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When picking a shirt, you have to know what the difference is. There are some materials that don absorb heat and are suitable for the summer season. The point of a quality shirt is comfort. If the material does not provide you that then it not worth it. You can always ask about the different materials available before buying the shirts.

There are also some shirts that are long sleeved and some with short sleeves. Players usually have the short sleeved shirts. However, the weather conditions may call for something different. If it is too cold, it may be impractical to wear short sleeved shirts. There are long sleeved soccer shirts available. You can consider these during a certain time of year. There is no need to freeze to death even for the most loyal fan.

Some stores will sell jerseys as separate pieces and some may come as a full kit. It will depend on what kind of gear you are looking for. If you want the full football gear, then there are kits that you can buy. These kits are for different teams. The same basic principle will apply when you are buying a full kit. Remember to ensure the quality,
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size and material. You will have to consider every single item contained in a full kit; from the jersey to the cleats. You also have to consider that buying a full kit may be cheaper than buying single items.

Customization of football jerseys is what the fun is all about. When you can get a shirt with your favorite player name or number on the back then it worth it. This is what most fans look for. Sometimes you may even opt for your own name. Personalization of football jerseys is part of the fan experience. This is something most stores will offer you. There are some stores that will even have sleeve patches for different shirts; for instance, Champion League Winners or World Cup Champions. It will depend on what you want on your shirt. This is one way to add value to your shirt.

The quality of the football shirt will determine its lifespan. There are some people that want to wear their shirts through the season. This means that the shirts will have to go through several washes. A good quality shirt sho0uld be able to withstand that. It should be able to last then duration of its lifespan. Always consider how long the shirt will be in use. If it for the local football game then you may need a better grade of shirt. Take your time when shopping for football shirts. There are more than enough options for you to pick from. If you can wear your shirt and feel comfortable in it, then you have found the right one.
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Do you discuss problems in your relationship with friends or family instead of with your partner?

Do you often find yourself feeling or acting judgmental towards your partner?

Do you allow negative feelings about your partner or relationship to fester, and discover that they are ignited or further fueled by conversations with friends and family?


Perhaps one of the most classic stories about secrecy and jealousy is that once penned by Shakespeare the tragic tale of Othello. The play delves into the consequences of a closed communication within a relationship: hiding true feelings from one’s partner and instead discussing problems, concerns, and suspicions with other people who may not have your best interests or your relationship’s best interests at heart. Shakespeare’s play, as timeless today as it was when it was written in the early 1600 reveals a frightening scenario of what can ensue from marinating negative emotions something that’s sadly all too common in our culture.

Othello, the protagonist of the play, is a black Moor and a General in the Venetian army who falls in love with the beautiful Caucasian Desdemona, an esteemed Senator’s daughter. Though they marry for love and are both genuinely in love with one another Othello can’t bring himself to truly believe in his good fortune. It seems he can’t believe and thus trust that Desdemona unconditionally loves him despite their cultural and social differences. Instead of sharing these emotions and thoughts with her, he instead marinates in his own insecurities. Worse, he confides in Iago a man whom Othello considers a trustworthy friend, but who in fact has his own evil agenda to undermine the marriage due to his own jealousy at Othello’s success and the couple’s apparent happiness.

Iago proves to be greatly manipulative; as Othello opens up to him and shares his private insecurities, Iago fuels these insecurities and fears, ultimately convincing Othello that the lovely Desdemona has been an unfaithful wife. Othello, plagued by his fears, succumbs to jealousy; this jealousy, in turn, ignites such a rage in him that he actually murders his wife. Upon realizing too late Iago’s manipulative nature and lies, Othello then commits suicide.

While this may seem like an extreme example of how insecurity, jealousy, and clinging to grievances all fuel resentment in the most lethal way, it is an apt representation of how marinating in negative emotions leads only to a darker perception of and reaction to reality. Life is, after all, 5% what happens to us and 95% how we react to it. Othello’s tragedy exemplifies the importance of examining personal insecurities, fears, and projections, and trying first to resolve them within a relationship before turning to those who feed off of and contribute to the negativity.

