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cheap jerseys shop ‘Horrible fisherman’ retires from Steveston harbour

Like many long time Richmondites, his teenage years in the sleepy farming and fishing community were defined by the high school he graduated from. But things got complicated when the Richmond Colt started playing hockey in his senior year with Seafair Minor Hockey, which was closely associated with the Steveston Packers.

“We were looking at each other sideways. But that was my integration into Steveston, if you may. But what a great community. After that, I hated Richmond (High). I became a Packer, if you put it that way.”

“Over the years, Steveston started to change, but you’ve always had an active commercial fishing harbour right in the middle of it. Industry was here first; the industry made Steveston; and the industry will keep Steveston what it is,” said Baziuk.

He said he always prided himself on making the harbour tick efficiently, although he never had the urge to fish himself.

“I’m a horrible fisherman. I don’t even sport fish. Don’t own a boat; never fished. Never want to own a boat;
nhl minnesota wild jersey 'Horrible fisherman' retires from Steveston harbour
too much maintenance,” he quipped.

It is those fishermen, past and present, who helped define the village’s culture.

“There’s certain noises, certain grit, certain smells,” said Baziuk of the village.

Baziuk will now retire to the Sunshine Coast with his high school sweetheart and wife Sherri.

He was unanimously praised by the SHA board.

“Bob has been a pillar of the SHA and the community and we thank him for his devoted service,” said SHA board chair Robert Kiesman, who announced longtime SHA employee Jaime Da Costa will replace Baziuk.

“She is extremely bright and full of vigour. I told her make it your own,” said Baziuk.

As for his parting words to the community?

“Don’t feed the sea lions! No, sorry! No,
nhl minnesota wild jersey 'Horrible fisherman' retires from Steveston harbour
just a lot of thanks for everything and to the friends I’ve made for life and to the fishing community for putting their trust in letting this kid run the harbour.”

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He tweeted soon afterwards: “So very pleased to be able to assist a lady that had gone into labour on my train today between Waterloo and Farnham. Many congratulations on the impending birth of your daughter.”

After a SWR customer responded by calling him a hero, Martin responded with typical modesty and humour: “I did nothing more than call for an ambulance and make sure there was some one able to wait with the lady until help arrived. To the passengers, sorry for the little delay caused on your way to Farnham!”

SWR staff were so taken with the news of the first “train baby”, they arranged to meet Noemi and Sophia at Farnham station to spoil them with some presents including a baby grow that reads: “My journey started on South Western Railway”.

Noemi said: “I was only going in to London to run some errands. I went in to labour at 10.40 and by 11.10 baby Sophia was born at the hospital! My friends and family were all very shocked when I told them the story.”

Alan Penlington, Director of Customer Experience for South Western Railway, said: “Everyone was delighted by the news and smitten when they saw the photo of baby Sophia. It’s not every day we hear about a ‘South Western Railway baby’ so we wanted to spoil Noemi and baby Sophia with some treats to celebrate her arrival.

“Well done to all of our colleagues who helped to make Noemi’s experience as comfortable as possible by reassuring her and acting speedily to get the ambulance there on time. We all wish baby Sophia the very best for the future and look forward to welcoming her on to one of our services very shortly!”
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nhl discount jerseys ‘Help us’ plea to public by Bradford health chiefs to avert NHS winter crisis

Bosses at the three clinical commissioning groups in Bradford district have vowed to use “all available resources” as part of “robust plans” to get through the challenging winter months.

But they have warned that to successfully pull off the plan, the public must use health services appropriately.

The action plan which has been drawn up includes GPs working at Bradford Royal Infirmary’s A department to see non emergency patients; increasing the number of paramedics with additional specialist skills to help patients at home; putting more urgent care resources into supporting out of hours referrals to GPs from NHS 111, and extending the availability of GP appointments on evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

A spokesman for Bradford City, Bradford Districts and Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCGs, said: “We have robust and detailed plans in place to cover the winter period that have been developed in partnership with providers across the health and social care system.

“We will use all available resources to ensure high quality patient care is provided throughout the winter months but our plans will only be successful if people use services wisely.

“Plans are in place across Bradford Districts and Craven that span the whole healthcare system, to ensure that patients receive high quality care in the right place at the right time, first time.

“A system wide approach is incredibly important when looking to successfully manage demand at accident and emergency (A and our plans cover all care, from community to urgent and emergency, to ensure those who don’t need to go to A receive appropriate care in another setting.

“Winter is always a challenging time for health and social care but we have detailed plans and robust systems in place to manage demand.

