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“Once it’s gone, this precious mosaic of habitats will be lost forever, all to provide a short term fix rather than providing a coherent, long term plan to deal with transport issues in Oxford.”

The campaign has now backed by Dominic Dyer, CEO of the Badger Trust.

He said: “The Oxfordshire Badger Group is absolutely right to oppose plans to extend the Seacourt Park and Ride scheme, which will put an increasing number of badgers under threat in Oxford.

“Oxford is a city with an abundance of urban wildlife which is to be treasured,
blackhawk jerseys cheap Badger lovers call on council to abandon park and ride expansion
however it is also seeing a huge increase in housing that is forcing badgers from their setts, resulting in many dying on roads across the city.”

Oxford City Council first announced its 4m plan to double the size of Seacourt car park with a 650 space expansion in January 2015.

The council has faced opposition from flood groups, neighbours and wildlife campaigners, but repeatedly said it needs to expand the park and ride after the new Westgate Centre opens this month to encourage thousands of extra visitors to get the bus into town rather than driving into the centre of Oxford.

The council’s planning committee did book an extraordinary meeting on October 31 to decide on the plans, but after new documents about flood risk were added to the planning application that meeting has been postponed again.

The council’s board member for planning said Alex Hollingsworth said: “Whether or not this development should proceed is a matter for the relevant planning committee, which will weigh up the advantages and impacts of the proposal against relevant national and local planning policies,
blackhawk jerseys cheap Badger lovers call on council to abandon park and ride expansion
and come to a view.”

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The Leduc bantam Ticats have the Capital District Minor Football Association (CDMFA) Tier 1 playoffs in sight after shutting out the Spruce Grove Cougars on Oct. 5 at Leduc Composite High School.strong play of the game was by our offensive line, which did fantastic for us, said head coach Mike Taylor, who noted the performances of right tackle Lucas Bernard and left guard Zack McNeil.Running back Hunter Gibbenus scored three rushing touchdowns, including one on a 50 yard run after a fake punt, said Taylor.He said the Ticats used a zone defense for the first time this season to shut down the Cougars passing game and got great play from nose tackle Keyton Lightning and Shaun Horvath.The Ticats defenders snared two interceptions in completing the team second shutout of the season, he added.If the Ticats beat the Edmonton Mustangs this Sunday at home they will clinch a spot in the Tier 1 playoffs.It would be the first time a Leduc bantam squad appeared at the Tier 1 level in about 10 years, said Taylor.would be a phenomenal accomplishment. It be a lot harder games playing at such a high level in the playoffs but it would really allow us to see what it takes for next year, he said.Talyor said to get by the Mustangs, the Ticats would have to neutralize their running back.going to have to really concentrate on him to shut him down, he said. kind of like a one man show, so if we can stop him we be very successful.The matchup against the Mustangs will be the Tigers last home game of the season.Like NFL and CFL players, the squad will be adding pink to their uniforms for Breast Cancer Awareness Month when they take the field against the Mustangs, said Taylor.He added that the City of Leduc grounds had painted a pink ribbon on the field.[city] grass crew, they done such a good job on making the field look good, that all the other teams in the league have commented [on it] They just made Leduc such a strong football community, said Taylor.
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Balancing the demands of a marriage, family and startup can be tough.

My wife, Stephanie, has been an integral part of any success we had at Powderhook. She doesn have a title, tasks or projects, yet her role is essential. We been in business a little over a year, and our marriage is stronger than ever.

This is our second go around as a startup couple (we sold our first business in 2012), so I thought I share some of our experience. Here are five things I believe we gotten right:

Starting a business is a family decision. Stephanie was part of deciding to start a business in the first place. She had a lot to say about what type of business, how much we would invest, and how long I could go without a paycheck.

We set boundaries. Dinner is at 6:45. I there. Once the kids hit the hay I jump back on and get to work. It important to us that we get a few minutes to talk every day, so I don bring the computer to bed. Both are seemingly little things, but these boundaries help us prioritize in the midst of an otherwise chaotic time.