“O! beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green eyed monster which doth mock, the meat it feeds on.” William Shakespeare, OthelloWe are all human; we are each a living embodiment of light and shadow, of yin and yang. By looking objectively at ourselves and opening up to our partner about our journey, we move towards better and away from bitter. The NOW strategy reveals how Othello trapped himself in a downward spiral of toxic thoughts and feelings, allowing the negative influence of others to further chain him down

Notice that Othello never asked the questions that he needed to directly ask his wife. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain if he’d approached Desdemona to talk to her about his fears and concerns from the very beginning. With open communication and mutual trust, they could have worked to forge an unbreakable bond that would ensure their lifelong commitment, love, and joy together. Even if (despite being driven by his doubts, fueled by Iago), Othello had thought to confront his wife at the last moment in a calm and reasonable manner, he would have given her a chance to open his eyes to the truth.

Opportunities were plentiful for Othello to see that he was clearly projecting his own insecurities on Desdemona; he did not see her as a unique woman and his worthy partner in whom he could confide instead,
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she was the mirror for his deep seated fears. Had he allowed himself to step back and examine more clearly his own feelings and the cause of those feelings, Othello would have given himself the opportunity to question his thoughts and reactions before reaching the point of no return.

Within The biggest journey and battle Othello would have ever taken in his life a famed Venetian General (and actually one of the first black heroes in English literature) would be the journey of self discovery. Such an exploration always begins within oneself. He could have discovered and deciphered the venomous stories he told himself and would then be able to choose to be better instead of bitter.

“Jealousy tormenting yourself, for fear you should be tormented by another.” Paul Chatfield


Relationships can truly make or break us but their power to influence us is at whatever degree we give them; it depends on us. Through relationships, we have the power to grow and improve alongside our partner. The best relationships, indeed, are those that make you say “he/she makes me want to be a better person” and ideally the feeling is mutual. It’s a journey you embark on together. It’s something you must work on daily, providing compassion for both yourself and your partner, exposing yourself and becoming vulnerable to true intimacy. It’s the only way to fully live.

Unlike Othello, it is best if you realize it sooner rather than later.

In my years as a psychotherapist, I’ve seen countless people turn away from their partner and seek, instead, the solace of friends and family, when their first choice should have been their partner. Too often, the problem escalates just because well meaning people fuel the flames of fears and insecurities; these friends or family members may even have the best intentions, but they give bad advice just because they can’t imagine that that their loved one might be telling them only half of the story: their perception of the story, biased by grudges or insecurities.

I remember one couple that was undergoing therapy to overcome their toxic feelings towards each other, and I called out the husband because he clearly believed that he played no part in their destructive dance. My approach was to use humor to soften the blow; I turned and asked him: “You think you’re a cupcake, don’t you?” He laughed at the metaphor but I noted that it did hit home; from that day, he began tackling the very difficult task of examining the part that he played in their mutual grudge story, and then at last accepting accountability for his own actions. Years later after the therapy’s successful completion, I happened to run into him again; he told me that when his female neighbor had once visited and tried to complain about all her husband’s shortcomings, my former client told her to come back when she knew she was not a cupcake.

It’s remarkably easy to begin a destructive dance within a relationship. Mindfulness can prevent this by providing the self awareness and focus needed to ground oneself and therefore the ability to assess a situation and calmly respond. It provides these tools to change the dance steps. It enables responses, not reactions. Sometimes all it takes is sitting out the dance, learning to watch, and becoming curious about how it proceeds.

You can change your steps once you mind the music.

