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Joining the Mayo Clinic Care Network will allow St. Alexius physicians to connect electronically with Mayo specialists for second opinions, which may allow more patients to stay closer to home, according to St. Alexius and Mayo Clinic officials.

“Our membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network will serve to further enhance the level of clinical expertise that our physicians and our patients have access to,” said Gary P. Miller, president and CEO of St. Alexius, at a press conference held at St. Alexius’ Boniface Auditorium on Monday morning.

Dr. David Hayes, medical director of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, said the network is relatively new. Mayo Clinic began discussing the idea two years ago and the first network member, Altru Health System of Grand Forks, joined the network about a year ago.

There are a total of 10 network members, including St. Alexius, nine of which are within the Mayo Clinic Care Network and one in the Mayo Clinic Cancer Care network, he said.

Other network members include Altru Health System, ASU Health Services of Arizona State University and Kingman Regional Medical Center in Arizona, Dartmouth Hitchcock of New Hampshire and Vermont, Heartland Health of Missouri, NCH Healthcare System of Florida, NorthShore University HealthSystem of Illinois and Sparrow Health System of Michigan.

John Castleberry, St. Alexius board of directors chairman, emphasized that the collaboration is not an acquisition or merger.

“Like other Mayo Clinic Care Network members, St. Alexius will remain a community owned, independent health care provider,” he said.

Miller said the hospital went through a “pretty rigorous review process” in which Mayo Clinic representatives visited St. Alexius and looked at St. Alexius’ quality of care and patient safety.

St. Alexius’ physicians will be able to connect with Mayo Clinic specialists on questions of patient care using an electronic consulting technique called eConsults.

Dr. Shiraz Hyder, a neurologist with St. Alexius, said the network’s main goal is to allow patients the benefits of Mayo knowledge and expertise, delivered as close to their homes as possible.

“I have colleagues at Mayo Clinic who are super experts,” Hyder said, explaining that he and other St. Alexius physicians may only see some rare disorders once or twice a year but Mayo physicians may see such disorders on a day to day basis. There are three neurologists at St. Alexius while there are 85 neurologists at Mayo Clinic, he said. Some of the Mayo neurologists specialize in specific disorders, such as stroke, epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease.

“Although we can handle, I would say,
classic nhl jerseys Alexius joins Mayo network
a majority of cases that come to St. Alexius, there are some cases that we would definitely like input from our colleagues that are super specialists,” he said.

Hyder used the tool for the first time last week when a patient from Minot came to St. Alexius for a second opinion.

“As we evaluated the patient . it became clear to us this was a little bit of an unusual case, a more complex case. And right about that time, we were working on logistics of how to send eConsults,” he said.

Hyder submitted the eConsult to Mayo Clinic late last week and St. Alexius received feedback over the weekend. Hyder said he and the other neurologists were pleased to hear they were on the right track. Mayo physicians recommended a couple of additional tests to confirm the diagnosis, he said.

“For me, this was a classic example of a win win win,” he said. “Win for the patient, win for us because we have reassurance we are in the right track and a win for Mayo Clinic because that’s what they intended to do with this program.”

“We see this as a way for our patients to be served in their local community,” Miller said.

“We don’t expect to use it every day,” Hyder said, adding, “If there is a situation where we need to send a patient for face to face consultation (at Mayo Clinic), that of course we will do.”

The eConsults will be phased into St. Alexius, Hyder said. Over the next three months, all medical specialists will be trained to use eConsults. In the following six months, all medical and surgical specialists will be trained to use eConsults. Starting in July, St. Alexius Prime Care members will be trained, Hyder said.

Bartz said telemedicine has been around for several years and both St. Alexius and Medcenter One, prior to its merger with Sanford, have used it in the past.

“The concept of being able to consult electronically with another entity is not a new concept,” said Bartz. “What it sounds like is they’re formalizing that agreement with Mayo, which definitely gives them access to a lot of highly trained and skilled medical people.”Mayo Clinic also will provide St. Alexius with health care management consulting.

“I think that would be very useful to us,” Hyder said.

