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youth cheap soccer jerseys A great year for radio

A year ago, I stood in the KX93.5 broadcast booth with the honchos of the station, ruminating over the impact “the little station that could” had on the community. The three men came to Laguna to launch a nonprofit station with the dream of disrupting corporate by the numbers radio with independent music.

So far, so good. Each honcho had a time slot and played their own music. But they really didn’t know the town.

That’s OK. The station was only six months old and had already amassed a comprehensive roster of volunteer, local jocks. The community was beginning to notice, and the station was planning its first fundraiser, a Casino Night at the Surf and Sand.

Now it’s a year later, and KX93.5 once again faces the Sisyphean task that curses public radio fundraising. This time it’s Craft Brews and Views, to be held Saturday night at a swanky local mansion with a view that will have everyone swooning over the Laguna coastline while they listen to live music and enjoy craft brews paired with gourmet plates.

Only this time it’s a different station.

“I think we’ve come to understand our role in the community,” station principal Tyler Russell told me. “We are an open promotional source for locals in the community to get exposure they couldn’t otherwise.”

Indeed, when the original three came to town they had no idea of the fiercely protective character of this community, where so many pride themselves on telling you how long they’ve lived here or how many generations of Lagunans they hail from, as if that should carry extra clout.

“Our first goal was to simply launch a radio station that was more artist driven, and while I knew Laguna lacked a radio signal, it was never our sole focus,” Russell said.

It was their good fortune that a dormant signal from a Laguna Niguel church was available. And a radio town was born. Not just because a tower was installed here but also because of the flowering of dormant local talent in the broadcast booth, hosts and performers.

Take Ida Mae on Saturday mornings, for instance (great on your way to and from the farmers market). She puts the roots in rootsy ness. Like someone you might meet in a Biloxi bar. She spins Americana music, specifically bluegrass and alt country. Think Austin meets Nashville, with a stop in New Orleans.
top 10 nfl throwback jerseys A great year for radio

top 10 nfl throwback jerseys Activist Gene Stilp seeks permit to burn Nazi

flyers jersey cheap Activist Gene Stilp seeks permit to burn Nazi

WILKES BARRE Activist Gene Stilp on Tuesday said he will file for a permit to burn a combination Nazi Confederate flag in response to the Bloomsburg Fair decision to allow the sale of Confederate flags at this year fair.

racism, bigotry and hate alive in Columbia County and the surrounding counties? Stilp asked in a news release. is the exact nature of the Confederate flag that does not make it a symbol of racism, hate and bigotry? It stands for all of the above, including the KKK. Is this what the residents of this county stand for?

Stilp said he is contacting the Columbia County Commissioners office and the Bloomsburg Police Department for a permit. Calls have been placed today, but Stilp said he could not get through to the proper person, so he will visit both government offices early Wednesday to file the permit applications.

If denied, Stilp said the burning of a combination Nazi Confederate flag will take place as planned in front of the Columbia County Courthouse in a safe and secure method as to not endanger anyone in the public.

Nazi flag and the Confederate flag both stand for racial hatred, bigotry, death to American citizens and oppression, Stilp said. think that activists have to burn this combination Nazi Confederate flag in front of more courthouses in Pennsylvania to root out racism across the state. Folks have to ask the question: what does the Confederate flag stand for and are they and their friends supporters of that anti American message? said the flag he intends to burn is two sided one side is the Nazi flag and the other is the Confederate battle flag.

At last year Bloomsburg Fair, a vendor who ignited a social media firestorm by selling flags depicting a swastika was asked to leave the fairgrounds, and officials said his vendor fee was refunded.

The vendor drew attention when a Scranton woman posted a photo on Facebook of a Nazi flag hanging from his booth. The post drew intense attention from local and national media.
top 10 nfl throwback jerseys Activist Gene Stilp seeks permit to burn Nazi

top 10 nfl throwback jerseys America’s greatest family resort is also a ringleader among areas that make the best donuts

discount seahawks jerseys America’s greatest family resort is also a ringleader among areas that make the best donuts

Donuts aren’t just a breakfast treat. As Danny DeVito says in “Other People’s Money:” “Since when do you have to be hungry to have a donut?” But if you are going to indulge in one of the nation’s most popular guilty pleasures, you might as well make it the best.

Ocean City reigns supreme among New Jersey shore towns heck, East Coast towns when it comes to places serving up hot, handcrafted and customized cake rings. shops have been making donuts in a traditional, time honored fashion for decades, while others have sprung up more recently, whose personal spins on the scrumptious treats are fast becoming classics.

“My in laws started the business in 1976,” says Melissa Brown, whose husband Jim is one of five children who helped run the original business founded by his parents, Harmon and Marjorie Brown. “They were schoolteachers who wanted to keep the kids busy during the summertime, so they thought they’d run a restaurant. They retired from teaching and we took over the restaurant the following summer in 1995.

“Mom and dad came up with the ingredients themselves,” Brown adds. “The donuts and all the toppings are homemade, and I think it’s just simple, good, hot and fresh that are what people love about them and keeps them coming back.”

Brown’s donuts are sold in plain, powdered, cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla flavors.

“People line up and wait, and it’s part of an experience for them,” Brown says. “They don’t seem to mind waiting they catch up with their friends, they talk about going to the beach, they watch the surfers. It’s one of a long line of family traditions here in Ocean City that we’re really proud to be part of.”

Ken Jenkins is owner of two Ocean City establishments of the same name, the Fractured Prune, that were born out of a business model hatched in Maryland. On Memorial Day weekend they opened a third Fractured Prune on the Wildwood boardwalk.

“The concept is the same, but we are not part of the franchise system we are considered independently owned legacy stores,” Jenkins says. “Our donut mix is similar to the other Fractured Prunes that we did not change so if our donuts come out right they should be crispy on the outside and light and fluffy inside. And each one is made to order. daily.

WHERE: 110 Boardwalk, Ocean City

DONUTS: Sold in plain, powdered, cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla flavors. daily

WHERE: 1225 Asbury Ave. and 3339 West Ave., Ocean City

DONUTES: With more than 15 glazes and 15 toppings, potential combinations are in the thousands. Sand, topped with honey glaze and cinnamon sugar, and the Lumberjack, topped with maple glaze, cinnamon and bacon bits. daily

WHERE: 3148 Asbury Ave., Ocean City

DONUTS: Several styles are available, but Dot’s boasts the “best creme donuts on the island.” Dot’s has been in business in Ocean City since 1947. Donuts are $1.10 apiece or $12 per dozen.

DONUTS: Using an apple cider dough, flavors include powdered, cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla iced, and plain. Ove’s has been in Ocean City since 1968. Donuts are 90 cents apiece.
top 10 nfl throwback jerseys America's greatest family resort is also a ringleader among areas that make the best donuts