“It is also good to love: because love is difficult. For one human being to love another human being: that is perhaps the most difficult task that has been entrusted to us loving does not at first mean merging, surrendering, and uniting with another person (for what would a union be of two people who are unclarified, unfinished, and still incoherent?); it is a high inducement for the individual to ripen, to become something in himself for the sake of another person.” Rainer Maria RilkeIn healthy and happy relationships, the rights of the individual are inexpiably tied to the family; members are able to be close yet separate. That is a dance which we work to perfect all our lives. The maxim, “Love one another as thyself” is a natural, guiding principle in successful relationships.

Do you love yourself? Othello’s insecurities, self doubt, and self loathing inevitably ate him alive. Learning to change your inner narrative is a challenging process, but the rewards are invaluable as you learn to live and act from a source of love instead of anger and fear. Through mindfulness practice, you learn to shine your inner light onto the world, casting it gently and without judgment.

When your partner hurts or angers you,
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use mindfulness to bring compassion to your partner by stepping back and watching how the dance between both of you unfolded. Seek to understand why your partner uses destructive steps and how you follow. Recall times that you might have done or said something similar and begin to see your partner and yourself as flawed human beings. As you soften your thoughts you will notice a shifting away from thinking of the other person as villain and you as victim.

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A year ago, I stood in the KX93.5 broadcast booth with the honchos of the station, ruminating over the impact “the little station that could” had on the community. The three men came to Laguna to launch a nonprofit station with the dream of disrupting corporate by the numbers radio with independent music.

So far, so good. Each honcho had a time slot and played their own music. But they really didn’t know the town.

That’s OK. The station was only six months old and had already amassed a comprehensive roster of volunteer, local jocks. The community was beginning to notice, and the station was planning its first fundraiser, a Casino Night at the Surf and Sand.

Now it’s a year later, and KX93.5 once again faces the Sisyphean task that curses public radio fundraising. This time it’s Craft Brews and Views, to be held Saturday night at a swanky local mansion with a view that will have everyone swooning over the Laguna coastline while they listen to live music and enjoy craft brews paired with gourmet plates.

Only this time it’s a different station.

“I think we’ve come to understand our role in the community,” station principal Tyler Russell told me. “We are an open promotional source for locals in the community to get exposure they couldn’t otherwise.”

Indeed, when the original three came to town they had no idea of the fiercely protective character of this community, where so many pride themselves on telling you how long they’ve lived here or how many generations of Lagunans they hail from, as if that should carry extra clout.

“Our first goal was to simply launch a radio station that was more artist driven, and while I knew Laguna lacked a radio signal, it was never our sole focus,” Russell said.

It was their good fortune that a dormant signal from a Laguna Niguel church was available. And a radio town was born. Not just because a tower was installed here but also because of the flowering of dormant local talent in the broadcast booth, hosts and performers.

Take Ida Mae on Saturday mornings, for instance (great on your way to and from the farmers market). She puts the roots in rootsy ness. Like someone you might meet in a Biloxi bar. She spins Americana music, specifically bluegrass and alt country. Think Austin meets Nashville, with a stop in New Orleans.
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NOTA: Antes de que comience a leer este texto, sepa de antemano que s que esta propuesta nunca va a pasar, porque le falta atractivo meditico, ms dinero de por medio, infraestructura aeroportuaria y tambin inmuebles deportivos en la mayora de los pases pequeos, por ello se trata de una utopa y nada ms.

En un mundo ideal, una Seleccin Nacional como la de Montserrat debera tener derecho a medirse, aunque por una vez en su historia, a un equipo como Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay o Mxico, poder visitar alguno de los histricos Maracan, Monumental, Centenario o Azteca. Al final, por ms pequeo que sea, es un pas independiente y es miembro de la FIFA.

En la realidad, para poder tener un partido ante un equipo fuerte de , Monserrat debe pasar por un largo recorrido de al menos 8 partidos, a riesgo que quedar fuera despus de los primeros 2, y esperar otros 4 aos a volver a tener una oportunidad. Para jugar contra una potencia sudamericana, debe jugar los 24 partidos de la eliminatoria de la zona y clasificarse al Mundial, algo que resulta casi imposible por infraestructura, dinero y hasta talento. Y luego debe soar con que le toque un grupo duro, a sabiendas de que perder todos los partidos, pero podr medirse a los ms grandes.

