top 10 nfl throwback jerseys Activist Gene Stilp seeks permit to burn Nazi

flyers jersey cheap Activist Gene Stilp seeks permit to burn Nazi

WILKES BARRE Activist Gene Stilp on Tuesday said he will file for a permit to burn a combination Nazi Confederate flag in response to the Bloomsburg Fair decision to allow the sale of Confederate flags at this year fair.

racism, bigotry and hate alive in Columbia County and the surrounding counties? Stilp asked in a news release. is the exact nature of the Confederate flag that does not make it a symbol of racism, hate and bigotry? It stands for all of the above, including the KKK. Is this what the residents of this county stand for?

Stilp said he is contacting the Columbia County Commissioners office and the Bloomsburg Police Department for a permit. Calls have been placed today, but Stilp said he could not get through to the proper person, so he will visit both government offices early Wednesday to file the permit applications.

If denied, Stilp said the burning of a combination Nazi Confederate flag will take place as planned in front of the Columbia County Courthouse in a safe and secure method as to not endanger anyone in the public.

Nazi flag and the Confederate flag both stand for racial hatred, bigotry, death to American citizens and oppression, Stilp said. think that activists have to burn this combination Nazi Confederate flag in front of more courthouses in Pennsylvania to root out racism across the state. Folks have to ask the question: what does the Confederate flag stand for and are they and their friends supporters of that anti American message? said the flag he intends to burn is two sided one side is the Nazi flag and the other is the Confederate battle flag.

At last year Bloomsburg Fair, a vendor who ignited a social media firestorm by selling flags depicting a swastika was asked to leave the fairgrounds, and officials said his vendor fee was refunded.

The vendor drew attention when a Scranton woman posted a photo on Facebook of a Nazi flag hanging from his booth. The post drew intense attention from local and national media.
top 10 nfl throwback jerseys Activist Gene Stilp seeks permit to burn Nazi

new jersey wholesale Adopted children testify against woman they say abused them for years

retired nhl jerseys Adopted children testify against woman they say abused them for years

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) The victims in an abuse case years in the making spoke out in Anchorage court on Tuesday. The victims, previously adopted children of the woman who stands accused, say that their adoptive mother, Anya James, abused them for years in emotionally charged testimony ahead of James’ sentencing.

Anya James, in court ahead of her sentencing for endangering the welfare of her adopted children. Photo by KTUU photojournalist Shawn Wilson.

Previously, James has already pleaded guilty to several counts of child endangerment. However, some of her children expressed Tuesday that they believe she is playing the court system in order to receive a less severe sentence.

Victims to James described abuse in many forms, such as being starved for days on end or being left in freezing basements or outside during the winter. Often times, victims said, they were forced to use a bucket as a toilet in front of one another as punishment.

“There was one night where I had ran away. I believe it was winter time, if I’m not mistaken. And I was cold. I was forced to sit outside on the back porch with no socks, very thin rubber boots. I had a jacket on. And I was crying I was cold. I was so cold I couldn’t feel my own fingers, and I ran,” said adopted son Solomon “Tommy” James.

Tommy said he went into James’ house when he was 8 years old, and by the time he was found by police at age 18, he reportedly weighed just 90 pounds. “I was the lab rat,” Tommy said. “All of the so called punishments that happened, happened to me first.”

Tommy described punishment for not “writing pages.” He said he was starved and forced to sleep on a concrete floor, almost naked, curled up in a ball, sometimes on top of a 1 foot radiator, just to stay warm. Tommy says his back and ankles are permanently malformed from all the time “spent curling up just to be able to get heat.”

While James has been on ankle monitoring for years ahead of the trial, Alice Tijerina, another victim adopted as a child, says that the ankle monitoring didn’t prevent James from coming into contact with her previously adopted children.

“It didn’t stop her from bumping into me twice at Natural Pantry. [.] Her being on ankle monitor didn’t stop her from coming to Tommy’s place of work while he was on the clock. I believe she still thinks she has power over us, and you don’t, and you never will again,” Tijerina said.