Stephanie knows our team,
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problem, product, customers and partners. She come with me to trade shows and she stayed up late with me testing our product. If starting a business is a family decision, growing one is a family commitment.

Grace. Unending grace. Entrepreneurship can be an exhausting, stressful and a downright frustrating experience. Stephanie lets me vent. She senses when I need time to come down from a tough day and she picks up all my slack around the house. On top of that, she is our family breadwinner right now. To do that with a smile takes strength and grace.

We make time to be alone. The love language of the spouse of almost every entrepreneur is “time.” Ask a successful businessperson you know about their marriage. Most will tell you they are more proud of their marriage than their business. There is literally nothing that happens at your business that is so important that you can focus a few hours a week on your spouse. Plan it, send calendar invites, ritualize it, whatever. Do it.

Credit: Photo from UNL College of Business Administration.

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Thanks for the tips and advice, Eric. I often wondered how other entrepreneurs make time for both business and family life. Your 3rd point hit the mark. Entrepreneurship is so all encompassing and all consuming that it really does require the involvement (and understanding) of the entire family. In my experience, I found most non entrepreneurs don understand the demands of building a business,
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and thus fail to realize the sacrifices and dedication that come with doing it. It seems it really does take a special someone to be with an entrepreneur.

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A non surgical procedure called radiofrequency ablation can be highly effective in reducing or eliminating chronic back and joint pain in patients.The procedure can provide long term relief by blocking nerves along the spine from sending a pain signal to the brain. The minimally invasive procedure may be used when medications or physical therapy have been ineffective in reducing pain.What is radiofrequency ablation?The procedure uses heat generated by radio waves to target specific nerves and temporarily interfere with their ability to transmit pain signals. The radio waves are delivered to the targeted nerves via a thin, hollow needle by a physician who specializes in treating pain.Radiofrequency ablation, also called radiofrequency neurotomy, is an outpatient procedure and usually takes about an hour to complete, so the patient returns home on the same day.When is radiofrequency ablation recommended?The procedure is used to treat neck, spine, hip and knee joint pain associated with arthritis, other degenerative joint conditions, or from injuries such as whiplash.Facet joint inflammation is one of the most common causes of persistent back pain treated at the Ithaca Center for Pain Management.The facets are the joints that sit between the vertebrae in the spine and connect them to each other, providing flexibility and smooth movement. If you engage in too much physical work (heavy lifting, active labor, construction work) or too much exaggerated or repetitive motion (as many athletes do when working out), you run the risk of inflaming the facet joints. This can lead to degeneration of the joint and back pain.How is radiofrequency ablation performed?Prior to having the procedure, a preliminary test is made to numb nerves in the precise spots where the radiofrequency needle will go. If the pain significantly lessens,
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radiofrequency treatment at those spots may significantly help the patient.The radiofrequency ablation procedure usually involves starting an intravenous line in the patient so a sedative can be given. The patient lies face down on the procedure table, and the physician uses X ray guidance, or fluoroscopy, to direct a special radiofrequency needle to the target nerve. A small electrical current is passed through the needle to assure it is next to the target nerve and a safe distance from other nerves.The targeted nerve is numbed to minimize pain during the ablation. Radiofrequency waves are used to heat the tip of the needle, and a heat lesion is created on the nerve to disrupt the its ability to transmit pain signals. This process will be repeated for additional nerves to treat other areas of pain.On the day of the procedure, patients are advised to avoid driving and any strenuous activities. Patients may continue to take any normal medications except aspirin, ibuprofen or any other blood thinning medications, such as Coumadin.What are the side effects?The patient’s neck or back will usually be sore for a few days after the procedure. This pain is usually caused by muscle spasms and irritability while the targeted nerves are dying from the heat lesion.Depending on the area treated, patients might develop a superficial burning pain with hypersensitivity, similar to a sunburn feeling. Medications or warm towels may be prescribed to alleviate discomfort, and an ice mat be recommended if swelling or pain occurs at the treatment sites.Patients usually rest for several days before returning to normal activities, but should let pain levels be their guide for the first few days after treatment. Physical therapy may be prescribed to allow patients to increase their strength and activity tolerance in a safe manner.What are the results?Pain relief may last from nine months to more than two years. It is possible the nerve will regrow through the burned lesion that was created by radiofrequency ablation. If the nerve regrows, it is usually six to 12 months after the procedure.Radiofrequency ablation is 70 percent to 80 percent effective in people who have successful nerve blocks. The procedure can be repeated if needed.Dr. Qi Zhang is board certified in anesthesia and specializes in pain management. She serves on the medical staff of Cayuga Medical Center, where she divides her time between anesthesia and the Ithaca Center for Pain Management.
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Members of the Bellwood Antis High School marching band performed throughout the recent high school football season without uniforms. The problem has left district administrators frustrated.