Montserrat est lejos de las grandes firmas deportivas, los grandes estadios llenos, el csped que parece alfombra, las concentraciones en hoteles 5 estrellas. bueno, est lejos de cualquier concentracin y hasta de la ropa de entrenamiento o los “lujos” como intercambiar camisetas.

Pero podra haber una forma de hacer todo ms justo, aunque en el papel sea menos parejo.

La cuenta con 35 miembros vlidos para la FIFA y 5 ms que slo pertenecen a la Confederacin regional. Para clasificarse a la Copa del Mundo, los 35 pases juegan una eliminatoria que dura casi 3 aos y en la que se entregan 3 boletos y medio, pues el cuarto lugar juega el Repechaje ante el clasificado de Oceana.

Por su parte, tiene nicamente 10 miembros, que para el prximo Mundial dar 4.5 lugares, a pesar de que el local, Brasil, ya est clasificado. Es decir, de las 10 Selecciones sudamericanas, podran estar hasta el 60 por ciento en la Copa.

La es la Confederacin ms pequea en cuanto a miembros del orbe, ms incluso que la OFC, que tiene 11, y sin embargo, en Oceana slo se entrega un boleto, y a repechaje.

Para entregar sus 13 contraseas, la UEFA crea 9 grupos entre sus 53 miembros, 8 de 6 equipos y uno de 5. Los ganadores en cada sector se clasifican al Mundial, y los mejores 8 segundos lugares se enfrentan entre s en un repechaje, el ganador de cada llave obtiene los otros 4 boletos.

La clasificacin cuenta con 4 rondas. En la primera se eliminan entre s los clasificados del 25 al 35 en la Confederacin. Luego, los 5 que pasan se enfrentan en la Segunda Ronda a los clasificados del 7 al 25, que son organizados en 6 sectores y slo el ganador en cada uno avanza.

Los que salen de esta ronda van a una tercera, en la que, ya con los pases mejor clasificados, se arman 3 grupos de los que avanzan 2 de cada uno,
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para, finalmente, hacer un Hexagonal Final de todos contra todos, y de ah salen 3 clasificados y uno a repechaje con la OFC.

Si un equipo juega la Primera Ronda y llega a jugar el Repechaje con Oceana, disputar hasta 26 encuentros. Un pas que qued fuera en la Primera Ronda, cuyo ltimo partido de vuelta fue el 17 de julio de 2011, habr disputado 2 encuentros eliminatorios en 4 aos. As cmo van a crecer?Ni siquiera hay que hacer sorteo, es todos contra todos. Cuando estn los 10 equipos, son 18 encuentros ms 2 de un posible repechaje, o sea, 20. Por su parte, un pas europeo, por ms partidos que juegue, disputa 12, casi la mitad.

Entonces, qu pasara si se fusionara con en una sola Confederacin que entregara los mismos boletos que dan entre ambas para Brasil 2014. Habra 9 lugares disponibles para 45 pases, es decir, clasificara al 20 por ciento de los equipos, y si tomamos en cuenta que Europa tiene ms ttulos que Amrica, resulta justo y ms parejo, no?

La gran eliminatoria

Si la y la se fusionaran podra hacerse una eliminatoria similar a la europea, en la que se disputaran menos partidos, que se permitiera que los ms pequeos tuvieran roce internacional real, viajaran (FIFA paga), y tener actividad por ms tiempo, y adems, que verdaderamente los mejores se clasificaran, pues se entregaran 9 boletos y si no pasa alguno de los “buenos” es porque de plano no lo merecen. y de paso permitira una eliminatoria seria para una GRAN COPA AMRICA, verdaderamente de Amrica y no de Sudamrica, como es ahora.

