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Contact Us,These days, everyone is wearing them. Hipsters, Bros, grandmothers and Blues Brothers all rock Ray Ban most famous frames. JFK introduced them to the White House. Audrey Hepburn wore similar shades long before Rihanna reportedly got paid to mention them in a song. Tom Cruise role as Joel in Risky Business helped sell over 360,000 pairs in the first year following the film release. Even established companies’ shelves are stocked with Wayfarer knock offs. Few other accessories are so common, yet so damn cool.

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Wayfarers are often called the best selling sunglasses in history. And Ray Ban can thank ol’ Bobby D for this.

Bob Dylan is credited with everything from pioneering rock roll to encouraging hordes of musically untalented souls to take up the harmonica. But he’s also the reason you and I wear Wayfarers.

He defined and redefined cool. In the sociopolitical tumult of the 1960s, the young Robert Zimmerman emerged as an artist who fundamentally cared about you, the common man, but couldn’t care less about what you thought of him. Bob’s cool was for everyone and for no one. It was nonexclusive. It was determinedly anti establishment and detached from everything other than itself. By negating strict association, Bob welcomed admirers and emulators and even critics from everywhere.

Dylan has a talent for connecting people who otherwise oppose each other. A Randian capitalist colleague of mine, who wears his college moniker, Rightwing Prick, like a badge is hands down the biggest Bob Dylan fan I ever met. To say he only listens to Bob Dylan is hardly an exaggeration. As the de facto DJ of office parties, I remove all trace of Bob from my playlists because I knew from experience that after a few gins the prick would put Dylan songs on repeat until people were pulling out their hair with each additional harmonica solo. And although Bob’s essential message contradicts the worldview of so many of his fans, Dylan delivered an image, and an attitude to which folks of all types identified.

Who knows how exactly a Jew from Duluth, Minnesota, became a cross cultural icon. We won’t try to explain it here. But one undeniable fact is that Bob Dylan made Wayfarers the cool and all too common accessory worn today.

Dylan’s widespread musical influence gives some insight into his cultural, political and even fashionable impact. It’s uncommon for people to admit to disliking his music. It’s folksy and primitive but sophisticated. It’s careful and caring but indifferent to criticism. Bob embodied and emanated these qualities, and the big mass of a generation idolized him for it. The focal point of his cool was often his shades a still unspecified pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers.

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Find any picture of Bob from the ’60s or early ’70s and I bet he wearing Wayfarers. They were critical to his character, like James Dean red leather jacket or Kanye smug face. Bob image and attitude influenced an entire generation whose members influenced further generations, whose members influenced further generations, and so on. Bob universal and nonexclusive cool made him accessible for everyone. A great reminder of his influence can be found on our faces, in the utter ubiquity of Ray Ban Wayfarer shades.

Will Bob Dylan be wearing a pair of Wayfarers when he takes the stage at the Au Rene Theater at the Broward Center on April 21? We hope. But even if he’s wearing a pair of those bulky industrial strength geriatric black out shades, he’ll still probably manage to make them look cool. Because he’s Bob goddamn Dylan.
nhl kings jersey Bob Dylan Is the Reason You Wear Wayfarers

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cheap uswnt jerseys Bob Crandall Spends Career Helping High Schoolers as Athletic Trainer

Elmira, NY Those mythical sports gods got it right with Bob Crandall.

A career ending high school injury, his own dedication and being in the right place at the right time on more than one occasion helped lead him down a gratifying road that has benefited thousands of student athletes.

Crandall, 63, has been a trainer at the college and high school level in the Elmira Corning area since 1977. He is the veteran of a staff of certified trainers for Guthrie Corning Healthworks that provides support for athletes in the Elmira, Horseheads and Corning Painted Post school districts and elsewhere.

“Bob is very passionate about what he does,” said Tom Morrell, athletic director for the Horseheads and Elmira school districts. “He’s great with the kids. He’s able to develop a positive rapport with them and he can communicate with them. He enjoys watching the games and he enjoys watching the kidslearn and get better. It’s all about the safety for the kids; what’s best for the kids.”

