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Gov. Rick Perry cruised to a victory tonight in a three way Republican primary fight, crushing Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and setting the stage for a run for a third full term this fall.

Hutchison conceded the race just before 9:30 pm local time with Perry holding a steady 20 plus point lead and just over the 50 percent barrier he needed to avoid a runoff. Debra Medina, an underfunded candidate backed by some within the Tea Party movement, finished a distant third.

Both parties wasted little time in starting the general election. The Democratic Governors Association released a memo before the polls had even closed entitled “Why Democrats can win Texas that touted White as an “outsider who can bring people together” while portraying Perry in the Republican primary as having “sprinted to the far right.”

The Republican Governors Association quickly responded. “Once Texans get a clear picture of Bill White’s liberal record, I think they will collectively say, ‘Houston, we have a problem,'” said RGA executive director Nick Ayers.

Perry’s victory completes a remarkable political comeback. Following his 2006 re election with just 39 percent of the vote in a four way field , he was widely regarded as a political lame duck. And, when Hutchison, who had passed on a challenge to Perry in 2006, made clear she would run in 2010 many Republican observers though the governor’s time had come.

But, Perry, as he has done repeatedly in his political career, overperformed those low expectations in the primary campaign taking the fight to Hutchison from the start and successfully portraying her as part of the problem in Washington. Perry was an early adopter of the Tea Party movement, grasping that the passion contained within the group could be harnessed for political gain.

“There is a real movement afoot in our country,” Perry said way back in May 2009. “There is a legitimate tempest that is brewing across this country.”

Hutchison did herself no favors, struggling to adapt to a political environment that had turned sharply against Washington. (For more on what Hutchison did wrong and why read our pre bituary of her campaign written last week.)

It remains to be seen whether Hutchison will make good on her oft repeated pledge that she would resign her Senate seat regardless of the outcome in the governor’s race. If she does resign, Perry would have the ability to appoint a temporary successor with a special election to fill the remaining two years on her term would likely be held in November.

In other downballot action, Rep. Ron Paul (R) crushed several opponents affiliated with the Tea Party movement while wealthy businessman Bill Flores led 2008 nominee Rob Curnock in the 17th district Republican primary.

Chris, I’m usually the last person to criticize what you write, but there are a lot of great synonyms for “crush” in a political context out there. Probably my favorite that I’ve ever used was “eviscerate,” but it got edited out. Preposterous, I say.

“Once Texans get a clear picture of Bill White’s liberal record, I think they will collectively say, ‘Houston, we have a problem,'” said RGA executive director Nick Ayers.

Ba dum tish. No disrespect to Texans, but I’m sure glad I don’t have to live there and hear that joke repeated in every political ad and conversation for the next eight months. Alas, I’ll just have to wait for whatever cheesy campaign slogans Ohio’s candidates churn out. One creationist on the SBoEd went down, but in my SBoEd district the non creationist lost. The rabid creationist and the closet creationist [who might be lying about that to somebody campaigns on “family values” without ever mentioning creationism] are in the runoff. Pl 3 one of the two real judges made the runoff against one of the four real bozos.

I was reporting R side because down ticket only Rs will be elected in November, on a 12% turnout. The most competent and honest Rs were unopposed for Land Commish and Comptroller.

On the D side, Hank beat Kinky for Ag Commish.

Will KBH resign? When? I think she does so next ten days or not at all. For the Rs to replace Dewhurst on the LG line for November with someone credible Rs needs at least this much lead time for Dewhurst to quit that race to run for Senate in a special election. KBH did her party no favor equivocating, and she lost her early double digit lead for the same reason. Jus’ like my dog does today and he’s a Democrat, too. He says she should be compared to a skunk.”

People who don’t speak dog don’t realize that 97 per cent of Texas dogs are Democrats. Faithful as ever dogs were, they still remember LBJ especially his ears. Boy, I don’t regret it.”

They grow some mighty fine beef there, but near as I can tell the left wing of Texas is scrambling to make sure that you don’t incur the death penalty by working sixty hours a week for the minimum wage and not paying out of pocket for health insurance.
where are authentic nike nfl jerseys made Bill White win Texas primaries for governor