Para la Eliminatoria al Mundial, podran hacerse 7 grupos, 4 de 6 equipos y 3 de 7. Se podran enfrentar a visita recproca y clasificaran directo los primeros de grupo, mientras los segundos y el mejor tercero iran a repechaje, en el que se arman dos grupos de 4 y el ganador de cada sector ira al Mundial.

Para determinar los grupos, se puede utilizar la clasificacin FIFA. Los primeros 7 son cabezas de grupo, y luego se hacen 6 bombos, uno del 8 al 14, otro del 15 al 21, otro del 22 al 28, otro del 29 al 35, otro del 36 al 42 y uno ms del 43 a 45.

As podran quedar los grupos, por ejemplo, si se hicieran por ranking:

No se puede

Despus vienen los contras.

No es lo mismo viajar de Espaa a Rusia que de Canad a Uruguay; no es lo mismo volar a San Marino, que tiene a Rumania e Italia al lado, que a Montserrat, que tiene mar y otras islas como vecinas; no es lo mismo el Estadio GSP, de Nicosia, Chipre, en el que caben 22 mil aficionados, que el Blakes Estate Stadium, de Montserrat,
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al que le caben mil aficionados.

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Two days after he completed his training in May 1942, Flowers was asked to stay on at Tuskegee to be a flight instructor. He would provide primary level flight training to cadets joining the program.

Flowers became known as a Tuskegee Airman.

He was among scores of African Americans who broke the flight barrier to become America first black military airmen, according to the Tuskegee Airmen Inc. Web site.

who possessed the physical and mental qualifications were accepted as aviation cadets to be trained initially as single engine pilots and later to be either twin engine pilots, navigators or bombardiers, the Web site states.

Flowers, 88, who lives in Glenarden, has racked up several firsts since his aviation days, and in honor of his achievements, Prince George County named one of its schools the Charles H. Flowers High School in Springdale in his honor in 2000.

Flowers was the first student government president at North Carolina Central University; he was among the first round of cadets that graduated from Tuskegee; and he became the first African American, military trained flight instructor for the Tuskegee Airmen.

still feel like I going to wake up and find out it was all a big dream, Flowers said of having a school named after him.

Boyd Poole, a member of Ebenezer United Methodist Church in Lanham, which Flowers attends, said he played a role in the school naming process. Poole said that around 1997, he learned that Flowers was a Tuskegee Airman only after he saw a display about him at the church.

man doesn talk about himself. What a gentleman he is, Poole said.

Poole, a special assistant to state Sen. Nathaniel Exum (D Dist. 24) of Capitol Heights, said he showed some of the exhibits to Exum, who was a state delegate at the time. Exum then got the General Assembly to recognize Flowers as the state black history representative during Black History Month that year, Poole said.

he had that honor . the senator was saying, else can we think of doing for this man because he such an historical icon, Poole said. The men group at the church, which includes members of Exum campaign committee, decided they wanted to have the school that was being built in Springdale named for Flowers, Poole said.

The group researched the process of naming a school, and, along with Exum, recommended Flowers name to the school board in 1997. The school board granted their request in 2000, Poole said.

Poole wife, Dorothy, is writing Flowers biography, which she hopes to finish in a year.

a very fine man. He very humble and he has all this history and importance to him, she said. interviewing him and getting his history and putting all of it down so that young people can read about him.

wasn much to do. We had no modern conveniences no electricity, no running water, he said. we always looked forward to going to school and church. now known as North Carolina A State University on a two year scholarship, where he studied to become a medical doctor. But the scholarship funds ran out, forcing Flowers to leave school and to look for a job to pay the fees.

Flowers said while working for a clothing manufacturer in Baltimore, he learned that the Army Air Corps had begun to allow young, black men to train to become pilots, so he applied. He said he had always been interested in learning how to fly, but he never had the money to take the lessons.

was something that looked exciting. It satisfied my draft requirement . and provided me with the means to go back to college, Flowers said.

