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Contact Us,Johnny Rawls is a decidedly old school kind of guy. Wright, the man he credits with launching his career. stand out because I do original songs that have a good beat to them. It a different side to the blues. I take a lot of time and effort to write songs so they don sound like they were just thrown together. In order to stand out, you have to write great songs. that regard, Rawls readily agrees that “genuine soul music” is in short supply these days, its classic sound having been displaced by rap, hip hop, and other styles informed by the urban experience.

these days don know anything about genuine soul music, Rawls says in explaining why those classic sounds seem so scarce these days. don hear it on the radio, so they don know. When I was coming up, you could hear Joe Tex and Sam and Dave and the Temptations, and we listened to that music all the time. But nowadays, these kids don hear that, so they have no idea what it all about. remembers playing clarinet and saxophone in the marching band growing up in Mississippi: “When I was in eighth grade, this promoter came to my school because he was trying to put together a dance band in Jackson, and so he asked me if I would play sax. I agreed, and after that, when all the artists came through area, they would use us as their band, and we play with them from Mobile to New Orleans, anywhere within a 200 mile radius. I got to meet all these great stars when I was only 16, 17 years old. How lucky can you get? a result, Rawls career path was decided early on. never worried about making a living, he reflects. was my life. I didn worry about no day job, no night job, nothing. I played music all day and all night. And he considers it his duty to show a younger generation the soul music they been missing. my mission, he insists. been doing it 45 years.”

Rawls new album, Tiger in a Cage, reflects that basic savvy he learned along the way. Songs like the title track reflect the frustrations of a wayward generation trapped in the ghetto, with no hope of a reprieve. to the Blues relates his personal mantra. A handful of well chosen covers the Rollings Stones of Burden, Sam Cooke oft covered classic a Party, and Jackie Wilson familiar standard Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher and Higher) attest to a pedigree Rawls gained early on.

While he laments the fact that younger people lack some important musical exposure, he also has some choice comments about certain older musicians who’ve exploited the blues and soul sounds as a final career move.

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is this thing ‘rock blues’? he asks. these old rock ‘n’ rollers have suddenly taken to the blues because they have nowhere else to go. They don have their own audience anymore, so they coming over to the blues to get their last shot of glory. It this attempt at a rock blues hybrid, but in reality, it has nothing to do with the blues. They just washed up rock singers. may be another reason Rawls commitment has never faltered. been on tour since I was 15, he says. some other artists, I don have the luxury of taking off for four months to write new songs. I can take off the whole winter and go somewhere and just write. he doesn have to: that I observe give me my songs, he says. lot of things in life give me inspiration. Maybe I should write a song about this interview.
cheap hockey jerseys toronto Blues Singer Johnny Rawls Talks Songwriting