“No one ever believed us, because no one believes the foster kids. What she did was wrong, and she should have never taken us in. The system failed us, the State of Alaska failed us, and then the courts failed us. How the State of Alaska allowed a single woman to adopt seven children is beyond me,” said Tijerina.

Ahava James, another adopted child, described permanent mental damage and emotional distress caused by the total lack of social interaction while she was raised. “Those years I will never get back. My childhood was taken from me,” Ahava said.

James was originally charged with 16 separate counts. These counts included assault and kidnapping. The sentencing hearing is scheduled to continue on Thursday, Nov. 2 for the two counts of endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree. Each is a class C felony and includes a maximum sentence of up to five years.
new jersey wholesale Adopted children testify against woman they say abused them for years

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cheap nfl nike jerseys china Addictive Designs heading to Hollywood

With any luck, Heidi Smith will be rubbing shoulders with some A list celebrities this weekend as she heads down to Hollywood for the 88th Academy Awards.

The North Shore raised designer is the creative force behind Addictive Designs and she’ll be handing out tank tops and T shirts from her apparel line at an Oscar gifting suite the day before the big event. Common during the lead up to glitzy red carpet affairs, gifting suites give companies the chance to distribute their products to celebrities, snap photos of the stars sporting their swag, and then use the endorsements to build brand recognition.

With a background in graphic design and fashion, Smith launched Addictive Designs in August, inspired by her own history with drug and alcohol addiction. Today, she is proudly five years sober and her collection celebrates recovery. The simple black, white and grey shirts and tanks feature words like “courage,” “faith” and “freedom” paired with brief, original messages of Smith’s creation. The words are meant to inspire all those who are in recovery, or who know someone in recovery, whether it’s from substance abuse, an eating disorder, the loss of a loved one, mental health issues, or something else.

“What I’m trying to do is identify that we are not alone.

We’re just all in this together,” Smith says. “My main message is that to recover is to regain what has been lost or stolen temporarily.”

Wearing words of encouragement loud and proud is a departure from the notion that being in recovery is something to hide. Smith thinks recovering addicts should be open about their stories.

“This new movement that I strongly believe in with recovery is that we have to stand up and be seen and have no shame,” she says. “I had shame for so many years of my life.”

Smith isn’t shy to talk about her 25 years of active addiction.

“I started very young. I don’t know why. I came from a solid family background,” she says.

But she had pain in her life, and drugs and alcohol numbed that pain. Several years ago, though, she hit rock bottom.

“Eventually, when I came to the end of the line, I was 90 pounds soaking wet, I wasn’t really able to take care of my son so the Ministry of Children (and Family Development) got involved in my life,” she says.

Add to that a couple of near death experiences that pushed her to make a change.

“Eventually a little bit of something in me said ‘enough was enough’ and I decided to start listening to other people. I was very resilient, I was very opinionated and thought I could do it my way, and eventually I realized I could no longer do it my way.”

Smith opened up about her situation with a couple of trusted people and soon realized she wasn’t alone in her struggle.

“Addiction makes you think you’re very alone; that’s part of the disease.”

Smith has been in recovery on and off for the past 10 years, and has been successful the last five. Her son, now nine years old, is back in her care.

“Recovery isn’t anything that I can do alone, I have a whole support group of women,” she says.

Working on Addictive Designs has helped keep her going through tough times and reminded her that support is close at hand.

“I get a lot of messages from people who buy these shirts across North America who feel the need to open up and tell me a little bit about their story and why one specific message relates to them,” she says.

Printed locally, the shirts and tanks are made of a tri blend fabric and designed to have a looser fit with the body conscious woman in mind.

“I’ve dressed them up and I’ve dressed them down. They’re good for the gym, they’re good for leather pants and heels,” Smith says.

She also has a smaller line of men’s shirts.

