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There has been a marked, although uneven, decrease in the birth rates among adolescent girls since 1990, but some 11% of all births worldwide are still to girls aged 15 to 19 years old. The vast majority of these births (95%) occur in low and middle income countries.

The 2014 World Health Statistics indicate that the average global birth rate among 15 to 19 year olds is 49 per 1000 girls. Country rates range from 1 to 299 births per 1000 girls, with the highest rates in sub Saharan Africa.

For some adolescents, pregnancy and childbirth are planned and wanted, but for many they are not. Adolescent pregnancies are more likely in poor, uneducated and rural communities. In some countries, becoming pregnant outside marriage is not uncommon. By contrast, some girls may face social pressure to marry and, once married, to have children. More than 30% of girls in low and middle income countries marry before they are 18; around 14% before they are 15.

Some girls do not know how to avoid getting pregnant: sex education is lacking in many countries. They may feel too inhibited or ashamed to seek contraception services; contraceptives may be too expensive or not widely or legally available. Even when contraceptives are widely available, sexually active adolescent girls are less likely to use them than adults. Girls may be unable to refuse unwanted sex or resist coerced sex, which tends to be unprotected.

Pregnancy and childbirth complications are the second cause of death among 15 to 19 year olds globally. However, there have been significant drops in the number of deaths in all regions since 2000, most notably in South East Asia where mortality rates fell from 21 to 9 per 100 000 girls. Some 3 million unsafe abortions among girls aged 15 to 19 take place each year,
mighty ducks jersey cheap Adolescent pregnancy
contributing to maternal deaths and to lasting health problems.

Early childbearing increases the risks for both mothers and their newborns. In low and middle income countries, babies born to mothers under 20 years of age face a 50% higher risk of being still born or dying in the first few weeks versus those born to mothers aged 20 29. The younger the mother, the greater the risk to the baby. Newborns born to adolescent mothers are also more likely to have low birth weight, with the risk of long term effects.

Economic and social consequences

Adolescent pregnancy can also have negative social and economic effects on girls, their families and communities. Many girls who become pregnant have to drop out of school. A girl with little or no education has fewer skills and opportunities to find a job. This can also have an economic cost with a country losing out on the annual income a young woman would have earned over her lifetime, if she had not had an early pregnancy.

WHO published guidelines in 2011 with the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) on preventing early pregnancies and reducing poor reproductive outcomes. These made recommendations for action that countries could take, with 6 main objectives:

reducing marriage before the age of 18;

creating understanding and support to reduce pregnancy before the age of 20;

increasing the use of contraception by adolescents at risk of unintended pregnancy;

reducing coerced sex among adolescents;

reducing unsafe abortion among adolescents;

increasing use of skilled antenatal, childbirth and postnatal care among adolescents.

WHO is also involved in a variety of joint efforts with related agencies and programmes, such as the “H4+” initiative that includes UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF, UN Women and the World Bank. The H4+ aims to to accelerate progress towards achieving Millennium Development Goals 4 (reducing child mortality) and 5 (improving maternal health) by 2015. It tackles the root causes of maternal, newborn and child mortality and morbidity among them gender inequality,
mighty ducks jersey cheap Adolescent pregnancy
child marriage and limited access to education for girls. H4+ aligns closely with national health plans and provides some financial and technical support to governments.

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A lot of excitement is surrounding this week Atlantic 10 Tournament in Brooklyn. 12 teams are meeting at the Barclays Center to battle for the conference title, and I think eight of them have a chance to win it. Here are my predictions for how this will play out:Game 1: Richmond beats Charlotte The Spiders rocked Charlotte in the fourth game of their league season. Since then, Charlotte has dismissed its leading scorer from the team and has struggled. Look for the Spiders to move to the quarterfinals.

Game 2: Butler over Dayton These two actually played a close game in the regular season, but I think the Bulldogs roll in this one reletively easily. The postseason is when the Bulldogs shine, and I look for them to last into the weekend.