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TheBMW 4 Seriesfirst arrived as a coupe version of the3 Series saloonback in 2013, before the manufacturer sliced the roof off to create the 4 Series Convertible a year later. The number ‘4’ was used to denote the sportier versions of the more sensible and more practical 3 Series models despite the 3 moniker’s near 40 year history. Shortly after the 4 Series Coupe and Covertible, BMW released the Gran Coupe a sleek four door model to rival the Audi A5 Sportback.Some potential buyers will be left scratching their heads, wondering how BMW can justify charging a premium of around 3,000 for the Gran Coupe over the more versatile 3 Series saloon. Others will get it straight away, and see that this car is more about style and practicality in equal measure. Either way, BMW appears to be on to a winner by offering such a wide choice in its range.Our ChoiceBMW 4 Series 420d M Sport Gran CoupeBMW has pretty much perfected the art of creating cars that appeal not just to large groups of buyers with the big selling 3 Series and 5 Series executive saloon ranges, as well as the hugely popular X1,X3 and X5 SUVs but also much narrower, more niche markets.Customers seeking something different wearing a blue and white propeller badge can take their pick from the likes of the four door 6 Series Gran Coupe, the 2 Series Active Tourer people carrier and the X6 coupe SUV, for example.Crucially, these more niche models sell in large enough numbers for BMW bosses to justify the extra development costs. Indeed, it can sometimes be a little difficult to tell whether a new model from the brand is the result of customer demand, or whether customer demand is created by the introduction of a desirable new BMW.Image 2 of 14The 4 Series Gran Coupe is a perfect example of this. Look at it logically, and there shouldn’t be a market for this car as it’s effectively a four door version of the coupe version of the 3 Series saloon. If you want a low slung coupe, so logic would have you believe, you buy a 4 Series two door. If you want a practical family car, you buy a standard 3 Series saloon or maybe a 3 Series Touring estate or a long wheelbase 3 Series GT hatchback.Yet BMW designed the 4 Series Gran Coupe for drivers who want to combine the practicality of the 3 Series and the styling and kerb appeal of the 4 Series and it seems there are plenty of them out there.This car is still a coupe, but with four frameless doors and a reasonably practical boot under a big hatchback lid. It’s low enough to be desirable, long enough to be versatile for day to day use and still every inch a proper BMW, with all of the driving enjoyment and quality that implies.The 4 Series Gran Coupe also carries a sizeable price premium over the regular 3 Series saloon, yet brings no step up in boot size. Instead, it scores on style and image; and it’s difficult to ignore its charms.Engines, performance and drive4.5On the road, the 4 Series Gran Coupe feels almost exactly the same as the two door 4 Series Coupe. You get the same weighty but responsive steering, the same strong body control and slightly firm ride, and the same sense of being truly engaged with the driving experience.The extra doors, bigger boot and slightly longer body bring a weight penalty of around 50kg over the two door 4 Series, but through a series of corners you wouldn’t know it the Gran Coupe shrugs this off and delivers the handling agility we’ve come to expect from the brand. Most models are rear wheel drive, although buyers can specify BMW’s xDrive four wheel drive system on the 4 Series Gran Coupe and benefit from even stronger acceleration and the reassurance of all weather traction.EnginesMany drivers will find it difficult to look beyond the 420d Gran Coupe with its incredible combination of 187bhp punch and 106g/km CO2 emissions. The only letdown with this model is its noise suppression BMW’s latest four cylinder diesels are simply too vocal, and are now being left behind by excellent engines such as the Audi 2.0 litre TDI and Volvo D4 in terms of refinement.Still, once the 420d has warmed up, it becomes a lot quieter,
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plus if you can put up with the noise, the car has performance to spare it sprints from 0 62mph in only 7.3 seconds. There are also deep reserves of torque available, with 400Nm from 1,750rpm, so the 420d is effortless to drive whether you’re pounding the motorway network or tackling a twisty mountain road.Image 7 of 14You could save around 1,000 by trading down to a 148bhp 418d, which uses the same basic 2.0 litre engine in a lower state of tune. But this will demand a surprisingly large step down in performance, and the 418d feels noticeably less agile.For a seriously quick 4 Series, go for one of the bigger 3.0 litre six cylinder diesels. The 254bhp 430d promises 0 62mph in 5.6 seconds, though adding the grippier xDrive all wheel drive system shaves off another three tenths of a second. The 309bhp 435d (only available with xDrive) claims a time of 4.8 seconds, yet neither brings a particularly heavy penalty in terms of fuel economy.In 2016, BMW replaced the twin turbocharged straight six 435i petrol with the more powerful 440i. This is a wonderful engine silky smooth and bursting with power but it will cost you a fortune to run. Potentially a better bet for petrol fans is the 2.0 litre four cylinder turbo in the 430i (previously 428i).There’s a mismatch between the premium looks of the 4 Series Gran Coupe and its surprisingly affordable running costs. BMW’s 2.0 litre diesel engine, in all its various guises, has an uncanny ability to use less fuel than you think it’s going to. Owners should easily be able to achieve mid fifties mpg, even with lots of town driving, and there’s genuine potential to break the 60mpg barrier on longer journeys. Driven gently, a 420d Gran Coupe should cost you no more in fuel than a family hatchback.And you won’t pay much in road tax, either. Fitted with the optional eight speed automatic gearbox, the 420d emits a remarkable 106g/km of CO2, which means a year’s VED will set you back only 20. Even if you stick with the standard manual box, emissions only rise to 111g/km, but that still means just 30 for a year’s tax.Obviously, it’s a different picture if you buy a petrol model, with a 420i costing 145 a year in VED. But its fuel consumption shouldn’t be too horrific reckon on getting low forties mpg out of it, or mid thirties from the racier 430i.Owners who are focused on maximising their efficiency can use the Drive Performance Control system to help. This offers a choice of modes that adjusts the steering, transmission and suspension, and if you leave it in the Eco Pro setting, the car will use the minimum amount of fuel. But realistically, you’re not going to do an awful lot worse in Comfort mode.Insurance GroupsThe 4 Series Gran Coupe isn’t going to be the cheapest car to insure the lowest rating is Group 23 for a 418d in pretty basic trim, while a full fat 435d xDrive will push that all the way to Group 41. Our favourite model, the 420d M Sport, sits somewhere in between, in Group 30.DepreciationA projected 49.4 per cent retained value after three years is pretty much as good as it gets in the motoring world, and puts the 4 Series Gran Coupe on a par with its primary rival, the Audi A5 Sportback. While the appeal of the Gran Coupe may be a little narrower than the conventional 4 Series Coupe,
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the fact that there’s fewer of them out there adds a touch to its rarity value.