needed new uniforms. The old ones were worn out and falling apart. We began the process a year ago in August and ordered them in March. The salesman took three months to get back to Patrick Sachse (band director). They gave us a 180 day guarantee. They are still not here, said Superintendent Thomas McInroy at Tuesday night school board meeting.

The district had ordered the uniforms from DeMoulin Bros. Co. based in Greenville, Ill., which calls itself the world largest manufacturer of quality apparel for the marching band industry.

McInroy said he,
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Sachse and Richard Schreier, high school principal, have been in constant contact with the company.

talked to the senior vice president of sales last week, and he said we would have them by Friday (Nov. 10). We still don have them. We are exploring our options. We hope to have this resolved in a week or two,
cheap new york rangers jerseys Band uniform company strikes wrong chord with B
McInroy said.

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The media spend on the account is worth Rs 7 crore

M Saatchi has BANNER1 won the creative duties for VLCC’s personal care business. The media spend on this business is slated to be around Rs 7 crore. While there was no official pitch called for the business, the agency made a credential presentation.

Till sometime back JWT and Equus Red Cell were sharing the advertising duties for VLCC. Bringing M Saatchi on board is part of the restructuring, wherein Equus will now handle the healthcare segment and M Saatchi, the personal care segment.

Mukesh Luthra, chairman and managing director, VLCC Healthcare, says, “VLCC being one of India’s fastest growing brands in the rapidly growing slimming, health and beauty category, we were on the look out for an agency that had the right mix of creative ability, strategic planning experience and agility, given the demands of the rapidly evolving Indian consumer and our marketplace.”

Rathin Mathur, V P, marketing, VLCC, explains the reason for the restructuring when he says,
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“We were looking at an agency that would be proactive rather than reactive and one that would be able to match the entrepreneurial drive of our organisation. This is well reflected in M Saatchi’s belief in brutal simplicity, which I also believe is the way to go in finding an effective communication solution.”

In addition to working on the personal care business, M Saatchi will also handle strategic planning projects for VLCC’s other businesses.

Commenting on the acquisition of this new account, Kamal Oberoi, chairman and managing director, M Saatchi, India, says, “We believe that our core belief of Brutal Simplicity will benefit VLCC greatly as it confronts an increasingly complex market environment. The organised slimming, beauty and fitness business in India has been pioneered by VLCC and it is the brand leader in this market. With the surge in competition, helping VLCC sustain its leadership position will be an exciting challenge.”

Oberoi reveals that, initially, the media mix will be heavy on print and foray into the electronic media only later. In the personal care segment, VLCC is planning to launch several products, including a men’s line, which is first on its list.

For the record,
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M Saatchi has recently started operations in India through its acquisition of creative hot shop Dhar Hoon. jerseys Bar makes doormat out of Marshawn Lynch

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OAKLAND, CA SEPTEMBER 17: Marshawn Lynch 24 of the Oakland Raiders sits on a Gatorade cooler during the singing of the National Anthem prior to the start of the game against the New York Jets at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum on September 17, 2017 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) less

OAKLAND, CA SEPTEMBER 17: Marshawn Lynch 24 of the Oakland Raiders sits on a Gatorade cooler during the singing of the National Anthem prior to the start of the game against the New York Jets at . more