Crandall, of Elmira Heights, has been a trainer for the Corning district since 1986, Horseheads since 1999 and Elmira for the last two years after budget cuts forced the elimination of full time trainers at Elmira Free Academy and Southside.

He had ideas of becoming a trainer for a pro team while attending West Chester University in the Philadelphia area. That he never ended up in the pros is a good thing.

“When we got out of college we had job offers everywhere. From all the professional teams,” he said. “We all went in thinking we wanted to work professionally, but I would nottrade this for anything. Elmira College is great, the high schools are great.

“It’s been great. The kids are great. I still love the kids. I love athletics, I love competition. That’s been rewarding.”

Injury Creates Spark

Sports played a big role in Crandall’s life while attending Vestal High School in the late 1960s. He played football, basketball, tennis, lacrosse and soccer, but a concussion ended his football career and a torn ACL while playing soccer started in motion his life as a trainer.

His leg didn’t recover properly after surgery and when Crandall got his physical to try to play lacrosse, the leg had atrophied to the point where the doctor wouldn’t clear him. The doctor mentioned pro teams had trainers who might have been able tohelp an athlete in his position, creating a spark in Crandall’s mind.

Crandall went to Corning Community College intent on taking classes to become a trainer, but there were no such programs and he ended up working for the now defunct Hills department store chain following graduation. Unhappy with the possibility of joining Hills’ management training program, fate stepped in again. As Crandall talked about wanting to become a trainer to some friends at an Elmira sporting goods store, a salesman overhead and told him nine schools had been approved for athletic training programs. West Chester was the closest, so Crandall applied, was one of 12 people accepted out of 100 applicants and ended up getting his degree in exercise science, physicaleducation and athletic training in 1977.

A trip to another sporting goods store led to a chance encounter with former Elmira College men’s hockey coach Barry Smith, now in his third year as director of player development for the Chicago Blackhawks following a long career as an NHL assistant. An excited Smith overheard as Crandall told someone he was looking for ajob .

“He goes, ‘What? I just got out of this meeting with our athletic director and we’ve got tohire a trainer,’ ” said Crandall, whose original career choice was forest ranger. “Ten minutes later I was in the car going up to the Domes (Murray Athletic Center).”

He washired later that day, much to the relief of his wife, Barbara, who was thrilled to remain in the Elmira area.

Randall worked as a physical therapist in sports medicine at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Elmira in 1983 and 1984 and during that period was a trainer for Southside’s football team, whose roster included future Penn State All American defensive tackle Pete Curkendall.

He has worked with every school in the Elmira area in some capacity, with a brief stop at Elmira Notre Dame and temporary work at Edison High when his son played football there. Crandall said that is both good and bad.

“It really has changed in the last 40 years I’ve been doing it,” he said. “We’ll look at a student athlete and if we think he’s concussed or has symptoms of a concussion, he’s removed from the game now.

“It’s actually sometimes a little more difficult now because now the kids know it. I think I’m getting less of the kids coming to me with the little head injuries than they used to before because they know it’s so cut and dry now. I say, ‘You got hit. Oh yeah, you’ve got a headache, you’ve got to sit down.’ ”

A concern for coaches and trainers remains making sure adequate care is available for athletes. Even as New York state legislators tightened standards for head injuries in 2012, schools were forced to cut back on trainers because of cuts to their budgets. Crandall said those state rules had no real impact on the members of the National Athletic Trainers Association because they already had strict rules for head injuries.

Bath Haverling is a recent addition to Guthrie’s school list and Crandall said more schools have expressed interest in recent years. The sports that have trainers on hand vary by school, though a general rule is more physical sports such as football, wrestling and lacrosse are covered.

“I’d like to see schools hire an athletic trainer on staff,” Crandall said. “Be there full time because you get to know the kids, you can do your rehab there, there’s a lot of things you can do.

“I thought at one time we were going to. I thought it was going to really boom because ideally we were hoping by even 2000, every school would have an athletic trainer on staff. That didn’t happen. That’s the economy and that.”

Trusted and Respected

Even without being with teams full time, Crandall has become such a presence that he has gained the trust of coaches and athletes alike. One of the teams he worked with during the fall was the Elmira Express football team, which made it to the state semifinals.