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Must watch video: Here’s a sign that the immigration wars have made the issue a hot one even for Democrats in districts that aren’t grappling with illegal immigration.

Blue Dog Dem Joe Donnelly of Indiana is up with a tough talking ad about illegal immigration that targets President Obama on the issue, deriding him as part of “the Washington crowd.” Donnelly is being challenged by state Rep. Jacki Walorski in a contest that both sides view as a real race.

Donnelly’s 30 second spot slips in the hit on Obama subtly and quickly: It flashes a picture of Obama with John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi and features Donnelly saying: “I don’t work for them.” The key moment starts at around the 18 second mark:

“Because no one should be ever rewarded for breaking the law. That may not be what the Washington crowd wants. But I don’t work for them. I work for you.”

As Donnelly says the words “Washington crowd,” we see Obama, Boehner and Pelosi.

A Dem strategist who advises candidates on their races tells me that this isn’t an attack on Obama; rather, it’s about achieving separation from all of Washington on illegal immigration. “He showed his independence in this ad by condemning Washington on the issue,” the strategist said.

The spot is another mark of how successfully the anti illegal immigration camp has dragged the debate to the right and turned immigration into a hugely contentious national issue in unlikely places.

I’ve been reading the absolutely fascinating “Last Call” by Daniel Okrent about the rise and fall of Prohibition. It was above all a culture war, pitting on the one side small town and rural Protestants, populists, progressives, suffragists, nativists and racists (all overlapping categories) versus aristocrats, immigrants, big city Dem machines and of course the distillers and brewers and to a much lesser extent vintners. The KKK was a valued member of the dry coalition because it demonized liquor for its bad effects on black men, but even more it demonized Catholics and Jews and immigrants of all non nordic kinds. Indiana was a hotbed of Klan activity in the 1920s.

And speaking of hard ball tactics, the very dry Congress understood full well the demographic changes that had taken place in the new century. To preserve the Volstead Act intact the dry majority REFUSED TO REAPPORTION CONGRESS after the 1920 census. That’s right, they refused to account for the great growth of the cities and adjust the congressional districts allocated to each of the states. Despite what the Constitution said. They didn’t pass a reapportionment bill until 1929, to take effect in the 1932 election. And according to Okrent, it seems to have gone mostly unremarked, given everything else that was happening.

The book is absolutely fascinating history and should be read by anyone interested in change making political and social movements, cultural politics and hardball politics in general. Thank the gods things are much tamer now. Not because he is running ads that are attacking his own President and party but because he is a member of the United States Congress. If he wants to fix immigration last I checked the only people who could really do that are the 435 members of the House of Representatives and the 100 members of the United States Senate. He is one of those people and if it is a problem he is one of the people responsible for it and has not fixed the problem.

If not being part of the Washington Crowd is the solution to immigration reform and it is a real issue in his district he deserves to lose becasue he is a US Congressman, he is the Washington Crowd. seems like there’s no reason for it to be a major issue there. anyone know more?”