He came out at the top of the class, and worked for three years as a flight instructor. Flowers then returned to college in 1945, attending the North Carolina College for Negroes, known today as North Carolina Central University. He said he changed his major to business administration because by then, he had started a family, and medical school would have been too demanding on his time. He married Wilhelmina Flowers in 1943, and their first child, Carolyn, was born in 1944.

got married in 1943 and August 4 will make 64 years, he said. had a family and I didn want to sacrifice that to go to [medical] school. North Carolina Central, Flowers said he and his classmates wanted to make a mark. They talked about what they could do in their senior year to leave a legacy at the school. Flowers suggested establishing a student government association.

the student government was established at my suggestion, he said. Flowers was elected the first president after defeating his opponent, Harold Epps.

Epps ran a strong campaign, but he ran as an Alpha [a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.] and I ran as an Omega [a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.], and the Omegas were stronger on the campus, he recalled.

Flowers came to Maryland in 1965 to work at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt. He started as an electronic technician and worked his way up the ranks, retiring as a manager of employee relations in 1990.

After he retired, Flowers started to mentor at risk elementary and middle school pupils through his church, Ebenezer United Methodist in Lanham. Pupils come from James McHenry and Thomas Johnson middle school, both in Lanham.

He has also worked with the Youths in Aviation program sponsored by the Tuskegee Airmen. The program exposes high school students to a range of aviation fields and meets in the spring and summer at the College Park Airport.
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Prisoners use the phones to help control the flow of drugs both in and out of prisons, to organize protests, to set up Facebook pages, and in some cases, to conduct interviews with the media. Mostly, though, they use the phones to stay in touch with family members on the outside.

“Toward to end of my time in, cell phones began to appear in large numbers,” says the local ex con, who served more than two decades for nonviolent crimes. “The vast majority were used by inmates desperate to stay in touch with, and hold on to, their wives and children.”

The calls were so expensive, this inmate could afford only one or two short calls to his family a week.

“If my wife, child, or a close friend were ill, I would blow the month’s phone budget,” he says.

According to the Times story, many of the phones are simply tossed over prison walls, and the phone bills are paid for by families. Prisons across the country are struggling to figure out a way to block phone services within prisons without violating FCC regulations.

If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters.


From the Times:

In Oklahoma, a convicted killer was caught in November posting photographs on his Facebook page of drugs, knives and alcohol that had been smuggled into his cell. In 2009, gang members in a Maryland prison were caught using their smartphones to approve targets for robberies and even to order seafood and cigars.

Even closely watched prisoners are sneaking phones in. Last month, California prison guards said they had found a flip phone under Charles Manson’s mattress.

The logical solution would be to keep all cellphones out of prison. But that is a war that is being lost, corrections officials say. Prisoners agree.

“Almost everybody has a phone,” said Mike, 33, an inmate at Smith State Prison in Georgia who, like other prisoners interviewed for this article, asked that his full name not be used for fear of retaliation. “Almost every phone is a smartphone. Almost everybody with a smartphone has a Facebook.”

In this case, says the local ex con, the real crime is the inflated cost of calls, which force concerned prisoners to opt for illicit forms of communication:

“The real cost of a call is pennies, but prisons make a huge profit from inmate phones. Most inmates can’t afford to stay in touch with family. That is the root cause of the cell phone problem in prisons.”
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Arliss Beach has been chased by some of the best college football players in the nation and even some linebackers in the National Football League.

But speaking at the annual Boy Scouts Leadership fundraising luncheon on Thursday was more of a nerve wrecking experience for him.

you hear my heart pounding? he asked across a table before going up to speak at the ACTC Roberts Drive campus. is my first speech. I nervous. He spoke to a crowded room about the importance of being a role model in the community.