“A is for serious accidents and emergencies only and we will be working hard with the local community to ensure people are aware of, and choose, the most appropriate service for their healthcare needs.”

Councillor Vanda Greenwood, chairman of Bradford Council’s health scrutiny committee, said: “Hospitals are doing all they can under the circumstances and they put plans in place to maintain good standards of care during winter when demand for services is high.

“But there’s no doubt that these are challenging circumstances as the Government’s austerity programme continues to affect public services without any clear end in sight and with the concern that the Government is preoccupied by Brexit.

“In particular we need Government to deliver a national plan to address the social care funding crisis and to look at health and social care in a joined up way to benefit patients now and in the future.”

“In many ways the winter crisis is actually now an all year round crisis with hospitals and emergency departments struggling to meet demand and with bed occupancy at unsustainable and unsafe levels,” he said.

“Although additional money is always welcome, in terms of the next few months there is a limit to how much additional resources can make a difference. In many cases trusts are simply not able to recruit the staff they need.

“Last year we were fortunate with the weather and the absence of a major virus this year we may not be so lucky.”

Mr Dickson said that every part of the NHS was “gearing up” to deal with the challenge, adding: “We need to recognise just how dependent each part of the system is on other services struggling or non existent social care, shortages of community nurses and hard pressed GPs and mental health services will all have an impact on each other and on the emergency department.”

“Plans are being put in place across the NHS to prepare for winter. However, following the experience of previous years, NHS staff would question whether they will be adequate given the very high rate of demand on services all year round.

“We know that many people remain in a hospital bed when they are medically fit for discharge, but chronic underfunding in social and community services mean people stay in hospital longer than necessary, and staff are at breaking point throughout the system.

“The Government must ensure that the NHS has the right number of nurses and medics, beds and other resources in hospitals and the community to avoid last year’s crisis being repeated”.
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cheap sports jerseys online ‘Heartbroken’ parents react to Ipswich High School losing all

The 139 year old independent school in Woolverstone, now named Ipswich High School, announced on Monday evening that boys will be admitted to the junior school and sixth form from September 2018.

Under the new ownership, which could open the school to boarders, single sex classes will also be held in ‘key’ subjects from Year 5 11.

While parents praised the school’s “outstanding” leadership and teaching, with some welcoming the move to accept boys, others criticised the timing of the announcement and a perceived lack of consultation.

The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) is expected to transfer ownership in November to Ipswich Education Ltd, led by London Oxford Group.

Julia Barrett, of Ipswich, a parent of a Year 9 pupil, said: “We are utterly heartbroken. The ethos of the school and GDST was paramount to our choice.

“My teenage daughter loves that she is free to climb trees, go off with her friends and make secret dens in the woods, roll down the slopes in the grounds without worrying if her legs flash because there might be boys watching; to play sports freely and energetically without worrying if some boy thinks her thighs look chunky in her skirt; and having decent, heated, in depth conversations about the wider matters of the world without either girls getting silly or boys taking over.

“She has absolutely thrived since moving to a girls only school and we are devastated at the thought of this being cut short.”

Richard Jackson, 40, of Ipswich, a father of a junior student, said: “It may be unsustainable to run a single sex school (but) the manner in which it was released to parents was appalling. There was no consultation or transparency.”

His wife, April, added: “I am completely devastated. Single sex education is a great benefit to both self esteem and grades for girls. It will be a massive loss.”

Former pupil Rose Walker said: “I’m completely dismayed. The school’s history and worth is tied to its status as the stand out single sex school in the region and this makes a total mockery of that.”

But former student Victoria Cox, 46, of Grundisburgh, said: “I think it’s good that the school is becoming co ed because it’s important for boys and girls to be able to work together, share ideas and form friendships as they would in the outside world. It’s a healthier environment for girls to grow up in these days.”

Fees per term range from 2,852 to 4,658 for 2017/18. They are not expected to change this academic year.

A school letter sent to parents highlighted “increasingly challenging market dynamics in the area”. It said the decision was made after a “long and rigorous process and in the long term best interests of the school and students”.

Oona Carlin, head of Ipswich High School, said: “I do of course understand that the news of the plans for Ipswich High School will have come as a surprise to parents, and that this will naturally generate a lot of questions within families.

“As head of the School, I would like to reiterate that it is my absolute priority to ensure continuity of the educational and pastoral support for the pupils here at the school.

“I am very proud to have an exceptionally dedicated teaching body and a wonderful caring ethos at IHS; nothing about these values or our level of academic achievement will be changing.

“I would like to reassure all parents and pupils as well as the wider community interested in our intentions that all change will be happening sensitively and slowly; it will be fully sympathetic to the fact that our core objective is the provision of a superb education in an exceptional learning environment.