Sanford Health doesn’t have a formalized agreement with the Mayo Clinic but has worked with it in the past. Dr. Craig Lambrecht, president and CEO of Sanford Bismarck, said in a written statement, “We appreciate our historic relationship with Mayo as we have worked with and used technology to consult with them and various health partners for years to provide quality care and keep patients close to home.”

Lambrecht said that the recent merger with Sanford Health allows Sanford Bismarck access to 1,200 physicians “with incredible depth and breadth of expertise.”

Lambrecht wrote that Sanford Bismarck is working to integrate its technology with the rest of Sanford Health, which he called “the best electronic medical record platform in the country.”

“Sanford’s business model is different,” he wrote. “We are investing in care close to home by recruiting doctors, building clinics and adding services locally.”
classic nhl jerseys Alexius joins Mayo network

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A mixture of high profile stories, increased emergency room visits and reports of startling psychotic effects have forced synthetic drugs into the public lexicon over the past year.

And the increased attention has led officials to crack down on drugs that mimic the effects of marijuana and other illegal substances.

The General Assembly has passed laws aimed at curbing synthetic drug usage with both specificity and generality. Older laws forbid certain chemical compositions, while recently passed legislation deems all controlled substances illegal.

Metro police padlocked 11 convenience stores under a new state law last week that allows local jurisdictions to declare synthetic drug selling stores a public nuisance.

In all, 10 people were arrested as a direct result of the padlocking. However, only one charge was related to selling imitation controlled substances.

And though the new laws surrounding synthetic drugs haven been challenged in court yet, not everyone is convinced they are bulletproof.

Nashville criminal defense attorney Jim Todd knows a thing or two about litigation regarding synthetic drugs. He represented roughly 30 store owners facing synthetic drug related charges.

And Todd has paid close attention as state law has been tweaked to keep up with synthetic manufacturers.

Originally, the state ban on synthetic drugs listed specific chemical compositions that were illegal. Manufacturers responded by creating slight variations of the chemicals. At the time, Todd filed multiple appeals on behalf of store owners.

He contends that police seized money and property without hard proof as to whether the allegedly illegal substances matched up exactly with the chemicals outlined by the state.

to this new law . the legislature was always one step behind, because the manufacturers were changing the chemical makeup, Todd said.

But HB 2286, which Gov. Bill Haslam signed in May, takes a broader approach.

is an offense to knowingly manufacture, deliver, sell, or possess with the intent to sell, deliver or manufacture an imitation controlled substance, the law reads.

controlled substances is defined as any substance that performs as a stimulant or depressant of the central nervous system and is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Todd believes challenges to the new law won necessarily hinge on the chemical makeup of the drug, but rather the aspect especially as it pertains to criminal charges against store owners and clerks.

problem that these store owners have, or that the law creates, is this whole because that what they have to prove. They have to prove that the store owner knowingly sold these products, Todd said.

Assistant District Attorney General Robert Homlar said most of the store owners fully aware of the illegal status of these products and did not display them as they did other products. only one clerk was charged for the sale of synthetic drugs related to the undercover operations that led to the padlocking orders. District Attorney General Torry Johnson said the padlocking orders were designed to make a very public point.

action should send the clear message that law enforcement in Nashville has zero tolerance for the distribution of synthetic drugs and will take strong action . to prevent their distribution in our neighborhoods, Johnson said in a statement.

But Todd questioned whether law enforcement would be able to stay ahead of the curve.

don know if you going to be able to stop people from coming up with new ways to get high. Whether it be glue, paint,
classic nhl jerseys As authorities crack down on sale of synthetic drugs
gas, meth, Todd said. legislature and law enforcement are going to react to stop it. To stop it, frankly, you need to go to the people who are supplying these stores and get them. what law enforcement says it going to do. Attorney Jerry Martin said his office has a commitment to nab the distributors. Last week, President Barack Obama signed a law banning synthetic drug trade in interstate commerce.

But as the laws continue to be flexed for the first few times, Todd foresees challenges. yet to be seen whether or not this new statute will survive constitutional vagueness challenges, which I sure will be levied against it, Todd said.

Homlar said the DA office is ready for any challenges and that the law serves the public well.

statute makes the sale of dangerous narcotics illegal, Homlar said. equally important, it does so in such a manner that the people who might consider selling them know how to follow it.

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