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Just don’t want Urvashi winning this! She is the most cunning person in the house and is very calculative. When Urvashi realizes that her other housemate’s popularity is increasing (looking at the voting) she starts bad mouthing that person. Imam has been the entertainer on this show. Sana Self proclaimed beauty queen or self obsessed perpetually looking in the mirror or else her one eye is on the camera when she talks to the other contestant. Rajeev Go take a walk! Niketan what can I say your double dholki!

by Winona 1/10/2013 6:55:52 PM

Salman who sweared that this time Bigg Boss would be a clean show for family viewing. Himself makes it a vulgar, crass and inappropriate for Families when he comes on friday and saturdays and double meaning jokes are on high! He may be entertaining for front benchers but frankly this kind of humor is not appreciated. That he is biased towards Niketan irked him more than Time Out comment by Imam during the show. The important line by Imam was ‘Everybody knows how Niketan is a finalist’ !

by Avinash 1/10/2013 6:56:05 PM

hi ankit . salman khan is a better host than what shri amitabh bachan was or mr sanjay dutt or shipa shetty. it was imam who firstly misbehaved with salman khan. no doubt imam is talented but he is highly irritating also. sapna is also highly irritating. she always said she wanted to leave the house but whenever anyone nominated her,
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she always fought with that person for some or other reason. she always said that she is here for the cause of woman empowerment but she never talked abt that. she also misbehaved with navjot singh sidhu.

by gauraav81 1/10/2013 6:56:07 PM

Those who support Immam should change the way of thinking. Too much negativity can not be an entertainment. BigBoss is going unethical as well, they way he behaved in neighbor house he should not have called back to the show again. They way he behaves with the inmates is intolerable. It is his strategy to sleep on the floor, giving sensible comments for food. which he does not follow. He gives advice to everyone but he himself does not follow. While he eats he does not bother about whether others has food or not. Weeks 7packet milk he only drinks 5packet milk. Big boss gives favor by taking him out while his is uncontrollable, bigboss fears that he might need to evict him for braking rules. To get public sympathy he does not eat on dining table, cries, gives good GYAN which he never follow. Guys grow up, they are playing. But you use your vote for the right candidate.

by Ashok 1/10/2013 6:56:10 PM

Imam is gaining sympathy here. it feels so bad to see so. Why are you so concerned about this last week? What about his taunts,
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provocations and rude “time outs” he gave earlier to everyone and everyone? Rajeev is a poor good at heart but stupid fellow who is falling prey to Imam’s provocations. Really All this sympathy for Imam is taking birth out of Rajeev’s stupidly shouting at him (Delnaaz pointed it out also), more than any of Imam’s own good deeds. If Rajeev is a loser, Imam is a bigger one. He needs a doctor, not big boss.

by Mohit 1/10/2013 6:57:14 PM

Look at the contestants, Niketan the chugli cunning, Rajeev the cheat and womanizer, Delnaz the cry baby and bad looser (once said WTF I am the only person who deserves to win),
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Urvashi the vamp (schemer plotter and typically one sided approach who sleeps most of the time), Sana (the lady without brains like a blonde who says Vishal is her friend then involved in a pati patni aur woh. She is the spoke in the broken marriage and gives a poor image of herself). and finally Imam who depicted reality the anger, the emotion, the courage, the humility, the entertainer. What more do you need to judge BB. Its your call and prove that BB means which personality?

by sunil 1/10/2013 6:57:17 PM

Imam is the only one whoz running the show now , rest of them have nothing to do other then talking about Imam in house . Imam is the only one who has shown his talent in all the fields and he is also strong enough to stand against every one in house and still survive . Rajeev . what a looser he is . Sana knows nothing other doing make up and playing stupid games with that “choosa hua aam” so that he does nt nominate her to be evicted. Delnaz has no time do anything to entertain viewers coz she is busy wid sorting her personal issues in house in gain sympathy. urvashi Niketan have no contribution towards the show. Cler cut winner for this season is only Imam if not then show is biased.

by Sharad 1/10/2013 6:57:23 PM

There is a long list of Congress leaders behind Narendra Modi’s success

Rahul’s approach to the elections was collegiate,
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