“I trust him 100 percent. He’s very good at what he does,” Express head coach Jimmy McCauley said. “He’s very confident and we are very confident with his decision making. If a kid can go there and be safe and be able to play, we do that. He’s also one to consider players’ safety and make choices as if he was the father of his own son.”

Among responsibilities are pregame and postgame treatment of athletes, attending to injured players and keeping injured athletes out of games. Crandall said he has seen three ruptured spleens, a dislocated hip, a ruptured intestine from a hockey player, fractured tibias and just about every broken bone possible.
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Disability groups, who have long campaigned against pavement obstructions, said the latest twist in the saga was a welcome surprise.Paul Robinson, chairman of the Holme Wood Visually Impaired Persons group, said he would have to call off the protest he had planned for Tuesday’s full council meeting but said he wouldn’t take anything for granted until after councillors had voted through the ban.He said: “I thought this meeting on Tuesday would be them rubber stamping the licensing idea. I’m so thrilled they have reconsidered. It was such a stupid decision.”And Emmerson Walgrove, chairman of the Bradford District Disabled People’s Forum, said: “We are extremely delighted that the proposal is to ban all A boards across the district.”He said they now wanted to make sure the ban would be properly policed.But traders have reacted with disappointment.Helen Rhodes, who chairs Ilkley Business Forum, said A boards helped to attract customers into shops and a ban would hit trade.She said: “There’s quite a high turnover of businesses on Ilkley high street. There’s quite a few people hanging on by the skin of their teeth so it will be interesting to see what happens.”Bradford Council’s health and social care overview and scrutiny committee had asked the Executive to ban A boards in all urban centres in the district, after spending more than a year studying the issue and hearing from all sides.But in March the Labour run Executive decided instead to ask shopkeepers in certain areas to pay an A board licence fee a move which caused a major rift within the Council’s Labour group.Two councillors, Labour’s Jo Sharp (Wibsey) and Conservative Dale Smith (Wharfedale) put in official objections, and the Labour chaired scrutiny committee took the extremely rare move of cancelling the Executive’s decision and asking the full council to decide on the matter instead.It is understood that Council leaders have now been forced to make a U turn to avoid a humiliating defeat when the matter was put to the vote at the full council meeting.Councillor Alex Ross Shaw, portfolio holder for planning, who had proposed the original licensing scheme, said: “After much deliberation we decided that on balance a ban had the benefit of simplicity and avoided having multiple policies in place for different areas of the district.”The Labour Group feels it’s important for everyone to be able to enjoy free access to public highways wherever possible. The impact of the ban will be assessed in 12 months’ time.”But of course we’ll continue to work with businesses to identify different ways of advertising that doesn’t cause a highway obstruction.”The chairman of the scrutiny committee, Councillor Vanda Greenwood (Lab, Windhill and Wrose), yesterday welcomed the leadership’s change of heart, saying: “The scrutiny committee strongly welcomes the ban as a straightforward approach to improve accessibility and we will welcome the opportunity to look at it again in a year’s time to review the impact for everyone concerned.”Councillor Simon Cooke, leader of the opposition Conservative group, said it was the first time he could remember a scrutiny committee forcing the full council to reconsider an Executive decision since the introduction of the scrutiny system in 2000.
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From 1966 until 2002, Mr Bouillion was with KPMG LLC where he served as Managing Partner of the New Orleans office from 1991 through 2002 and as Tax Partner In Charge of the New Orleans office from 1977 through 1991. Since his retirement from KPMG in 2002, Mr. Bouillion has served as the Managing Director of Bouillion Associates, LLC, which provides tax and financial planning services. Mr. Bouillion is a Certified Public Accountant.

Mr. Funk served as a director of Westport Resources Company from April 2000 until its merger with Kerr McGee Corporation in June 2004. Mr. Funk also served as president of Equitable Production Company, from June 2000 until January 2003. Prior to this, Mr. Funk worked for 23 years at Shell Oil Company, where he held the positions of President, Shell Continental Companies (January 1998 through January 1999), Vice President, Shell Offshore, Inc. and General Manager, Shelf E Business Unit (October 1991 through December 1997), and Chief Executive Officer of Shell Midstream Enterprises, Inc. (April 1996 through December 1997). Mr. Funk holds a PhD in geology and is a certified petroleum geologist. Mr. Funk also serves as a director of Matador Resources Company, a private oil and gas company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Ms. and formerly at Andrews Kurth LLP.