As one of Ashland all time football greats, Beach is already that in northeastern Kentucky. His status grew when he finished a four year career at the University of Kentucky and then it reached even greater heights when he made the Green Bay Packers roster last summer.

Beach didn get to play in the NFL last year because of a high ankle sprain suffered in the Packers last preseason game.

Instead of cutting Beach, which happens to many rookies who are injured, the Packers protected him by placing him on injured reserve. While the move to the IR effectively ended his first pro season, it kept him as property of the Packers, who hope the confidence they showed in him last year pays off this season.

Beach is already a role model in the Tri state community, said Phil Eason, the Ashland schools superintendent and chairman of the Tri State Boy Scouts Council.

is truly an outstanding person, Eason said. never heard anyone have anything of a negative nature to say about Arliss Beach. One of my hopes is when his playing days are over, that he be back in this area not as superintendent, but anything else.

take pride in being a good role model, he said. like giving back to the community. We are the groundwork of the children today. With all the drugs and alcohol and other things happening around us today, it important for them to have good role models.

need to set our children straight and those activities help us do that, he said. sports kept me out of trouble and kept my head straight. I had a lot of support from people, including a lot of you in this room. He said besides a supportive community, his role models were his parents, Andre and Kerri Beach.

have an older sister and a younger brother, so I the middle child, he said.

A turf toe injury has sidelined him for now. He went to Green Bay weekend mini camp recently and will return for another Packer camp on Monday. However, the turf toe will probably limit his repetitions in practice.

so frustrating, he said. feels fine but it an injury you can rush back from. It may be another two or three weeks before he can practice.

The Packers begin their fall camp on July 26 and Beach hopes to be there fighting for a roster spot. know how it is, there are no guarantees, he said.

However, Beach extensive knowledge of the playbook is definitely a plus. helps a lot, he said. coaches had me showing some of the younger guys how to do things at the mini camp.

Beach said being around players such as quarterback Brett Favre has been an amazing experience.

Bay is a great organization, he said. couldn ask for anything better. To be on the same practice field with Brett Favre, somebody I watched growing up, is a dream come true. He like a big kid. One of my coaches, Edgar Bennett who was on their Super Bowl teams, is somebody else I learned a lot from.

The Boy Scout fundraising goal was $50,000, Eason said.

Two Beach autographed jerseys one from Ashland and one from Green Bay were auctioned and brought in $1,000 to the Boy Scouts, Eason said.

ArticlesProsecutor: Malfeasance investigation opened at Boyd County Detention CenterCounty jailer faces malfeasance investigationBoyd County Roundball Classic Short Notice: Former Fairland Dragon fires up Boyd in defeat of ElliottAshland cemetery operating at a lossReport: Kentucky legislator commits suicideDISHING THE WEEKLY DIME: Short, Villers already pillarsIs Kentucky about to raise the gas tax?Schools face uphill financial picture in face of state, local cutsGreenup County takes action on dangerous rail crossingHigh school hoops roundup: Boyd survives Lewis in OT
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What Is the At Will Doctrine?

To discover the advantages and disadvantages of the employment at will doctrine, first you must gain a basic understanding of how it is meant to work and if your state follows its own set of laws for employment at will. This is a must read for helping employers understand employment at will and the pros and cons. Learning How the At Will Clause Protects You as an Employer is also a great read.

The basic premise of either the employee or the employer ending the working relationship (or the at will clause) consists of an employee quitting his job whenever he pleases (no two week’s notice) or an employer ending the job relationship on the spot for no reason. But sticking to this doctrine entirely may not be in your best interest as an employer. So what are some of the employment at will pros and cons?Employer Advantages of the At Will Doctrine

Many employers like the option of ending an employee working relationship without cause or reason. Why? Because the employer doesn’t necessarily have to offer up a reason for the termination, it often makes it easier to get rid of difficult employees and avoid employee lawsuits.

