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You know, last Friday I had to go to Sacramento for a meeting, and the time on the plane gave me a chance to continue my exploration of Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger. I seem to only find time to do this kind of reading on airplanesuninterrupted blocks of time are pretty scarce! At least this time I was smart enough not to attempt to drink orange juice J. Sorting through the stacks on my desk today I came across the following quote that I jotted down on the plane:

“Reality is multifaceted. There are lots of ways to slice it. How we slice it up depends on why we slicing it up, of course

I enjoyed reading the reactions to Bob comment about Obama connection to deliberative politics and his references to the “common good.” A recent New Yorker piece takes a similar position and contrasts Obama “deliberative” style with Clinton penchant for partisanship: See George Packer “The Choice” in THE NEW YORKER (Jan 28,
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In these discussions about Obama, Democrats, and the common good, it is important to remember that

Michael Tomasky got the Democrats back on to the language of the “common good” with his article, “Party in Search of a Notion,
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” from THE AMERICAN PROSPECT (April 2006).

This talk of the common good, from Tomasky perspective may be completely in line with partisan politics and need not be identified with deliberation. See Tomasky review of Krugman new book, “The Partisan,” in the NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS (54:18 Nov 22, 07).

Sex is a really touchy analogy. Lots of really smart people have gone on at great length about it as a root cause for various things. With the advantage of our current cultural fixation on it,
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it not too hard to see that this is terribly wrong. Sex is rather empty and kind of difficult to even pull off without attraction. And attraction is an effect caused by a rather wholistic view of someone. No single value is enough to make you think “OMG, I want, let run off and SPAWN together!” Sex is not a cause at all, it the reaction to the effect of being attracted. The root cause is your understanding of the person you attracted to.

The parallels you drawing with fantasy make sense to me this way too. The reaction is the power creep. The reaction has to scale in some fashion we can understand based on the original input (not many people would buy a D expansion called The Penultimate Guide to Being the Untouchable Godly Overlord of All You Survey,
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not even if the package included a Hostess twinkie). The root causes are creative impulses and the desire to share them. The effect is the game. The cooperatively told story. Structuring within the story is used to help convey more accurately, to make them easier to understand. Roleplaying games have this in

common with other forms of storytelling. The rule sets, which are unique to gaming, are there to help share the storytelling, because the game master tells the overall story and narrates but the players all tell the story of their characters.

very cool space!
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I love your taste and it looks like it be so much fun to poke around in there. I used to live in DE but am now in VA, but if I ever go back that way to visit family I love to see it in person 🙂

luckily though, here in Virginia I found your Cupcake chardonnay at the grocery store for $8.99 (such a lovely treat to be able to buy wine where I can get cat litter and tampons too!). I was intrigued by your love of it ( and its pretty bottle I must admit) so snagged a bottle. thanks for the heads up 🙂 cheers!