Ms. She has also served on the board of directors of Centerpoint Energy, Inc. since 2005 where she serves on its compensation, nominating and governance committees. She also currently serves on the board of directors of the Texas Medical Center, MD Anderson Board of Visitors Cancer Center and the Greater Houston Partnership.

She has received numerous honors and recognitions for her community and board service, including the Distinguished Alumnus Award for the University of Texas,
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the 2008 Sandra Day O’Connor Award For Board Excellence, the Female Executive of the Year Award from the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and has been recognized as a “Breakthrough Woman” and inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Kinnear held a variety of Board and executive management roles at FMC Technologies, Inc., including Chairman of the Board from October 2008 through October 2011, Chief Executive Officer from March 2007 through February 2011, President from March 2006 to April 2010, and Chief Operating Officer from March 2006 to March 2007. He has also held numerous management, operations and marketing roles within FMC Technologies and FMC Corporation since 1971.

Mr. McShane’s career in the energy industry spans more than 30 years, serving in a variety of executive management and financial leadership positions. Mr. McShane served as a director and President and Chief Executive Officer of Grant Prideco, Inc., from June 2002 until the completion of the merger of Grant Prideco and National Oilwell Varco, Inc. in April 2008, having also served as Chairman of the Board from May 2003 through April 2008. Prior to joining Grant Prideco, Mr. McShane held various management positions at BJ Services Company, highlighted by his position as Senior Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer and director of BJ Services from 1990 to June 2002. Mr. McShane also serves as a director of Spectra Energy Corporation, Oasis Petroleum, Forum Energy Technologies, and serves as an Operating Partner to Advent International, a global private equity fund.

Mr. Ralls has extensive leadership and financial management experience in the oil and gas drilling and production industry. Mr. Ralls’s industry experience also includes serving as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of GlobalSantaFe Corporation from June 2005 until the completion of the merger of GlobalSantaFe with Transocean, Inc. in November 2007,
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having also served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer from November 2001 to June 2005. Mr. Ralls has held various other management and financial roles with other oil drilling and production companies.

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Public Records. Board of Bar Overseers. Executive. Words, entity. Kettenbach appeals from a judgment of the county court dismissing his complaint pursuant to Mass. R. Civ. P. 12 (b) (6), 365 Mass. 754 (1974). We affirm the judgment.

We summarize Kettenbach complaint, accepting as true all factual allegations, but not conclusions cast in the form of factual allegations. Schaer v. Brandeis Univ., 432 Mass. 474, 477 (2000). An Associate Justice of the Superior Court (former judge), after she was found to have violated certain canons of the Code of Judicial Conduct, resigned from the bench. She thereafter assumed inactive status as a member of the bar of the Commonwealth. By letters dated January 20, 2006, Kettenbach requested, pursuant to the public records statute, G. L. c. 66, 10, that the defendants, the Board of Bar Overseers (board) and bar counsel, permit him to inspect, examine, and obtain one copy of every document in their custody, or in the custody of either of them, relating to the former judge status as a member of the bar.[2] Such documents, Kettenbach alleges, would include without limitation the writing by which the former judge would have the [b]oard . . . that . . . Rule 4:02 (4), as appearing in 416 Mass. 1302 (1993), as well as writing proposing or memorializing any agreement or stipulation between [the former judge] and the [board], under which the defendants, or either of them, agreed with [the former judge] or with the [commission on judicial conduct] not to pursue an investigation of [the former judge professional conduct, provided that [the former judge] sought inactive status as a member of the bar.

Kettenbach then commenced this action in the county court, asserting that the documents sought were public records within the meaning of G. L. c. 66, 10, and G. L. c. 4, 7, Twenty sixth, and requesting that the single justice order compliance with his request. G. L. c. 66, 10 (b). The single justice allowed the defendants motion to dismiss the complaint under rule 12 (b) (6).