It’s also easy to notify employees of the at will environment by including the clause in your handbook. If you have specialized employees that sign employment contracts, as an employer, you have some rights on the reasons the employee can quit via the verbiage of the employment contract.

Employer Disadvantages of the At Will Doctrine

Unfortunately for the employer, when looking at employment at will pros and cons, there are really more cons than pros.

Just as the employer can terminate the working relationship without cause, so can the employee meaning they can basically quit anytime they wish. In a workforce full of worries about job stability, employees may jump from job to job in hopes of finding the right career path or company that offers exactly what they want this can mean large employee turnover.

If you utilize employee contracts and you find you want to terminate an employee,
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you may not be able to do so, based on the written requirements within the contract.

Employees that do up and quit without any notice can leave the employer seeking a quick solution to filling the employee’s role within the company.

Certain laws overrule the at will doctrine such as the public exception meaning no employer can ask any employee to do something illegal; protection for the employee from firing for race, age, sex, nationality or religion; and protection for the employee under the Family Medical Leave Act. Your best bet is to avoid employment contracts and have a well written at will clause contained within your employee handbook that includes statements on the exceptions to the doctrine. For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of the at will clause, read the Bright Hub article, Defining Employment At Will: Avoiding Wrongful Termination Lawsuits. You can also find a free employee handbook template in our Media Gallery that contains a great at will employment clause.
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For basic and relatively easy waffle maker recipes, with a “neutral” flavor good for accommodating a scale of toppings, I change this “healthful vegan waffle maker recipes” slightly by replacing a tablespoon of the water with canola oil to give it a slightly “richer” flavor (this optional substitution is noted below). When use a recipe with minimal oil, just remember to fill your iron with some non stick spray we usually use some type of canola oil spray regardless you can even put regular canola oil in a small spray bottle and use that, rather than purchasing disposable cans.

This isn’t quite as exciting on its own as some of the other vegan waffle maker recipes we’ll be reviewing here, such as the pumpkin waffles, but is probably the closest approximation to a non vegan waffle with a “neutral” flavor. It works well as a “base” for a variety of toppings.

Other variations we’ve tried on the above that have worked greatly include utilizing 2 Tablespoon blackstrap molasses as the sweetener, and replacing the entire 1 3/4 C flour with buckwheat flour.

To produce a best waffle you must have great waffle maker recipes and importantly you must own a best waffle maker as well. Great waffle maker make your waffle cook nice and quickly. It burn your waffle smoothly and prevent it from dry from inside. An effective waffle maker also easy to clean and has a temp knob to match with your waffle recipes. In my waffle kiosk I use black
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If there were sticks and objects that could be hurtled along, then there was No one knows for certain who started golf. But everybody knows who plays it now everyone does.

The origin of the name is believed to be the Dutch word of which means In the medieval ages, golf was also known as “spel metten colve, which literally meant with clubs.

Nearly every area around the world has some claim to the origination of golf. Scotland, of course, has its claim. But so do China, Rome, England, France, Holland, Belgium,
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even Laos. Every country has a game consisting of sticks and balls, and every country is correct in its assumption that it invented the game. But there is no one country where actually began.

Still, Scotland is widely considered to be birthplace of golf. And it began haphazardly, a way of hitting a pebble or other roundish object into a hole by means of a stick or club.

Edinburgh, Scotland, claimed the first golfing society. The Gentlemen Golfers later known as the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers and today in residence at Muirfield claim their club was already under way in 1744.

The first inter Scotland club matches were played in 1857. The world would wait until 1860 for the first British Open to be played.

It is not known for certain when golf came to America only that when it got a toehold in the 20th century, America became the world leader in great players. By 1900, the explosion of the game in America was complete. Proof was that, at the turn of the century, there were more golf clubs in the United States than there were in Britain.

Women have played a very large part in the history of golf, even before the last half of the 20th century when they finally achieved equality with men. Records of ladies playing golf exist all the way back to the time of Mary Queen of Scots.
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