Denver Broncos tight end Virgil Green (85) gestures as teammate Max Garcia, left, takes a knee during the playing of the national anthem prior to an NFL football game against the Buffalo Bills, Sunday, Sept. . more

Laremy Tunsil 67, Maurice Smith 27 and Julius Thomas 89 kneel with Jarvis Landry 14 of the Miami Dolphins during the National Anthem prior to an NFL game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on September 24, 2017 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. less

Laremy Tunsil 67, Maurice Smith 27 and Julius Thomas 89 kneel with Jarvis Landry 14 of the Miami Dolphins during the National Anthem prior to an NFL game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on . more jerseys Bar makes doormat out of Marshawn Lynch

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All the traditional asset classes, such as equities and property, in which pension funds invest, share an underlying flaw: the investor can only profit when asset values increase. As we have seen over the last couple of years, this is far from guaranteed.

Every asset poses two forms of risk. The first is the risk specific to that asset, for example, an equity contains the risk of the company management making a mistake that leads to the share price falling. The second form of risk is that the whole market falls, perhaps due to some broader shock to the economy such as the credit crunch.

This is where hedge funds come in. Depending on the choice of hedge fund strategy, hedge funds can profit from relative movements in asset prices and isolate themselves from market crashes. For example, for an arbitrage strategy, a fund manager could buy shares or go long in one company and sell, or go short, shares in another (which it has typically borrowed from another investor). This means that the fund is unaffected by the general direction of the markets and gains or loses only by the skill of the manager in selecting such pairs of companies.

The holy grail of investment is producing equity like returns for bond like risk something that is often promised and rarely delivered. Can it really be true in the case of hedge funds? The answer depends on how much risk you consider hedge funds pose. The general, somewhat negative, perception of hedge funds does not entirely fit with reality. Public perception has been coloured by the complexity and opaqueness of the investment strategies and a few startling scandals rather than the returns they have produced over time.

During the credit crunch and particularly during the dot com bust in the early years of this century, those returns and hedge fundslimited volatility were relatively successful. For a hedge fund to be successful in all market conditions, it needs to genuinely reduce risk.

Several hedge funds imploded during the financial crisis because it emerged that, in reality, they were predominantly long only funds (ie mostly invested in traditional equities) that were using debt to boost returns and were not managing risk half as expertly as they appeared to be. It is easy to make money in a bull market by using debt rather than skill we only know which ones have skill in a bear market.

Choosing a manager is a challenging task. How can trustees perform due diligence on managers when their strategies are opaque,
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at best, and sometimes downright secretive? Plenty of experienced investors were caught up in the Bernard Madoff scandal, for example. Trustees can draw on the experience of their investment consultant and investigate the market themselves. But they may also opt to pay for a layer of expert management.

A fund of hedge funds refers to an investment fund that invests in a selection of hedge funds. This has two benefits. Firstly, because the investment is spread across several funds, the risk of substantial losses due to a problem in any particular fund is reduced. The second benefit is that the fund of hedge funds manager should be an expert in the industry and be more likely to pick successful hedge funds.

The price of that arrangement is, well, the cost. Such expert knowledge must be paid for and results in an additional layer of fees. This may be partly offset by the discounts that fund of hedge fund managers can obtain from hedge funds, because they are investing on behalf of multiple investors. Nonetheless, fees are a critical issue and trustees need to be satisfied that they are securing value for money.

Hedge funds can be grouped into several categories. Trustees need to understand exactly what they are invested in and how that fits into their broader portfolio. For example, a hedge fund that predominantly invests in equities will not provide much diversification from traditional equity funds.

Hedge funds have several shared characteristics.

The managers often invest in their own funds.

Hedge funds have the ability to take short positions and have strategies that are surrounded in secrecy although after the challenges of the last couple of years, they have become more transparent.

The way performance is measured is different to equity funds. As there is no underlying benchmark such as the FTSE 100 hedge funds target an absolute return such as 5% profit per year.

There are typically time constraints on investing and de investing from a fund. During the financial crisis, many hedge funds increased these restrictions to prevent investors from withdrawing large amounts of money that could have resulted in the collapse of the fund.