At issue is whether the board and bar counsel, which Kettenbach acknowledges are within the judicial branch of government, are subject to the public records law. G. L. c. 4,
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7, Twenty sixth.

court has construed strictly the scope of G. L. c. 4, 7, Twenty sixth, to preclude the public disclosure of documents held by entities other than those specifically delineated in the statute. Harvard Crimson, Inc. v. President Fellows of Harvard College, 445 Mass. 745, 750 (2006). the Legislature nor the Judiciary are expressly included in G. L. c. 4, 7, Twenty sixth. Lambert v. Executive Director of the Judicial Nominating Council, 425 Mass. 406, 409 (1997). We have long held that court records are not public records within that definition. New Bedford Standard Times Publ. Co. v. Clerk of the Third Dist. Court of Bristol, 377 Mass. 404, 407 (1979), citing Ottaway Newspapers, Inc. v. Appeals Court, 372 Mass. 539, 545 546 (1977). Kettenbach argues that documents made or received by the board or by bar counsel are nonetheless public records. We disagree.

As we discussed in Harvard Crimson v. President Fellows of Harvard College, supra at 751, the supervisor of public records (supervisor) has promulgated regulations implementing the public records law. 950 Code Mass. Regs. 32.00 (2003). See G. L. c. The regulations be construed to ensure the public prompt access to all public records in the custody of state governmental entities and in the custody of governmental entities of political subdivisions of the Commonwealth (emphasis added). 950 Code Mass. Regs. 32.02. It shall not include the legislature and the judiciary (emphasis added). 950 Code Mass. Regs. 32.03. Under these regulations, the public records law applies to only one of the three branches of State government, namely, the Executive branch. Bornhofft, 427 Mass. Mass. R. A. P. 16 (a) (4), as amended, 367 Mass. 921 (1975). Moreover, Kettenbach reading of the regulation would frustrate the supervisor apparent interpretation of the public records statutes as including one of the three branches of government and excluding the other two. We conclude that the single justice did not err in dismissing the complaint.[5]

[2] Kettenbach letters, and correspondence from the defendants concerning his requests for documents, were made exhibits to the complaint.

[3] For purposes of this appeal, we assume that such documents exist and are in the custody of either the board or Bar Counsel, or both of them.

[4] Kettenbach suggestion that the regulations improperly add language to the statute that the Legislature did not include does not rise to the level of appellate argument. Mass. R. A. P. 16 (a) (4), as amended, 367 Mass. 921 (1975). Further, it appears to confuse judicial statutory interpretation, see Dartt v. Browning Ferris Indus., Inc. (Mass.), 427 Mass. 1, 8 9 (1998) ( hesitate to rewrite the statute judicially to import such a restriction. . . .
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North Dakota doesn’t need another round of turmoil in the chancellor’s office and with the state Board of Higher Education. The issues that have surfaced in recent weeks need to be resolved and the focus put on the educational system.

Mark Hagerott was hired in 2015 to bring stability to the chancellor’s office after the removal of Hamid Shirvani in 2013. Shirvani was just the latest chancellor to leave office early. On the surface, the situation seemed to have settled down. A new president was installed at the University of North Dakota and the president at North Dakota State University appears to have developed a working relationship with Hagerott.

It was announced that Hagerott had fired vice chancellor Lisa Feldner without cause. The chancellor denied the firing was related to the hiring of Phil Wisecup, an interim vice chancellor. Both Hagerott and Wisecup have Navy backgrounds. The Tribune doesn’t believe it’s unreasonable for Hagerott to make staff changes after two years. However, the handling of the Feldner dismissal could have been done better.

A 15 month old survey criticizing Hagerott’s leadership was released. It described him as having a “militaristic” leadership style and favoring men over women. He denied the favoritism charge, but both Hagerott and board members say he has adapted his style. An August 2016 evaluation of Hagerott by Kathleen Neset, then board chairwoman, largely praised the chancellor’s performance in his first year on the job. It cites communication, planning and management as areas for improvement. It’s understandable that his approach was shaped by his Navy career, but military life doesn’t necessarily translate into academic life. Leadership style changes were likely needed.