“My door remains open to those with queries.”

London Oxford Group was founded by Swiss corporation bankers and backed by China Wanda Group, whose assets total around 6billion. It has invested in the London School of Business and Commerce and bought Bedstone College in Shropshire earlier this year.
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anger over the incident which Washington blames on North Korea.

Obama and his advisers are weighing how to respond in kind to the attack, which prompted the Hollywood studio owned by the Japanese firm to withdraw a comedy, “The Interview,” prepared for release to movie theaters during the holiday season.

“No, I don’t think it was an act of war. I think it was an act of cyber vandalism that was very costly, very expensive. We take it very seriously. We will respond proportionately,” Obama told CNN’s “State of the Union with Candy Crowley” show, which was taped on Friday and due to be aired on Sunday.

North Korea has denied responsibility for the attack on Sony. The film depicts the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong un. list of countries that sponsor terrorism. It was removed from the list six years ago.

Obama told a White House news conference on Friday that he believed Sony made a mistake by withdrawing the movie in response to the hack of its computer networks.

Sony CEO Michael Lynton has said in response that Sony had no choice but to cancel the film’s release because major theater chains refused to show it.

In the CNN interview, Obama said he was sympathetic to Sony’s business considerations but stuck to his argument that the entertainment company had made a mistake.

“Had they talked to me directly about this decision, I might have called the movie theater chains and distributors and asked them what that story was,” he said.

Obama said an important free speech principle was at stake.

“If we set a precedent in which a dictator in another country can disrupt, through cyber, you know, a company’s distribution chain or its products and, as a consequence, we start censoring ourselves, that’s a problem,” he said.

“We’ve got to work with the private sector and the private sector has to work together to harden their sites. But in the meantime, when there’s a breach, we have to go after the wrongdoer. We can’t start changing how we operate,” he said. (Reporting by Steve Holland; Editing by Peter Graff)
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Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott (21) runs with the ball against Byron Jones (31) during minicamp at The Star at Cowboys World Headquarters.(Photo: Matthew Emmons USA TODAY Sports)Ezekiel Elliott could be for a short suspension stemming from domestic violence accusations made in July of 2016 by his ex girlfriend, according to ESPN Adam Schefter.

think that there a growing sense that he could face some sort of short suspension here in the coming weeks once the NFL wraps up its investigation, Schefter said on SportsCenter Friday morning.

believe Elliott is bracing for a short suspension, he added, clarifying that the NFL investigation is not over.

The league has never provided a timeline for the investigation into Elliott ex girlfriend claims that he hit her on five different occasions between July 17 22 of last year.

More: Ezekiel Elliott turns over phone records in NFL probe

Elliott was cleared of any criminal charges in the case in September,
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when the Columbus, Ohio city attorney office cited conflicting witness reports of the alleged assaults.

“After reviewing the totality of the evidence, the City Attorney’s Office, Prosecutor Division is declining to approve criminal charges in this matter for any of the (five) alleged incidents,” the City Attorney’s Office wrote in a release at the time. “This is primarily due to conflicting and inconsistent information across all incidents resulting in concern regarding the sufficiency of evidence to support the filing of criminal charges.”

In the weeks following the allegations,
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Elliott said he had text messages proving he was being set up. A complaint filed in Ohio also shows texts from Elliott’s ex asking a friend to tell police she was pulled out of a car.

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MEMBERS of a group allegedly on a revenge mission to track down a man they believed burned down a gym were “going out for a social dinner” and did not kidnap a businessman, a court heard.

Daniel Harkins, owner of Samson’s Gym, in Chamberlayne Road, Eastleigh, told Southampton Crown Court that he had decided to take five men out for dinner “to boost team morale” after they had carried out building and repair work on the premises following an arson attack in January.

The gang is alleged to have kidnapped Richard Baker from his premises in Seddul Bahr Industrial Estate, in West End, on the night of January 19 as he knew a man Harkins wanted to speak to called ‘G’ in connection with the fire.

When asked by prosecutor Charles Gabb whether he had enlisted the help of the group to kidnap Mr Baker and try and hurt G, he said: “I run a boxing gym with champions do you not think I could have got a group a bit better than this?

“They’re all like 50. There are champion boxers at my gym body builders and fighters. There are hundreds of people that use the gym. I could find better.”

Mr Gabb added: “Somebody, some persons in this case must be telling the most outrageous lies.

“Mr Baker has not manufactured a complete story about this. It is outrageous. Why would Mr Baker make up a story like this, abandon his home and his business and leave the area all for the sake of a story?”

