rough kakui grass that cut your bare legs and feet and which we avoided. In winter the grass would become brown, hard, and even less attractive.


The information that we present in this publication is all derived as a result of the surveying by CostMine. The following information is merely a snippet of the catalogues of information that CostMine publishes annually. In these postings, we barely touch on the huge amount of information that the survey collates. If you need more, we recommend you get your mine Human Resources department to get a copy and let you go through the details.

Just published by CostMine (a division of InfoMine) is the report 2014 Survey Results Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits. Here’s a look at average Canadian Mine wages (in Canadian dollars):Electrician = 37.84
cheap patrick kane jersey Benefits and Mine Costs in Mining