When Smith gets to Hollywood, she has no idea who will come by her gifting booth, but says she would love to see her apparel worn by celebrities who are openly in recovery, such as Demi Lovato, Steven Tyler, and others, like herself, who have beat the odds.
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cheap mlb jerseys for sale Accused of Smuggling Tobacco Into Jail

patriots jerseys cheap Accused of Smuggling Tobacco Into Jail

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) A former jailer at the Washington County Detention Center is accused of trying to smuggle cigarettes and dip into the jail for an inmate, according to a probable cause report.

Donnie Worley, 41, of Huntsville was arrested Tuesday (Nov. 7) in connection with furnishing prohibited articles, a Class C felony.

After hearing a rumor Worley was bringing contraband into the jail, a deputy interviewed Worley Tuesday in a secured area of the facility and found he had a pack of cigarettes and a two cans of unopened Longhorn dipping snuff.

Worley first denied that he brought the items for an inmate, saying they were his and he forgot to take them out of his pocket, according to the report.

Deputies searched Worley vehicle and found a note with directions to an address and a phone number that matched.

After confronting Worley again, Worley said he brought the items in for an inmate he felt sorry for.

Worley said he went to the address on the note and collected $20, bought the tobacco and planned to give the change back. Worley said he wasn getting paid to bring in contraband.

In a post to Facebook, the sheriff office said it had more than 300 employees all are hard working, professional employees who come to work every day and the right thing.’ you can’t control the choices individuals make, and it takes just one to shed a bad light on everyone else. was being held Wednesday (Nov. 8) at the Washington County Detention Center with no bond set. He has a hearing set for Friday (Nov. 10) in Washington County Circuit Court.
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replica jerseys nfl Adidas to supply NHL jerseys starting in 2017

replica nfl jerseys china Adidas to supply NHL jerseys starting in 2017

The NHL announced a seven year deal with Adidas to be its on ice uniform supplier and also to serve as outfitter for next year’s World Cup of Hockey. Commissioner Gary Bettman repeatedly shot down speculation about the announcement opening the door for advertisements on jerseys and said he didn’t think they’d go through a major redesign.

“Reinventing isn’t something we’re about to embark upon,” Bettman said on a conference call. “If there are better fabrics that are more comfortable and help performance, that’s one thing. But we happen to like our jerseys a lot, and we think our fans do as well.

“We’re not looking to revamp our jerseys.”

Adidas owns Reebok, which was part of the last major NHL jersey redesign a decade ago. Adidas is famous for its three stripe design which some fans have feared will be incorporated into all designs.

NHL chief operating officer John Collins said no final decisions had been made on those kinds of issues.

“We have the flexibility of working closely with Adidas to figure out what represents the brand best and what represents the new design of the uniforms,” Collins said.

Adidas produces college football uniforms for the University of Miami and Arizona State. Adidas Group North America president Mark King said improvements there have included adding lighter “TechFit” technology to make jerseys lighter, something that could be the future in hockey.

“It’s a dramatic shift from where the uniform is today, but that would be probably the first thing we would look at,” King said. “That would be the logical place to go,
replica jerseys nfl Adidas to supply NHL jerseys starting in 2017
but it completely changes the look of the hockey player.”

Advertisements would certainly change the look, and it’s something that could be coming for the World Cup. Bettman said the league has not had any discussions about advertisements on NHL team jerseys.

However, there have been some discussions between the NHL and NHL Players’ Association about ads on World Cup jerseys.

“What the World Cup does, as well as other international events when we get to the point of getting those accomplished, is to give us among other things, an opportunity for some experimentation an opportunity, if we want to, to try different things,” NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr said.
replica jerseys nfl Adidas to supply NHL jerseys starting in 2017

cheap bike jersey Actor Al Pacino makes rare ‘One Night Only’ appearance at Caesars Saturday

mike trout jersey cheap Actor Al Pacino makes rare ‘One Night Only’ appearance at Caesars Saturday

Al Pacino received an invitation he couldn’t refuse. Saturday, March 28, at Caesars Atlantic City’s Circus Maximus Theater.