Hedge funds are only loosely regulated at the moment. However, this may well change in the near future proposals are currently being circulated at the European Union level and the United States also looks set to act.

There are two overarching classifications of hedge funds:This group, also known as equity risk strategies, includes funds described as long/short equity, dedicated short, global macro and distressed debt funds. Such funds are likely to have some correlation with equity markets and so trustees should consider how well they combine with existing investments.

Example: Global macro funds have enormous flexibility in their choice of investment options. The idea is that the manager identifies pairs of assets where gains in one offset losses in another. Returns should not be correlated with the rise and fall of the equity market. The problem is that such correlations could break down in a crisis just when they are needed most so funds are high risk.

Example: Statistical arbitrage involves extensive use of data mining and computerised statistical analysis to identify investment opportunities. The fund manager sets a computer strategy to purchase assets that he or she considers to be under or overpriced, normally by a tiny amount and possible only for a matter of seconds, according to historical data.

Arbitrage strategies have been described as being akin to icking up nickels in front of a streamroller That is,
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they provide a stream of small profits but leave the investor vulnerable to one cataclysmic event that could completely wipe out the fund.

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The officer said he was punched in the head and had his eyes gouged while responding to a call on Oct. 15 at a Bismarck motel. The officer first tried to subdue the suspect with a Taser before shooting the man in the stomach, wounding him, according to police. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation is reviewing the incident.

Mike Connelly said local law enforcement has been through a lot recently, referring to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests as well as dealing with an increase in calls related to the opioid epidemic.

“We’ll stand up and represent because they’re out there protecting us,
cheap steelers jersey Back the Blue supporters protest Bismarck Tribune
and it’s a very thankless job,” Connelly said.

Bismarck Tribune publisher Gary Adkisson said the newspaper applauds the citizens who came to “Back the Blue.”

“The Bismarck Tribune stands with you in your support of our police officers,” Adkisson said.

He added that the newspaper takes its First Amendment rights and responsibilities seriously.

“We believe the law under which the police department wished to withhold the name is flawed as it limits the press in its ability to inform the public in its right to know,” Adkisson said.
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THIS HAS TO BE one of the prettiest bees in the world. Named for the beautiful turquoise bands that run across its abdomen, the blue banded bee (Amegilla cingulate) sports a lush golden and white fluff, enormous green eyes, and tan coloured wings that look like crisp layers of cellophane.

Males can be distinguished from females by the number of blue bands they display males have five while the females have just four. Adult blue banded bees typically grow to between 10mm and 12mm.

The species is found all over Australia, except in Tasmania and the Northern Territory. It’s also native to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia, and India, so it enjoys a pretty healthy range, spreading out everywhere from urban areas to open fields and dense, tropical forests.

It’s rumoured they’re attracted to blue and purple flowers, perhaps because they could blend into their surroundings when collecting pollen from them, but this has yet to be proven.

They are known to frequent lavender plants, however, and according to the Australian Museum, they appear to be attracted to people in blue clothing. But it’s cool because these bees are non abrasive,
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and don’t move around in intimidating swarms like other species, they live solitary lives in little burrows in the soil or the crevices of rocks.

Native Australian bees buzz pollinate

Blue banded bees are one of a few native Australian bee species that perform a particular type of pollination known as ‘buzz pollination’. Also known as sonication, this type of pollination is really useful on crops such as tomatoes, blueberries, cranberries, kiwi fruit, eggplants and chilies, but the well known and very common western honey bee (Apis mellifera), is incapable of performing this process. For this reason, the blue banded bee is extremely valuable to Australian farmers.

A flower’s stamen is its pollen producing reproductive organ, and attached to the stamen is the anther, which is a one or two lobed formation that holds onto the pollen. In some plants, the pollen is held so firmly by the anthers that it needs a little extra help breaking free, which is where solitary bees like the blue banded bee come in handy.

These bees will grab onto the flower, and shake their entire bodies rapidly, causing both the flower and its anthers to vibrate. This shaking movement causes the pollen to be dislodged from the anther, and then be collected by the bee.
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