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Must watch video: Here’s a sign that the immigration wars have made the issue a hot one even for Democrats in districts that aren’t grappling with illegal immigration.

Blue Dog Dem Joe Donnelly of Indiana is up with a tough talking ad about illegal immigration that targets President Obama on the issue, deriding him as part of “the Washington crowd.” Donnelly is being challenged by state Rep. Jacki Walorski in a contest that both sides view as a real race.

Donnelly’s 30 second spot slips in the hit on Obama subtly and quickly: It flashes a picture of Obama with John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi and features Donnelly saying: “I don’t work for them.” The key moment starts at around the 18 second mark:

“Because no one should be ever rewarded for breaking the law. That may not be what the Washington crowd wants. But I don’t work for them. I work for you.”

As Donnelly says the words “Washington crowd,” we see Obama, Boehner and Pelosi.

A Dem strategist who advises candidates on their races tells me that this isn’t an attack on Obama; rather, it’s about achieving separation from all of Washington on illegal immigration. “He showed his independence in this ad by condemning Washington on the issue,” the strategist said.

The spot is another mark of how successfully the anti illegal immigration camp has dragged the debate to the right and turned immigration into a hugely contentious national issue in unlikely places.

I’ve been reading the absolutely fascinating “Last Call” by Daniel Okrent about the rise and fall of Prohibition. It was above all a culture war, pitting on the one side small town and rural Protestants, populists, progressives, suffragists, nativists and racists (all overlapping categories) versus aristocrats, immigrants, big city Dem machines and of course the distillers and brewers and to a much lesser extent vintners. The KKK was a valued member of the dry coalition because it demonized liquor for its bad effects on black men, but even more it demonized Catholics and Jews and immigrants of all non nordic kinds. Indiana was a hotbed of Klan activity in the 1920s.

And speaking of hard ball tactics, the very dry Congress understood full well the demographic changes that had taken place in the new century. To preserve the Volstead Act intact the dry majority REFUSED TO REAPPORTION CONGRESS after the 1920 census. That’s right, they refused to account for the great growth of the cities and adjust the congressional districts allocated to each of the states. Despite what the Constitution said. They didn’t pass a reapportionment bill until 1929, to take effect in the 1932 election. And according to Okrent, it seems to have gone mostly unremarked, given everything else that was happening.

The book is absolutely fascinating history and should be read by anyone interested in change making political and social movements, cultural politics and hardball politics in general. Thank the gods things are much tamer now. Not because he is running ads that are attacking his own President and party but because he is a member of the United States Congress. If he wants to fix immigration last I checked the only people who could really do that are the 435 members of the House of Representatives and the 100 members of the United States Senate. He is one of those people and if it is a problem he is one of the people responsible for it and has not fixed the problem.

If not being part of the Washington Crowd is the solution to immigration reform and it is a real issue in his district he deserves to lose becasue he is a US Congressman, he is the Washington Crowd. seems like there’s no reason for it to be a major issue there. anyone know more?”