Harkins told the court that he did not intend to hurt G but wanted to “sit down and talk to him calmly” to discuss the rumours he was responsible for the blaze.

The court heard that Harkins’ story differed to his original defence statement, which said he had discussed his plans to find G with “several people who were helping repair the gym and that some decided to go with him in case there was any hostility”.

Harkins, 36, of Sherborne Road, Eastleigh; Jamie Kingstone, 40, of Paynes Road, Shirley; Leroy King,
detroit lions jerseys cheap 'Gang' went out for dinner not to kidnap
34, of Dutton Lane, Eastleigh; Rodney Traves, 47, of Croydon Close, Southampton; Peter Chamberlain, 49, of Chaucer Road, Southampton and Alan Boddy, 47, of Goldingham Drive, Essex; are charged with conspiracy to kidnap, kidnap and assault. Luke Yeates, 33, of Woodlands Way, Bursledon, is charged with helping an organised crime group and perverting the course of justice.
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nfl jerseys online cheap ‘Filthy’ conditions at Bradford fish shop were ‘beyond belief’

The filthy conditions at a Bradford city centre takeaway have been described as “beyond belief” after inspectors found cockroaches creeping out of walls and a catalogue of other hygiene offences.

Bradford Keighley Magistrates were shocked by photographs of the dirty kitchen found at B Fisheries, in Morley Street, when environmental health officers carried out a routine check in August last year.

Despite facing potential fines of up to 60,000 each, Tanweer Hussain, 31, of Nurser Lane, Little Horton, and Sajad Ahmed, 42, of Beechwood Grove, Wibsey, were instead given conditional discharges because of their “modest” incomes and ordered to split the 3,842 court costs of the case.

The two men had each been charged with breaching 12 food hygiene regulations after the routine Council check of the takeaway’s kitchen unearthed dirty and greasy counters, rusty bars on windows,
ronaldo jersey cheap 'Filthy' conditions at Bradford fish shop were 'beyond belief'
a dirty pizza oven and raw burgers next to food that was ready to eat.

Staff were not wearing appropriate protective clothing, one was seen wiping his dirty hands on an apron while handling raw chicken, a drain was blocked with potato peelings, cockroaches were seen coming out of the walls and ventilation was so inadequate that the visiting environmental health officer reported feeling “searing heat” in her throat when she took a deep breath.

Chairman of the bench Allan Wilson told the defendants: “The fact that food produced in those conditions was being offered to the public we find literally beyond belief.”

Prosecuting on behalf of Bradford Council, Harjit Ryatt said: “An aggravating feature was the defendants were aware of the cockroach infestation several months before the inspection in August. A pest controller had been engaged but had not been back for a re visit. Both defendants showed poor knowledge of food hygiene matters.”

Hussain had pleaded guilty to all the charges but Ahmed had pleaded not guilty because he claimed he had not been the co owner at the time of the inspection and that he had only been helping out at the business he had sold on to his friend Hussain.

It was only when matters came to court that Ahmed had claimed not to be the co owner although he had signed Council documents, including a temporary voluntary closure notice for the takeaway, as the co owner.

He had also signed a letter to the Council prepared by his trainee solicitor daughter Lilly Ahmed in which he referred to Hussain as his business partner and to himself as co owner.

He told magistrates, through an interpreter, he had signed that letter not understanding it because he could not read English and because he had trusted his daughter who, he said, had not known he had sold the business.

The court heard since B Fisheries had re opened there had been no more environmental health concerns, a pest check had found no cockroaches and Hussain had passed a food hygiene course.

Mr Wilson warned Hussain, on a 12 month conditional discharge, and Ahmed, on an 18 month conditional discharge,
ronaldo jersey cheap 'Filthy' conditions at Bradford fish shop were 'beyond belief'
they would be back before court for sentencing on the 12 charges each if there were any more offences in that time.

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cheap custom nfl jerseys from china ‘Explosive’ Sting was GM’s goal

If you score around 340 goals a season as a team in the OHL, you’re going to have a really good chance of winning the league championship.

The surging Sarnia Sting, on the heels of the best month in their history, are on pace for 380. They probably can’t sustain that over 68 games but they’re fulfilling the vision of their fourth year GM Nick Sinclair.

“That’s the kind of skilled team I wanted when I came in as manager,” he said this week. “I wanted to build a team that was explosive offensively, could keep attacking night after night. Not just one line, but all four, and we’re seeing that right now.”

The Sting have the right offensive ingredients: three premier scorers in Jordan Kyrou, Adam Ruzicka and Drake Rymsha, plus a supporting cast with the ability to pitch in on a regular basis.