Hagerott surprised many people when he requested an independent investigation into what he calls attempts to politicize and discredit his office. Hagerott wants the Board of Higher Education or a special assistant attorney general to investigate attempts to “manipulate” his office to influence the June 2016 primary election. Hagerott said he received pressure after interim University of North Dakota president and former Gov. Ed Schafer endorsed Doug Burgum for governor over Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. While university presidents endorsing candidates doesn’t seem appropriate, Schafer wasn’t an ordinary case. He was at UND on a temporary basis and with his political background and knowledge of Burgum, it wasn’t surprising he was asked about an endorsement. It would have been wiser if he hadn’t commented. The board can set policy on staff endorsements.

The Tribune doesn’t see a need for an investigation. It has been almost a year since the election and it’s settled. If Hagerott was pressured to do something about Schafer’s endorsement he was right to ignore it. As noted, the board can establish policy and Hagerott can help enforce it. An investigation would just let wounds fester.

Finally, board member Mike Ness, Hazen, made a motion during the last board meeting to discuss Hagerott’s contract. His efforts failed on a 4 4 vote. Hagerott was hired at an annual salary of $372,000.

The Tribune doesn’t think this is the time to discuss Hagerott’s contract. We believe there should be an open discussion about his concerns on the election issues, he should be asked to continue refining his leadership style and he should be asked to drop the investigation request. The focus should be on developing working relationships. There’s still 15 months until the 2019 legislative session, enough time to begin working with legislators.

If North Dakota wants a chancellor they need to give that person support and guidance. In return the state should receive leadership that inspires staff and the board to keep improving our educational system.
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MAUSTON, Wis. The Mauston School Board accepted the resignation Monday night of a teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

The special board meeting Monday night met to officially consider the resignation of social studies teacher 25 year old Stewart Thompson.

“An active law enforcement investigation is occurring and the school district is fully cooperating with that investigation,” the statement said. “The school district will provide more information as it is made available by law enforcement and permitted by the public records law.”

A statement released Monday said the district was informed Wednesday about the law enforcement investigation. On the same day, Thompson submitted his resignation.

Officials with the Juneau County Sheriff Office said they received an anonymous complaint of a possible inappropriate relationship between a student and teacher at Mauston High School.

The allegations were that the relationship was occurring off school grounds, according to a release.

Thompson was arrested Thursday on a tentative charge of sexual assault of a child by a school staff person.