I live in South Bend. As far as I know there is NO immigration issue here. Donnelly is an a$$ for other reasons, including his vote against extending UI benefits and his vote FOR the odious Stupak amendment. But I think Jacki Walorski is a wingnut. No idea how competitive the race will be. Not surprisingly, when he thinks public opinion agrees with him, he does the former, and when it disagrees, he does the latter. It is a fairly subtle propaganda technique, but certainly not one that the Plumline’s resident propaganda, er, “expert” (Bernie L.) is ever likely to point out. So I thought I would do so. Of course illegal immigration is a national issue. What’s the problem with that? And the only reason it is “hugely contentious” is because the Democrat power elite want something that the American citizens have soundly rejected.
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The BMW 7 Series has long sat in the shadow of the Mercedes S Class. However, with this latest model, BMW has taken the fight to its German rivals with its most technologically advanced saloon car ever and also BMW’s fastest ever car. It’s one of the most sophisticated luxury models currently on sale and it is clear that a lot of time and dedication has gone into its development.With such a large body and uncharacteristically light steering, it may not be the most rewarding driver’s car, but few models in this segment prioritise sharp handling. However, if you step up to the range topping M760Li xDrive you get a surprising degree of agility, thanks to BMW’s M Performance division breathing on the four wheel drive chassis. Luxury, refinement and technology are areas where these cars are designed to deliver and in that respect the BMW 7 Series excels.There’s a range of capable, quick and economical engines, ranging from the frugal 730d to the bonkers M760Li xDrive, which lays claim to being the fastest accelerating BMW ever sprinting from 0 62mph in just 3.7 seconds. That’s not only faster than a BMW M5, but significantly quicker than the Mercedes AMG S 65. There’s even a hybrid 740e model, too. Best luxury carsThe amount of tech on board all models is first rate, while the smooth and relaxing manner in which the 7 covers ground is matched only by the S Class. Best of all, the 7 Series will influence the next generation of saloons from BMW, so this level of engineering is already being seen in the new5 Series and is likely to filter down to the3 Series, too.Our ChoiceBMW 730d M SportThe Mercedes S Class has been the paragon of German luxury cars for as long as most people can remember, but when BMW presented the latest 7 Series for sale in 2015 the balance of power seemed to have shifted at last.After years of playing second fiddle to the plush Merc, the current BMW flagship has all that it needs to match its arch rival in the showroom and on the road. It also sees off other nominal rivals such as the Jaguar XJ and Audi A8, neither of which can muster the style, refinement or technology of the biggest BMW.Not that the latest 7 Series offers much in the way of external clues to its new found prowess, as this sixth generation has styling that’s typically evolutionary. The design has sharpened up a little, but it’s still an understated executive express. If you want to make more of a statement, you might consider the M Sport version with its bigger alloy wheels and restyled bumpers.Image 2 of 16Inside the cabin, the 7 Series has taken a more obvious leap forward, with not a single piece of black plastic left exposed due to the lavish application of wood, leather and Alcantara. There’s also an array of technology included as part of the standard 7 Series spec, so you get sat nav, a night vision screen, a self parking system, climate control that can be set independently for all four passengers, and even a gesture control system to make it all work.There are two wheelbase versions available, as although the standard car offers plenty of rear legroom by ordinary standards, chauffeur driven captains of industry need more room to sprawl. When it comes to trim levels though, the range seems strangely limited until you remember the standard car is so highly equipped anyway, and the company wants to direct you towards its BMW Individual service.This offers a vast range of off the peg options, and at its most expensive level allows you to customise the interior and exterior finishes. Otherwise, trim grades are limited to the standard car, the sportier M Sport and various Design Pure Excellence packages that add detail enhancements inside and out.There’s a range of petrol and diesel engines available too of course, though some are only available with four wheel drive. The entry level model is the 730d, which uses a261bhp 3.0 lite six cylinder diesel capable of 0 62mph in 6.1 seconds. An eight speed automatic gearbox is the only transmission option, too.Those after a bit more pace can spec the 740d engine, though you’ll have to tick the box for xDrive all wheel drive, as BMW UK doesn’t offer this engine as a rear drive model. Two petrols; the 740i and 750i, sit beneath the range topping M760Li, which uses a powerful V12 twin turbo motor. A quad turbo 750d diesel has also been announced, though it’s unclear whether this will arrive in UK dealers. A 740e plug in hybrid capable of 141mpg is also available.Engines, performance and drive4With such a huge array of interior tech and acres of space, it seems a bit of waste to spend your time behind the wheel of the 7 Series where you can’t experience any of it. So, the best way to make the most of BMW’s flagship is to get someone to drive it for you something frequently done by the businessmen and women who buy this type of car.However, if you do find yourself having to get behind the wheel it’s one of the better luxury saloons for keener drivers. The 7 Series feels more agile than the S Class or A8 due to its lightweight carbon fibre construction. The steering could do with some added weight as it is quite light, but it’s accurate enough.The 3.0 litre diesel and eight speed automatic gearbox work seamlessly together, allowing for smooth and relaxing progress. The 7 Series is also deceptively quick as it’s so quiet, so you pick up speed very quickly without realising you’re doing so.Image 4 of 16The more powerful models are undoubtedly faster, but in all honesty few will ever require more than that offered by the 730d. BMW’s 740d is xDrive (all wheel drive) only, which may prove useful during our notoriously wet winters.As air suspension comes as standard, the ride on the 7 Series is exceptional. There’s even a special ‘adaptive’ mode for the suspension, which uses the car’s navigation to set the car up for the road and terrain that’s coming up ahead.The range topping M760Li xDrive model uses clever tech to limit body roll and add a touch of rear wheel steering to increase agility. It doesn’t transform the big car into a sports model, but will surprise you with a degree of sportiness rivals miss out on.EnginesThe entry level 7 Series is the hugely capable 730d. BMW claims it will get from 0 62mph in 6.1 seconds and hit 155mph, while the heavier long wheelbase model takes 0.1 seconds longer for the same benchmark sprint.Those after a bit more grunt could look towards the 740d, which uses the same engine turned up a notch. It’s only available with xDrive all wheel drive, but it does shave almost a second off the car’s 0 62mph time (5.2 seconds) feeling even faster in gear.If you prefer petrol, there’s a punchy 740Li or powerful 750i, though the choice will come down to whether you want the long or short wheelbase car. The 740Li is long wheelbase only, while the 750i is considered sportier and only comes on the shortened platform. The 740Li goes from 0 62mph in 5.6 seconds, and the 750i shaves that to 4.7 seconds. The M760Li holds the title of fastest ever BMW (yes, faster than all other M cars) with a 0 62mph time of 3.7 seconds.A plug in hybrid 740e has also been added to the range, and although that’s likely to appeal to those after low running costs than outright performance, it manages the 0 62mph sprint in just 5.4 seconds. It’ll return as much as 141mpg, and put out rock bottom CO2 emissions.
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cheap football jerseys online Altavista woman starts elderly care business in her childhood home