I live in South Bend. As far as I know there is NO immigration issue here. Donnelly is an a$$ for other reasons, including his vote against extending UI benefits and his vote FOR the odious Stupak amendment. But I think Jacki Walorski is a wingnut. No idea how competitive the race will be. Not surprisingly, when he thinks public opinion agrees with him, he does the former, and when it disagrees, he does the latter. It is a fairly subtle propaganda technique, but certainly not one that the Plumline’s resident propaganda, er, “expert” (Bernie L.) is ever likely to point out. So I thought I would do so. Of course illegal immigration is a national issue. What’s the problem with that? And the only reason it is “hugely contentious” is because the Democrat power elite want something that the American citizens have soundly rejected.
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facebook twitter google+ emailCan second gen X6 recreate the controversial appeal of the original against Porsche and Range Rover rivals? One thing’s for certain, the BMW X6 has carved a unique niche in the SUV sector. Branded as a Sports Activity Coup, it has caused controversy with its blend of off road body and rakish sports car roofline, but that hasn’t stopped the company from introducing an all new version. Best 4x4s and SUVs on the marketAs before, the second generation model is based on the X5,
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and aims to deliver an entertaining driving experience in a unique SUV package. But does the new X6’s performance do justice to its sporty looks? To find out, we’ve lined up two tough rivals in the shape of the Range Rover Sport and Porsche Cayenne.They don’t look as radical as the X6, but they both deliver performance, practicality, luxury and all round driving ability that will be a stern test for the newcomer. We’ve tested 3.0 litre diesel versions of all three to find out where exactly the new X6 fits in.
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Bluff receives prestigious Most Valuable Supplier (MVS) Award for 2018 from Material Handling Equipment Distributors AssociationBluff Manufacturing, an international leader in providing material handling and warehouse safety equipment, received the prestigious Most Valuable Supplier (MVS) Award for 2018 from the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) on November 30, 2017. This year marks the third consecutive year that Bluff Manufacturing has earned this award, which recognizes companies who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to their dealer network, employees, and community.To qualify for the MVS Award, every year Bluff Manufacturing must meet a series of criteria that reflect numerous service points important to the distributor companies with whom they do business. Along with encouraging a constant commitment to safety, Bluff, like other MVS winners, has proven that it represents an overall dedication to business excellence by way of documenting programs in the following areas:Industry Advocacy Distributor Advocacy Business Networking Continuing Education Business Best Practices According to Bluff Manufacturing president, Andrea Curreri, are honored to receive the MVS Award for a third consecutive year. We take great pride in providing excellent service, high quality products, and solution focused partnerships to all the wonderful distributors we have the pleasure of working [with]. With this win, Bluff Manufacturing shines as one of the most well regarded providers in the worldwide network.In accordance with the criteria required by MHEDA, Bluff Manufacturing is one of a handful of companies currently raising the bar in the material handling industry. Bluff Manufacturing, whose customers include Frito Lay, Lumber Liquidators and Airgas, designs and tests to comply with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) MH30.2 standard, ensuring the highest quality products and providing customers with the greatest possible value.Bluff Manufacturing acquired B Structures in June 2010, expanding its portfolio to include platforms, cantilever rack, stairs and ladders, conveyor support structures and conveyor crossovers, and mezzanines. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.
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Two things happened in the last twenty four hours which convinced me that the econ blogosphere is healthy and will keep on going strong at least my end of it.

One is the outpouring of good arguments from all over (see for example here and here) against someone’s rash statement that the econ blogosphere may be going the way of the used car market. As these comments made clear, there are sufficient incentives and reasons for the blogs to remain active and produce high quality content but perhaps in different forms (less frequent postings, joint blogs, greater use of aggregators).

And second, in my trip to Nottingham I was simply stunned by how many people reported reading my blog. Not only that, people actually remembered my posts some going quite a while back. With this kind of positive feedback, along with others like

Not so incidentally, one of the unexpected scholarly benefits of having a blog is that it is like keeping an intellectual journal. You get an idea, you jot it down in your blog. Some months later, you vaguely remember having had the idea and you google your own blog to recover it. I am not kidding: I google my own blog all the time.

And here is the evidence: the first third of my talk at Nottingham was based on a couple of blog posts from a few weeks back (this and this). So maybe that someone also over stated the bit about opportunity costs.

I confused, Mankiw hasn stopped writing for the general public or stopped writing on the web. What he has done is put an end to comments. I have never gone on Mankiw blog site, yet I read some of his posts. That because Mark Thoma sometimes puts them up on his blog site. Sometimes I take things Dani has written on his blog site and post them in my comments on Mark Thoma blog site. So unless these economist are going to start writing for a professional audience or stop posting their writings on the web, the econ blogosphere will go on as long as economist put their fingers to the keyboard to say something they think needs saying.