The event will consist of an on stage interview conducted by comedian Joy Behar, accompanied by clips from his nearly 50 years on stage and screen. Audience members also will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Best known for his role as Michael Corleone in “The Godfather” trilogy, Pacino has created a gallery of indelible characters, from the cop exposing police corruption in “Serpico” to drug kingpin Tony Montana in “Scarface” to the blind lawyer in “Scent of a Woman” the role that finally nabbed him an Oscar after seven losses.

Pacino has also enjoyed memorable parts in “Donnie Brasco,” “The Insider” and “Any Given Sunday,” but in recent years has done some of his best work on TV, winning Emmy awards for his roles as attorney Roy Cohn in “Angels in America” and Dr. Jack Kevorkian in “You Don’t Know Jack.”

Channeling James Lipton, host of “Inside the Actors Studio,” which featured alumnus Pacino in 2006, here are five questions for the rarely interviewed actor:

How did studying at The Actors Studio prepare Pacino? In the mid ’60s, a young Pacino became a member of the famed The Actors Studio, studying “The Method” with Lee Strasberg. Strasberg would later appear with Pacino in “The Godfather, Part II” and in “. And Justice for All.” Pacino is currently a co president of The Actors Studio with Ellen Burstyn and Harvey Keitel.

Did Pacino sense “The Godfather” would forever alter the course of his career? Pacino had won some acclaim for his turn as a heroin addict in the 1971 film “The Panic in Needle Park,” but was not well known when Francis Ford Coppola picked him to play Michael Corleone in “The Godfather.” Pacino has said he was afraid he might be fired during filming, but the pivotal role earned him his first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

How did Pacino feel about the controversies over “Cruising” and “Scarface?” After a nearly decade long run in the ’70s as a critical favorite, Pacino ran into a rough period in the early ’80s. He started the decade playing a police officer who goes undercover to solve a series of murders in the gay community in “Cruising,” which was criticized for being sensationalistic. “Scarface,” a remake of the classic gangster film with Pacino as a Cuban American drug lord, was a box office hit but raised concerns about its extreme violence.
cheap bike jersey Actor Al Pacino makes rare 'One Night Only' appearance at Caesars Saturday

customized authentic nfl jerseys Adoptive mother receives the maximum sentence after years of abuse

wholesale nfl jerseys usa Adoptive mother receives the maximum sentence after years of abuse

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) An adoptive mother who pleaded guilty to two class C felonies for endangering the welfare of a child has received the maximum sentence Thursday morning.

“This is some of the most deeply disturbing Machiavellian behavior I have ever seen, I can’t remember a case like this,” said Judge Michael Wolverton.

Anya James received a five year sentence for each of her two convictions with one year suspended. James will also spend five years on probation. A restitution figure has yet to be decided by the state.

customized authentic nfl jerseys Adoptive mother receives the maximum sentence after years of abuse
James has spent 2,266 days on ankle monitoring, a punishment that reduces her time to spend in prison.

The state explained the time spent on electronic monitoring would equal “a day for a day” spent incarcerated,
customized authentic nfl jerseys Adoptive mother receives the maximum sentence after years of abuse
meaning James would spend a much reduced time in prison for the abuse of multiple children.

Judge Wolverton began his sentencing comments by speaking directly to the victims: “I want to apologize to you. What was permitted to occur here is an absolute outrage. There’s no other way to put it.”

cheap redskins jersey Adding 25 New Manufacturing Positions

nfl jersey replicas Adding 25 New Manufacturing Positions

Commerce Secretary John E. announced today that Coty, Inc., a global leader in beauty products, will expand its manufacturing facility in Lee County and is planning to hire an additional 25 employees. Coty also plans to invest approximately $19 million at the site over during the next three years.

“Manufacturingisa key component of the Carolina Comeback,” said Governor McCrory.”Coty is the latest major global company to announce plans to expand its manufacturing operations here in North Carolina.”

