blank football jerseys wholesale A Former Inmate Explains the Real Deal

cheap soccer jerseys toronto A Former Inmate Explains the Real Deal

Prisoners use the phones to help control the flow of drugs both in and out of prisons, to organize protests, to set up Facebook pages, and in some cases, to conduct interviews with the media. Mostly, though, they use the phones to stay in touch with family members on the outside.

“Toward to end of my time in, cell phones began to appear in large numbers,” says the local ex con, who served more than two decades for nonviolent crimes. “The vast majority were used by inmates desperate to stay in touch with, and hold on to, their wives and children.”

The calls were so expensive, this inmate could afford only one or two short calls to his family a week.

“If my wife, child, or a close friend were ill, I would blow the month’s phone budget,” he says.

According to the Times story, many of the phones are simply tossed over prison walls, and the phone bills are paid for by families. Prisons across the country are struggling to figure out a way to block phone services within prisons without violating FCC regulations.

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From the Times:

In Oklahoma, a convicted killer was caught in November posting photographs on his Facebook page of drugs, knives and alcohol that had been smuggled into his cell. In 2009, gang members in a Maryland prison were caught using their smartphones to approve targets for robberies and even to order seafood and cigars.

Even closely watched prisoners are sneaking phones in. Last month, California prison guards said they had found a flip phone under Charles Manson’s mattress.

The logical solution would be to keep all cellphones out of prison. But that is a war that is being lost, corrections officials say. Prisoners agree.

“Almost everybody has a phone,” said Mike, 33, an inmate at Smith State Prison in Georgia who, like other prisoners interviewed for this article, asked that his full name not be used for fear of retaliation. “Almost every phone is a smartphone. Almost everybody with a smartphone has a Facebook.”

In this case, says the local ex con, the real crime is the inflated cost of calls, which force concerned prisoners to opt for illicit forms of communication:

“The real cost of a call is pennies, but prisons make a huge profit from inmate phones. Most inmates can’t afford to stay in touch with family. That is the root cause of the cell phone problem in prisons.”
blank football jerseys wholesale A Former Inmate Explains the Real Deal

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nhl referee jersey Audubon Welcomes Good News from Washington

House of Representatives voted yesterday afternoon to protect wildlife on the brink of extinction by supporting an amendment in the Interior and Environment spending bill to uphold safeguards for endangered species.

Mike Daulton, Vice President of Government Relations for Audubon, said, “In the midst of an historic assault on the environment in the House of Representatives, we were reminded of the value and power of the Endangered Species Act. The Endangered Species Act is one of America’s most successful conservation laws, which has been a critical safety net for species on the brink of extinction and recovered America’s symbol the Bald Eagle.”

“This historic vote demonstrates the strong support that exists for protecting our nation’s most imperiled wildlife. We applaud the 224 members of Congress who supported the amendment sponsored by Representatives Norm Dicks (D WA), Mike Fitzpatrick (R PA), Mike Thompson (D CA), and Colleen Hanabusa (D HI) striking language from the Interior and Environment bill that would have dismantled endangered species protections.
blank football jerseys wholesale Audubon Welcomes Good News from Washington