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As a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipient, she is able to have a job. While she attends college, she is unable, through DACA, to get any kind of financial aid through the federal government or state. She currently is taking a semester off to work. illegally as children to remain in the country.

The DREAM Act is different from DACA in that DACA is not permanent and could be overturned by succeeding presidents, which is what happened after the election of President Donald Trump, Hernandez told Garfield County Democrats during a meeting Tuesday night.

“Now is a crucial, crucial time for us to organize together to pass the DREAM Act, which basically will provide me people like me, other people who have DACA and are ‘Dreamers’ a pathway to citizenship. As it stands right now, there is no pathway to citizenship for undocumented people,” she said.

Dream Act Oklahoma’s activism is focused on that right now, Hernandez said.

The DREAMAct has to be passed legislatively through Congress, she said.

“As we all know, Congress is notorious for not doing things in a timely manner. Basically, President Trump said, after he announced the end of DACA, that he would give Congress a certain amount of time to pass, basically, a solution to this problem. After that time expires, DACA would effectively end and there would be no way to renew my work permit, which I currently have. There would be no way for me to continue to work legally in the way that I do now,” Hernandez said.

Sen. James Lankford introduced the SUCCEED Act, which Hernandez said would mean it would take her 15 years to receive any kind of citizenship. She would not be able to petition for her parents or family to apply for any kind of permanent status, while she has a green card something all green card holders, or legal permanent residents, are able to do. The “Clean” DREAM Act would cut that out.

Trump did provide a window for renewing DACA, and Hernandez renewed until 2019.

“This issue, the DREAM Act, this immigration issue has a time limit, and if we don’t act within that certain time limit . thousands of people are going to lose their DACA, or their temporary protective status,” she said.

Part of the conversation is why there is no pathway to citizenship to begin with, Hernandez said.

“There’s no way for us to even get there,
2014 nhl jerseys 'Dreamer' speaks at Garfield County Democrats meeting
” she said.

To become a citizen, immigrants must be sponsored by a direct family member or spouse. Her parents still are waiting for citizenship, after applying for it through her aunt in 1999, Hernandez said.

Her brother, who was born here, could potentially petition for her, but he will have to jump through loopholes, and there’s still a chance she may have to go back to Mexico.

“It’s not as easy as everyone would think it would be,” she said. “My brother could do it for me, but I would be waiting forever because the immigration courts right now are . super backlogged.”

It’s also expensive to do, and the individual has to hire an attorney who practices immigration law, Hernandez said.

There’s a fear of chain migration, where if she were to get citizenship, she would bring her whole family from Mexico, therefore bringing more immigration of people who are “different,” she said.

“Which I think is what the core of the immigration problem is, is not so much ‘you did this wrong’ and here on the principle, ‘you’ve got to do it right.’ I think it’s more about, ‘you are an other,'” she said. “The language, the culture is different, you are not one of us. I think that’s the crux of this immigration problem.”

Prior to Trump’s election, Hernandez was scared to tell anyone her immigration status. Following the election, she was scared and enraged, but knew she had to do something, and fight. for 10 years, she said. Even then, she may not get approved to come back.

“This is an American issue. citizen. This affects him and his family,” Hernandez said, adding if any of the family members are deported, it rips their family apart.

She discussed some misconceptions.

Connie Vickers, a retired teacher in attendance, reflected on the fear of some local elementary students after the election. They were afraid they would be taken from school, their parents would be taken from work,
2014 nhl jerseys 'Dreamer' speaks at Garfield County Democrats meeting
and everyone would be dumped over the border.