I would conclude that even it you were to define a blog as a community of interest, meaning it has to have commentary, cross pollination insures that good economist won disappear form the econ blogosphere and there will be commentary.

There is another facet of running a blog site without comment that comes to mind. In doing so are you passing off your duty of maintenance for people who would comment if they could to other blog sites since they can always comment there?

One last thing, I had written a long version of these comments. It got long enough that I felt I would be imposing on the reader if I use it unabridged. One of the things I observed was that I could count on my fingers and toes the number of commentors on Dani blog. Now that Dani has mentioned the number of people who have congratulated him on his blog, I feel rather presumptuous. I should have realized that the majority of readers were silent when he mentioned that he had 3000 hits on one of his posts.

I like to add my congratulations. I really like Dani blog and wouldn miss reading it. It also has a nice touch of aproachableness and humanity to it.

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Why is everyone just montblanc watches willing to accept power cuts? Don you think that patek philippe watches having continious power is your right? If people aren going to demand rado watches 24X7 power, don expect anything zenith watches to change. The government needs to look at other sources parmigiani watches of power generation. The only solution is more power panerai watches production. Nothing less.

They should take up building BVLGARI Watches dams for power generation. We should FRANCK MULLER watches learn from china. They have the world largest dam for power CHANEL Watches production, it alone produces 22,000 MW of LONGINES Watch power. What he has done is put an end to comments. I have never gone on Mankiw blog site, yet I read some of his posts.
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The BMW 7 Series has long sat in the shadow of the Mercedes S Class. However, with this latest model, BMW has taken the fight to its German rivals with its most technologically advanced saloon car ever and also BMW’s fastest ever car. It’s one of the most sophisticated luxury models currently on sale and it is clear that a lot of time and dedication has gone into its development.With such a large body and uncharacteristically light steering, it may not be the most rewarding driver’s car, but few models in this segment prioritise sharp handling. However, if you step up to the range topping M760Li xDrive you get a surprising degree of agility, thanks to BMW’s M Performance division breathing on the four wheel drive chassis. Luxury, refinement and technology are areas where these cars are designed to deliver and in that respect the BMW 7 Series excels.There’s a range of capable, quick and economical engines, ranging from the frugal 730d to the bonkers M760Li xDrive, which lays claim to being the fastest accelerating BMW ever sprinting from 0 62mph in just 3.7 seconds. That’s not only faster than a BMW M5, but significantly quicker than the Mercedes AMG S 65. There’s even a hybrid 740e model, too. Best luxury carsThe amount of tech on board all models is first rate, while the smooth and relaxing manner in which the 7 covers ground is matched only by the S Class. Best of all, the 7 Series will influence the next generation of saloons from BMW, so this level of engineering is already being seen in the new5 Series and is likely to filter down to the3 Series, too.Our ChoiceBMW 730d M SportThe Mercedes S Class has been the paragon of German luxury cars for as long as most people can remember, but when BMW presented the latest 7 Series for sale in 2015 the balance of power seemed to have shifted at last.After years of playing second fiddle to the plush Merc, the current BMW flagship has all that it needs to match its arch rival in the showroom and on the road. It also sees off other nominal rivals such as the Jaguar XJ and Audi A8, neither of which can muster the style, refinement or technology of the biggest BMW.Not that the latest 7 Series offers much in the way of external clues to its new found prowess, as this sixth generation has styling that’s typically evolutionary. The design has sharpened up a little, but it’s still an understated executive express. If you want to make more of a statement, you might consider the M Sport version with its bigger alloy wheels and restyled bumpers.Image 2 of 16Inside the cabin, the 7 Series has taken a more obvious leap forward, with not a single piece of black plastic left exposed due to the lavish application of wood, leather and Alcantara. There’s also an array of technology included as part of the standard 7 Series spec, so you get sat nav, a night vision screen, a self parking system, climate control that can be set independently for all four passengers, and even a gesture control system to make it all work.There are two wheelbase versions available, as although the standard car offers plenty of rear legroom by ordinary standards, chauffeur driven captains of industry need more room to sprawl. When it comes to