nhl minnesota wild jersey ‘Horrible fisherman’ retires from Steveston harbour

cheap jerseys shop ‘Horrible fisherman’ retires from Steveston harbour

Like many long time Richmondites, his teenage years in the sleepy farming and fishing community were defined by the high school he graduated from. But things got complicated when the Richmond Colt started playing hockey in his senior year with Seafair Minor Hockey, which was closely associated with the Steveston Packers.

“We were looking at each other sideways. But that was my integration into Steveston, if you may. But what a great community. After that, I hated Richmond (High). I became a Packer, if you put it that way.”

“Over the years, Steveston started to change, but you’ve always had an active commercial fishing harbour right in the middle of it. Industry was here first; the industry made Steveston; and the industry will keep Steveston what it is,” said Baziuk.

He said he always prided himself on making the harbour tick efficiently, although he never had the urge to fish himself.

“I’m a horrible fisherman. I don’t even sport fish. Don’t own a boat; never fished. Never want to own a boat;
nhl minnesota wild jersey 'Horrible fisherman' retires from Steveston harbour
too much maintenance,” he quipped.

It is those fishermen, past and present, who helped define the village’s culture.

“There’s certain noises, certain grit, certain smells,” said Baziuk of the village.

Baziuk will now retire to the Sunshine Coast with his high school sweetheart and wife Sherri.

He was unanimously praised by the SHA board.

“Bob has been a pillar of the SHA and the community and we thank him for his devoted service,” said SHA board chair Robert Kiesman, who announced longtime SHA employee Jaime Da Costa will replace Baziuk.

“She is extremely bright and full of vigour. I told her make it your own,” said Baziuk.

As for his parting words to the community?

“Don’t feed the sea lions! No, sorry! No,
nhl minnesota wild jersey 'Horrible fisherman' retires from Steveston harbour
just a lot of thanks for everything and to the friends I’ve made for life and to the fishing community for putting their trust in letting this kid run the harbour.”