ALTAVISTA For most of her childhood, Kathy Davis called a small house in Altavista home. Years later, she has opened the doors of that home to others who no longer can live alone due to old age.

With the help of her family, Davis, 47, transformed her parents’ former home on a quiet residential street into a small scale senior living facility that cares for elderly patients who need around the clock care but want to maintain a home like living arrangement.

“It’s a great need in our community,” said Davis, who graduated nursing school in 2010. “A lot of the elderly don’t want to go into a long term facility, and here they’ll have more one on one care with home cooked meals, and it’s just a good environment.”

As a previous employee in larger senior care facilities, Davis said it is much harder to provide individualized care when each nurse is responsible for numerous patients.

“In one of those large facilities you’ve got 15 people or more, you’ve got showers to give, you have to get them to the dining room, they have to be fed, so there’s just a lot you have to do,” she said. “In the dining room, if they don’t like what they have they don’t eat as well, but here in a smaller environment you are able to give them what they want.”

Working with a staff of two other certified nursing assistants including her daughter Kiara Davis Kathy Davis maintains complete patient medical charts like larger facilities do, and everyone on staff is CPR certified in case of an emergency.

Davis Home is a licensed business in Altavista, but because Davis’ facility only can house three or fewer residents, it does not need a license from the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Melany Gray, the grand niece of Davis Home’s only current resident, Hilda Murrie, said she moved Murrie to Davis House after a strong recommendation from a hospice provider in Lynchburg.

“We felt that she would be better served by more individual attention,” said Gray, who lives in New York. “She’s always been a very dynamic, charming person,
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and as she’s gotten older it’s harder for strangers to see that person, so the opportunity to have her in a smaller place where she could be cared for by people who really knew her would enable for more of her inner self to shine.”

While Gray was not looking for a cheaper care option for her great aunt when she moved Murrie to Davis Home from a larger Lynchburg facility, she said she was “pleasantly surprised” to find Davis Home was more reasonably priced.

According to Davis, her business does not take Medicare because she is not a licensed facility through DSS due to its small size.

Murrie, who has dementia and other health problems, previously served as a secretary in the Foreign Service and traveled the world during her career. After she retired, she made it her habit to travel from college town to college town, auditing courses and experiencing new things. Because of her adventurous life, Gray said Murrie never married or had any children.

“No matter how much we love her from New York, it doesn’t give her a lot of her day to day quality of life,” Gray said. “It took something of a leap of faith as a far away family member to make such a nontraditional change, but Kathy particularly and her new home came so highly recommended.”

According to the Central Virginia Alliance for Community Living, a nonprofit that assists seniors and adults with disabilities, the expansion of smaller senior care environments like Davis Home allows for more quality care in the area.

“Any time there are more options for people to live in an environment that’s home like and that can give them the support that they need to live the life they choose, we think it’s great,” CVACL’s Director of Community Impact Betty Brickhouse said.

Davis Home also does “respite care,” which means Davis will care for elderly patients for a short period of time if that person’s typical family caregivers need to go out of town or otherwise cannot take care of the client.

For Davis, elderly care always has beena passion. In nursing school she specialized in geriatric care because as a child of older parents she spent a lot of time around adults much older than her.

“My mom had me at the age of 40, so she’s 87, so I’ve been around the elderly a lot,” Davis said. “I think that’s where my love comes in. I have also had to care for a lot of older family members.”

While her business is still getting up and running, Davis still works occasionally at the Centra Hospice House, which cares for patients in the last six months of their lives. Although she witnesses a lot of death in her job caring for older patients, Davis said she enjoys providing care for those patients and making them comfortable.

“Sometimes it’s hard, but they have to be taken care of,” she said. “To me, end of life care is very important and for those people to be able to live and do what they want to do at that stage of life.”
messi jersey cheap Altavista woman starts elderly care business in her childhood home