trim levels though, the range seems strangely limited until you remember the standard car is so highly equipped anyway, and the company wants to direct you towards its BMW Individual service.This offers a vast range of off the peg options, and at its most expensive level allows you to customise the interior and exterior finishes. Otherwise, trim grades are limited to the standard car, the sportier M Sport and various Design Pure Excellence packages that add detail enhancements inside and out.There’s a range of petrol and diesel engines available too of course, though some are only available with four wheel drive. The entry level model is the 730d, which uses a261bhp 3.0 lite six cylinder diesel capable of 0 62mph in 6.1 seconds. An eight speed automatic gearbox is the only transmission option, too.Those after a bit more pace can spec the 740d engine, though you’ll have to tick the box for xDrive all wheel drive, as BMW UK doesn’t offer this engine as a rear drive model. Two petrols; the 740i and 750i, sit beneath the range topping M760Li, which uses a powerful V12 twin turbo motor. A quad turbo 750d diesel has also been announced, though it’s unclear whether this will arrive in UK dealers. A 740e plug in hybrid capable of 141mpg is also available.Engines, performance and drive4With such a huge array of interior tech and acres of space, it seems a bit of waste to spend your time behind the wheel of the 7 Series where you can’t experience any of it. So, the best way to make the most of BMW’s flagship is to get someone to drive it for you something frequently done by the businessmen and women who buy this type of car.However, if you do find yourself having to get behind the wheel it’s one of the better luxury saloons for keener drivers. The 7 Series feels more agile than the S Class or A8 due to its lightweight carbon fibre construction. The steering could do with some added weight as it is quite light, but it’s accurate enough.The 3.0 litre diesel and eight speed automatic gearbox work seamlessly together, allowing for smooth and relaxing progress. The 7 Series is also deceptively quick as it’s so quiet, so you pick up speed very quickly without realising you’re doing so.Image 4 of 16The more powerful models are undoubtedly faster, but in all honesty few will ever require more than that offered by the 730d. BMW’s 740d is xDrive (all wheel drive) only, which may prove useful during our notoriously wet winters.As air suspension comes as standard, the ride on the 7 Series is exceptional. There’s even a special ‘adaptive’ mode for the suspension, which uses the car’s navigation to set the car up for the road and terrain that’s coming up ahead.The range topping M760Li xDrive model uses clever tech to limit body roll and add a touch of rear wheel steering to increase agility. It doesn’t transform the big car into a sports model, but will surprise you with a degree of sportiness rivals miss out on.EnginesThe entry level 7 Series is the hugely capable 730d. BMW claims it will get from 0 62mph in 6.1 seconds and hit 155mph, while the heavier long wheelbase model takes 0.1 seconds longer for the same benchmark sprint.Those after a bit more grunt could look towards the 740d, which uses the same engine turned up a notch. It’s only available with xDrive all wheel drive, but it does shave almost a second off the car’s 0 62mph time (5.2 seconds) feeling even faster in gear.If you prefer petrol, there’s a punchy 740Li or powerful 750i, though the choice will come down to whether you want the long or short wheelbase car. The 740Li is long wheelbase only, while the 750i is considered sportier and only comes on the shortened platform. The 740Li goes from 0 62mph in 5.6 seconds, and the 750i shaves that to 4.7 seconds. The M760Li holds the title of fastest ever BMW (yes, faster than all other M cars) with a 0 62mph time of 3.7 seconds.A plug in hybrid 740e has also been added to the range, and although that’s likely to appeal to those after low running costs than outright performance, it manages the 0 62mph sprint in just 5.4 seconds. It’ll return as much as 141mpg, and put out rock bottom CO2 emissions.
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BOSTON Ezequiel Carrera hit a ninth inning sacrifice fly to give Toronto the lead after the Red Sox tied it in the eighth on a balk, and the Blue Jays beat Boston 4 3 on Saturday night to move into a tie with Baltimore for the top spot in the AL wild card race.

The Blue Jays and Orioles each have 88 wins with one game to play, and Toronto owns the tie breaker. Detroit and Seattle are also still in the hunt. Happ seemed poised to pick up his 21st win of the season. But with Toronto leading 3 2 in the eighth, Mookie Betts doubled, took third on a double play ball and then scored to tie it when closer Roberto Osuna (4 3) stopped his motion after starting to get into the stretch.

Osuna got Jackie Bradley Jr. to end the inning.

With struggling Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel (2 6) pitching in the ninth, Michael Saunders drew a leadoff walk, and then pinch runner Dalton Pompey took second on a sacrifice bunt, third on a wild pitch and scored on Carrera fly to left.