Thompson name had been removed from the district online staff directory Friday night. He was with the district for two years, according to the superintendent.
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facebook twitter google+ emailCan second gen X6 recreate the controversial appeal of the original against Porsche and Range Rover rivals? One thing’s for certain, the BMW X6 has carved a unique niche in the SUV sector. Branded as a Sports Activity Coup, it has caused controversy with its blend of off road body and rakish sports car roofline, but that hasn’t stopped the company from introducing an all new version. Best 4x4s and SUVs on the marketAs before, the second generation model is based on the X5,
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and aims to deliver an entertaining driving experience in a unique SUV package. But does the new X6’s performance do justice to its sporty looks? To find out, we’ve lined up two tough rivals in the shape of the Range Rover Sport and Porsche Cayenne.They don’t look as radical as the X6, but they both deliver performance, practicality, luxury and all round driving ability that will be a stern test for the newcomer. We’ve tested 3.0 litre diesel versions of all three to find out where exactly the new X6 fits in.
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The petrol powered BMW X5 is an extravagance that will be sampled by very few. And while they will get a lovely sounding engine that delivers impressive performance, it doesn’t manage the accomplished all round performance of the 3.0 litre diesel. If performance is what you’re after, we’d say wait for the X5 M50d which will have a similar price and is expected to arrive in December even if that means not having a petrol engine under the bonnet. But for that three or four per cent of buyers who just can’t live without a petrol engine, you can opt for a petrol fuelled 4.4 litre twin turbo V8.It gets off to a great start when compared with the xDrive30d. As, although the diesel engine sounds surprisingly throaty, it can’t compete with the rumble that blurts from under the bonnet when you fire up the V8. The engine’s smooth soundtrack is a real plus point, offering a nice, rich warble under light acceleration that turns into a high pitched howl not that far off the previous gen X5M that uses a version of this engine. BMW X5 reviewThat noise is backed up by fierce acceleration for a car with such large dimensions and weighing over 2.2 tonnes. BMW claims 5.0 seconds for the 0 62mph sprint, and it feels every bit that fast as you power away from a standstill. Even better, it makes mincemeat of overtaking slower traffic, although enthusiastic driving will mean fill ups become a tedious regularity expect low 20s mpg in real world driving.When you’re not driving hard, the engine is extremely quiet and refined, with only a slight rumble through the wheels to be heard.There are four driving modes to choose from. Eco Pro seems a tad academic in a big, petrol powered SUV, but it dulls the throttle and dials down the air con a little to save fuel. Comfort is the default mode and gives the best mix of comfortable ride and agility from the chassis.The electric power steering doesn’t have any feel in any mode, but is suitably heavy in Sport or Sport+. More concerning is its hesitance when you turn into bends, with a distinct lag between you turning the wheel and the car responding.This inconsistency leads you to need to make lots of small, mid corner adjustments to your line. As the driver it’s a tad annoying, but it’s maddening for passengers as it gives them a really jerky ride.All cars come as standard with BMW’s excellent eight speed auto gearbox. However, while it’s super smooth in the diesel, and is an excellent match for the power and torque produced by that engine, the higher revving, higher torque nature of the petrol overwhelms the gearbox when in Drive. It’s fine in manual mode, but never quite seems to know what gear to be in when left to choose ratios by itself.
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Auto Express’s reliability ratings are based on our Driver Power survey of over 30,000 car owners. Ratings are the average for all owners of this car who responded. Individual owners’ ratings and comments appear below.I have the twin turbo Sport model which is staggeringly fast for such a large 4×4. I marked the ride down as this is really its only major fault particularly in town. But on the open road the handling steering is 1st rate, as is its refinement. The only constant niggle I’ve had with it is a rattling tailgate. Interestingly this was also a problem on both Mark 1 X5s that I’ve had and a current 5 series estate. And the BMW garage “fix” lasts about 10 miles. They need to take a leaf out of (prevous subsidiary) Land Rover’s book to sort this out.Reliability: 4/5 Build Quality: 4/5No so much the Ultimate Driving Machine as the Ultimately Unreliable Machine!! This car has had nothing but problems but I suspect the lask of technical ability within all out local BMW Dealers plays a large part in this. They simply do not know how to fix things. So far this car has had Oil Pressure Sensor, 2 electric mirrors, starter motor, power steering hoses, sunroof repair, numerous electronics fautls all looked at and repaired/replaced and it has not even done 42,000 miles yet!!Reliability: 1/5 Build Quality: 5/506 reg Petrol, Owner for 3 to 5 yearsAn car that has given me saloon car perfrmance in an good family SUV. The X5 is very well put together retains all the great solide build qualities expected from BMW. My only reason to consider a change is we need a 7 seater so will be looking at the new X5 7 seater.Not exactly the Ultimate Drving Machine given the poor reliability of this one. The electrics seem to be the major issue and Dealers don’t seem to be any good at diagnosing the problem properly meaning multiple visits in my case 8 before the problem was correctly identifiedReliability: 2/5 Build Quality: 4/52006 reg Petrol, Owner for 3 to 5 yearsThis is my second x5 and we both cars I have never experienced any major problems. its reliable and as I have 3 young children the room is great, drivability is and for sheer enjoyment its priceless. She is petrol need I say more.2009 reg Diesel, Owner for 3 to 5 yearsCar has never let me down but a few small problems that I have chosen to have fixed immediately rather than wait for the next service. Highg labour costs of london bmw franchise dealers relatively expensive parts.04 reg Diesel, Owner for More than 5 yearsLoved the car but the faulty suspension shouldn’t cost as much as it does to fix; not that they have fixed it yet. in 3 times and a bill of 2700 so far but the problem is still not resolved.Reliability: 2/5 Build Quality: 2/557 reg Diesel, Owner for 1 to 3 yearsIt’s one of those cars a new problem every other month (always eventually fixed under warranty) the local dealer has no idea i now use an dealer 100miles away!
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Reliability: 2/5 Build Quality: 2/520One problem (quite expensive) since purchase, otherwise everything perfect. Fuel costs good for a big car. independent garage service costs reasonable. parts very expensive.