Since Governor McCrory took office in January of 2013, North Carolina has witnessed the net creation of more than 250,000 private sector jobs.

Coty is a leading global beauty company with a portfolio of well known fragrances, color cosmetics and skin body care products sold in over 130 countries and territories. Coty’s product offerings include such global brands as adidas, Calvin Klein, Chlo, Davidoff, Marc Jacobs, OPI, philosophy, Playboy, Rimmel and Sally Hansen. The company reported net revenues of $4.4 billion for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015. Coty has announced an agreement, subject to customary regulatory approval, to merge with P fine fragrance, color cosmetics and hair color businesses (the “P Specialty Beauty Business”), the successful completion of which is expected to create one of the world’s largest pure play beauty companies and double the size of Coty by revenues.

Coty’s existing Lee County workforce totals more than 750 employees, as well as several hundred contractors. Coty expanded workforce will include production line workers. The average annual payroll of the new jobs will be approximately $1.1 million.

“Manufacturing employs nearly 463,000 North Carolinians and accounts for 20 percent of our GDP,” said Secretary Skvarla. “Highly productive workers, a pro business climate, a competitive cost structure and great quality of life are among the many reasons our state leads the Southeast in manufacturing employment.”

Enric Prat Codina, Sanford Plant General Manager, Coty, said, “Coty is pleased to be able to expand our Sanford, North Carolina plant and bring new jobs to the state. We have had a strong presence in North Carolina for 45 years and would like to thank the State of North Carolina and Lee County for its ongoing support.”

Coty’s expansion in North Carolina was made possible in part by a performance based grant of up to $62,000 from the One North Carolina Fund. The One NC Fund provides financial assistance in support of local governments in creating jobs and attracting economic investment. Companies receive no money upfront and must meet job creation and capital investment targets to qualify for grant funds. All One NC grants require a local government match.

In addition to North Carolina Commerce and EDPNC, other partners in the project include the North Carolina General Assembly, the North Carolina Community College System, NCWorks, Lee County, the City of Sanford and the Sanford Area Growth Alliance.
cheap redskins jersey Adding 25 New Manufacturing Positions

flyers jerseys cheap accused shooter blames others at arraignment

usa jerseys cheap accused shooter blames others at arraignment

“Cause he’s in denial, he has mental issues and I hope they help him to be all honest,” Nyak told reporters. “I don’t have a gun to murder anybody and he’s obviously in denial and that’s that.”

According to court documents, McDonald’s sister found him “shot in the head” on Sunday on the 600 block of East 9th Avenue.

Documents said Devan was obviously deceased in the bedroom of the apartment. “Next to Devan McDonald was a cell phone covered in blood. An expended cartridge casing was on the floor in the room near the door,” according to a police affidavit.

Documents said McDonald’s girlfriend told police they had decided to have an impromptu birthday party at the apartment and had known Kuach for several years.

After waking up, she said Kuach had a gun and had been behaving strangely, demanded a ride home and had threatened to “take Devan out,” documents said.

“I walked up to the living room, my sister was sleeping he had a plastic over his gun and he was shaking my sister, he was like, ‘You guys need to take me home, you need to take me home,’ and he was also using profanity and so I was like ‘OK, I’m gonna go get the key so we can take you home,” Nyak said.

After leaving to grab a key, Nyak said she heard a gunshot.

“As we were putting on our shoes and we were gonna walk out of the house,
flyers jerseys cheap accused shooter blames others at arraignment
he stayed in the house, we seen him walking behind us and he’s pretty much went in the room and shot my boyfriend, he shot my boyfriend in the head,” Nyak said.

Nyak said she doesn’t know why Kuach was angry and shot McDonald, but what she does know is that her 14 month old son will grow up without McDonald in his life.

“I’m a single parent. My baby has to grow up with no dad that’s pretty messed up ’cause somebody’s selfish and wants to take somebody’s life for no reason,” Nyak said.