Kimbrel has losses in two of his last three appearances, issuing six walks while completing two innings. Since Sept. 22, his ERA has risen from 2.52 to 3.40.

The 21 year old Osuna retired the Red Sox in order in the ninth.

Kevin Pillar drove in Toronto first three runs on a pair of RBI singles.

Betts had two hits and scored twice for Boston.

Ortiz walked and singled in three plate appearances before he was replaced in the fifth inning by a pinch runner. The Red Sox designated hitter tipped his batting helmet to the crowd that stood and chanted for the second consecutive night.

Ortiz, 40, has announced this season will be his last. The Red Sox already extended his career by winning the AL East, but they are using his final regular season series to celebrate him.

Before Saturday game, Ortiz was joined on the field by other Boston sports stars, including Bruins legend Bobby Orr, NFL Hall of Famer Andre Tippett and the entire current Celtics roster. Several of the players asked Ortiz to sign their jerseys and pose for selfies with them.
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MAUSTON, Wis. The Mauston School Board accepted the resignation Monday night of a teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

The special board meeting Monday night met to officially consider the resignation of social studies teacher 25 year old Stewart Thompson.

“An active law enforcement investigation is occurring and the school district is fully cooperating with that investigation,” the statement said. “The school district will provide more information as it is made available by law enforcement and permitted by the public records law.”

A statement released Monday said the district was informed Wednesday about the law enforcement investigation. On the same day, Thompson submitted his resignation.

Officials with the Juneau County Sheriff Office said they received an anonymous complaint of a possible inappropriate relationship between a student and teacher at Mauston High School.

The allegations were that the relationship was occurring off school grounds, according to a release.

Thompson was arrested Thursday on a tentative charge of sexual assault of a child by a school staff person.

Thompson name had been removed from the district online staff directory Friday night. He was with the district for two years, according to the superintendent.
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GOLDEN VALLEY, MN (Cory Hepola, KARE) The name is unforgettable in Minnesota.”All of a sudden you start hearing kind of a ‘pop pop pop’ noise, three consecutive, and then an additional ‘pop pop pop,'” said 45 year old Todd Blyleven, who was born in Minnesota but now lives in Texas.The stage went black. Screams.Todd and his wife, Cathie, hit the ground.Seconds later, they got up and sprinted toward an exit.They could see people who had been shot, but they were safe.And, then.”I stopped and told my brother in law he needs to take care of my wife. And I told my wife, ‘I’ll be fine,’ and I said ‘I gotta go back in,'” said Blyleven.Todd ran back in, toward the gunshots.”We were running in just trying to take whoever got shot out,” said Blyleven. “We were putting injured in a wheelbarrow because there were no paramedics, there weren’t any gurneys.”For 15 minutes, the gunshots kept going.And, so did Todd.Back and forth, at least 10 times, helping about 30 to 40 people get out safely. Except, not everyone.”There was a young female on the ground bleeding from the upper torso and we lifted her up and carried her out, but she was just lifeless and I don’t think she made it,” said Blyleven.Blyleven says he just moved to Texas from California less than two months ago. Monday, he was traveling home to see his two kids. We asked him, why risk it all?”If there’s something I could’ve done and walked away, I couldn’t live with myself,” said Blyleven.2017 KARE TVMore than 20 people sentenced to prison for meth, money laundering conspiracyMore than 20 people sentenced to prison for meth, money laundering conspiracyUpdated: Friday, December 15 2017 3:21 PM EST2017 12 15 20:21:22 GMTOver the last year, more than 20 people have been sentenced to federal prison for their roles in a methamphetamine and money laundering conspiracy centered in Marshalltown, Iowa.Over the last year, more than 20 people have been sentenced to federal prison for their roles in a methamphetamine and money laundering conspiracy centered in Marshalltown, Iowa.5 Dubuque schools given worst possible ranking from Iowa School Report Card5 Dubuque schools given worst possible ranking from Iowa School Report CardUpdated: Friday, December 15 2017 12:05 PM EST2017 12 15 17:05:20 GMTAccording to their website, the report card shows how each public school is performing, based on certain educational measures.According to their website, the report card shows how each public school is performing, based on certain educational measures.
cheap panthers jersey Blyleven's son helps dozens to safety during Las Vegas shooting