You need trusted veterans to deliver, plus a few surprises along the way.

“Adam Ruzicka has taken a big step from where he left off last year,” Sinclair said. “He’s come in and taken his game to another level. He’s been an effective player for us every single night.”

Brady Hinz, whose minutes were limited last year, had five goals as a rookie. He has 10 already and quickly advanced to the team’s second line. Franco Sproviero, who had 35 points a year ago, is nearly at a point per game pace now.

“Hinz had a big jump and Franco is giving us great production,” Sinclair said. “When we evaluate kids every year in the draft, skill and character are right at the top of the list. You can have all the skill in the world, but if a kid is not a character kid,
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there’s going to be a problem on or off the ice for you. It usually doesn’t work out that well. We still have quite a few younger guys, but the way they have mixed in, and the way the veterans have led, it’s really helped.”

Sinclair called this the closest knit Sting team he has seen in his time as GM. You don’t reel off 13 straight wins at this level without players who enjoy spending time around each other.

And you certainly don’t do that without a surge of energy provided by the coaching staff. That’s co owner and assistant coach David Legwand’s personal touch this year.

“He comes to the rink every day with a smile on his face,” Sinclair said. “He never has a bad day, or bad minute for that matter. He brought excitement and encouragement to practices and on the bench during games. The combination of him and (co owner and head coach) Derian Hatcher has worked well together. They both have a ton of experience and are tremendous human beings.

“The mix of them together has been great so far for our group.”

The reason no one picked the Sting higher in pre season predictions was because of the inexperience of their back end and the state of the goaltending.

The defence has done the job and overage stopper Justin Fazio has been one of the best junior goalies in the country.

“Collectively, the group is committed to playing defence,” Sinclair said, “and you have two guys who have been through their ups and downs. Theo Calvas, who previously had limited opportunities at times and worked his way into the lineup last year, is leading the league in plus minus. Connor Schlichting had a full healthy year last season and is getting to where we thought he would be when we drafted him.

“In net, (backup) Aidan Hughes had a great start and has really solidified the one two combo with Justin. His game has matured and the confidence in him compared to where things were at times last year (has risen).”

The most important part of the streak is the local response to it.

“We had over 4,000 people Friday (against the Soo),” he said. “I don’t remember there being that many at a game this early in the year in a long time. There’s a pretty good buzz and hopefully, we can keep it going.”

The Sting are in good shape on their draft board to part with a few high picks if they need to later on this season. Sure, they got two second round picks back when Travis Konecny made the Flyers last year, but they also acquired a handful of early selections in moving Hayden Hodgson to Saginaw and Nikita Korestelev and Alex Black to Peterborough last season.

“We’re worried about getting better every day and to become a team that’s competitive where an off year is middle of the conference and not missing the playoffs,” Sinclair said. “We know this (win streak) won’t last forever. But hopefully, a loss is followed up by four or five more wins rather than a four game (skid).”
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Angela S Dancev; Haig Darakjian; Badalb Sevan Davoodian; Rosa Gregory De; Paolo R. Deleon; Matthew M. Hahn; Sipan Hakobyan; Josephine Hakopian; Toomik Hambarsomian; Eun C. Han; Armen E Harootun; Nada Hashem; Michael J Hennessey; Gevorg Hovakimyan; Tigran Hovasapyan; Hrayr Hovasapyan; Derick Hovsepian.

Luis M. Iglesias; Rita Ishkhanian; Lilit Iskandaryan; Adde Issagholi; Vera M. Iwanoff.

Johnathan Jianu; Jason P. Laleian; Anete Laudurga; Nick A.

Jessica Ohanian; Derik Ohanian; Aleen Orfali.

Armen E. Sammis; Victor Sanchez; Luigi Roberto Santos G; Raffi Sarafian; Yevprakse Sargsyan; Hakob Sargsyan; Adgar Sarian; Raffi Sarian; Kenneth Sarti; Armen Saryan; Nastaran Sayyad; Michael Seifert; Joseph H Seong; Karapet Shaginyan; Nareh Shahbazi; Zori Shakhbandaryan; Anand M. Sharma; Gurashish K. Sikka; Artin Sinani; Hayk H. Snkhchyan; Diyana Stepanyan; Daniel M. Stickar.

Luis E. Valle; Narek Vardanian; Narek Vardanyan; William A. Varsh; Aileen Vartanian; Eric V. Vartanian; Edgar Vartanian; Angelica Villavicencio; Anahid Yahjian; Jiwon Yoo; Hannah J Yoon; Mariam M. Youssef.
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