Game 3: Xavier over St. Joe This is a game that I expect to go down to the wire. It been a disappointing season for the Hawks, who were A10 preseason favorites. Xavier spent most of the year in the conference top four, and I expect the Musketeers of the early season to show up Thursday.

Game 4 UMass over George Washington: The two times I saw GW in person I was less than impressed, as the Colonials were blown out by VCU and couldn hold a 2nd half lead against Richmond (one of the slower, sloppier games of the year). Sorry, Spider fans, your road ends in the quarterfinals, with hopes of a postseason berth somewhere.

Butler over La Salle I been impressed with La Salle, so this is tough, but I really think we going to see Butler get two wins to move on to Saturday semifinals. Rotnei Clark is due for a big showing.

VCU over Xavier The Rams overcame a 17 point 2nd half deficit to beat the Musketeers in Cincinnati in the regular season. I like their chances in this one. Xavier will come in believing it could win after failing to finish earlier, but VCU will hold them off and move into the semifinals.

Temple over UMass Temple has a great chance to win this entire tournament. The Owls are the hottest team in the conference and have momentum after topping VCU to cap off its regular season. I don think Butler can hang in the conference semifinals, especially in its third game of the day against arguably the best team in the conference. Butler falls, SLU in the title game.

Temple over VCU As Ram fans curse my name while reading this, please take comfort in the fact that this is a tough decision. I love this match up, and I love the way the Rams play. At their best, nobody can beat them. The Billikins have been at the top of the Atlantic 10 since the beginning of the season, but the Owls are peaking at the right time. I pick Temple as the 2013 Atlantic 10 Champions. Actually surgical procedure will enhance UGG Snow Boots many inches long in width varied having said Cheap UGGs Boots UGG Bailey Button Triplet that that may be actually the Men UGG Boots best option for you to do everything?ugg sale When you checking into medical procedures event should recognize that the procedure is in no way entertaining to disclose at all. Now with UGG Boots UK this fact as UGGs For Sale the primary goal you dont aspire to proceed through such serious quad prolonging surgical procedures for less than a bunch of when. I play the lead vampire. I didn want to be a vampire but was forced into it so I struggling with my vampire powers and not wanting to turn the girl I love into a vampire. The script is really great and has a wonderful storyline. Double faced Merino sheepskin is usually a single layer leather skin that is certainly thermostatic in nature and keep your feet comfy in winter in addition to cool in summer months. Rubber is utilised in making the soles on the Ugg boots uk having prominent stitching on the lateral side of the footwear. The feet keep on being dry and at body temperature as fleece will keep the moisture absent. For this reason, something regarding the popular designing information a pair of boots will be discussed in such a essay which aims Black Suede UGG Boots to make the readers acknowledge more information on the designing characters with the boots in this time as follows. The epicenter was approximately 10 miles off Samara, Costa Rica. Rood is an American citizen and owner of the Phoenix Hotel in Samara. He told CNN News that it started out small and then became very violent with intense shaking. If your UGG Boots child is not UGG Boots comfortable, Cheap UGG Boots so that they . UGG Boots Sale Little feet have UGGs Bailey Button special needs, UGG Bailey Button Short when you ready UGG Boots Bailey Button Tall to get the kids CHI Flat Iron climbing shoes, CHI Hair Straightener you should Best CHI Straghtener provide the function of CHI Straightener Sale the feet look smaller CHI Blue Flat Iron special protection CHI Pink Dazzle Flat Iron. when you are yoox scarpe hogan hogan bianche interactive limited scarpe hogan femminili at the hogan basse uomo budget allowed fabbrica hogan italia, online video media stating ultimi modelli hogan uomo in addition to comprare hogan online online video media outlet hogan italia scarpe hogan bambino outlet tracking infradito hogan uomo.
mighty ducks jersey cheap Atlantic 10 Tournament championship is up in the air