Kuach, as KTUU previously reported, was named as a suspect in a manslaughter case last year and eventually pleaded guilty to a third degree misconduct with a weapon, a class C felony.

Megan Edge, a spokesperson for the Department of Corrections said Kuach was sentenced to 12 months with 12 months suspended.

“The longest he was in custody was 8/23/16 to 9/10/16. Most of that time was spent at ACC, less than a week at GCCC. He was released to a third party on 9/10/16. He came back to jail on 4/12/17 and was sentenced on 4/14/17. He was released immediately,” Edge wrote.

Kuach was out on supervised probation, according to Edge.

While he couldn’t comment specifically on the case, Assistant District Attorney Arne Soldwedal said there are a number of factors that could factor into cases being pleaded down or resolved short of a trial, including evidentiary issues.

Kuach also requested a Rule 5 hearing at his arraignment.

“There are certain speedy trial rules that we have for a defendant who is charged with a felony and is in custody and requests a Rule 5 hearing,” Soldwedal said. “We have 10 days to indict him before the case would have to be dismissed so we would either file misdemeanor charges. If we’re unable to indict him and then continue into a point where we could indict him or we would indict him within that time so the case will be moving forward.”
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rent a car in new jersey cheap Adidas unveil alternate uniforms

nfl cheap jerseys com Adidas unveil alternate uniforms

A 30 second, unlisted YouTube video commercial uploaded Thursday night by user “adidasfootball” the Huskers’ uniform and apparel partner made the rounds Friday morning. Coach Bo Pelini and the Nebraska players he brought to Big Ten media days had all seen the video and confirmed it as authentic. An Adidas spokesman then confirmed that Nebraska would wear the uniforms Sept. 29 in a home game against Wisconsin, which will unveil its own alternate uniforms for the game next week; Adidas has dubbed the game its first “Unrivaled Game.” The game’s theme: “The Quick and The Red.”

NU’s look: a black helmet and facemask with a red “N” and single red helmet stripe. A “techfit” red jersey with a giant black ‘N’ on the front, a small black number on the upper left chest, two black stripes on the shoulder pads and a large number on the back. Red pants with two black stripes. Red and black socks. Black shoes.

It’s similar in design to a “throwback” uniform Michigan wore for last year’s win against Notre Dame, but much bolder in its color palette: a sea of red topped with a black helmet.

“They’re really cool,” Husker running back Rex Burkhead said. “I wish we could wear them more than one game.”

And linebacker Will Compton said, “When I saw the video, I was pretty jacked up about it. You got that big ‘N’ on the jersey, all red. I think it’s awesome the black letters, the black numbers, the blackout helmet. Awesome.

“I think our fans are going to love it, I think recruits are going to love it and I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with it.”

Pelini said the uniforms will be a “good recruiting tool.”

“It’s just like everything else,” he said. “There’s gonna be people who love it and people who hate it, especially here. You know, ‘Don’t mess with the uniforms.’ That’s why I wanted no part in the decision. I didn’t want to touch it it’ll be an interesting reaction.”

Compton said he had anticipated an all black uniform and still seemed Friday to be pining a bit for that look. Pelini noted that black is not one of Nebraska’s traditional colors, but it’s an “in vogue thing.”

In a press release, Adidas said that the black accent “honors the program’s Blackshirts legacy.” The “techfit” uniforms, according to Adidas, are 30 percent lighter than standard uniforms.

The Huskers weren’t the only Big Ten team this week talking uniforms. Michigan unveiled its alternate Adidas look for the Cowboys Classic vs. Alabama, while Under Armour redesigned Northwestern’s uniform with fat stripes in the middle of the jersey.

A reporter could find the Wildcats’ new threads draped on a table inside McCormick Place. One initially had to head to Twitter to find a link to the 30 second video of Nebraska’s uniform. And even then, most reporters hadn’t seen the commercial before Pelini confirmed it during his two hour roundtable interview.
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