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Mirror photo by Sean Sauro / Patton barber William “Doc” Noel, 69, stands inside his namesake barbershop along Fifth Avenue recently. Noel has cut hair for many years in Patton and other locations such as the Hollidaysburg Veterans Home.

PATTON A half century of lowering ears hasn done much to lower one Patton barber commitment to his craft and community.

In fact, William Noel sat in his Fifth Avenue shop about noon last week, remembering decades spent cutting hair and the relationships he formed with those who sat in his chair.

Noel, 69, hasn always cut hair in the same location, but regardless of where he wielded his shears, he always drawn a crowd, his wife, Kathy, said.

been a fixture in the community, she said. knows Doc Noel. Doc moniker isn related to Noel profession. It a childhood nickname that stuck for years.

As a child, Noel was interested in athletics, but his involvement was sidelined when he contracted rheumatic fever, which limited his capacity for physical activity.

wasn allowed to play any more sports, Noel said.

Still, he wanted to feel like part of the team, so he accepted a position as manager of his high school Cambria Heights football team.

One day, a classmate came to him with a swollen thumb, and Noel wrapped it in tape, hoping it would alleviate the issue.

When the athlete later returned, his finger had swollen even more, Noel said.

When a coach saw the thumb and asked who applied the tape, Noel was quickly identified.

said, the good doctor,’ Noel said, explaining he been called Doc since.

Noel previous illness also led him to take up his clippers and combs. With manual labor out of the picture, Noel was presented with a number of prospective careers. Among them, barbering stood out.

So Noel enrolled in a nine month barber school program in Johnstown, where he worked his way from simple crew cuts to more complicated styles.

was pretty natural to me, he said.

A photo from Noel graduation hangs on a wall in his shop, showing rows of new barbers wearing white, doctor like smocks. In 1967, Noel began professionally cutting hair, working alongside an established Patton barber.

was a booming town then, Noel said, remembering the once thriving coal town.

Now, without coal jobs, Patton population has dwindled, Noel said.

A waning customer base isn the only change Noel has had to contend with. He talked about changes in hair style fads, especially the popularity of long hair among men during his early years.

I started, the Beatles were just getting started, he said. hair was popular. 1971, Noel began cutting hair in the lobby of Patton Fifth Avenue Hotel. The former hotel is only a few feet from his current shop.

That gig lasted until 1982, when Noel was hired at the Hollidaysburg Veterans Home, where he served as a barber to its residents.

was a good job, he said of the position he held for 25 years before retiring. was fun. the time, he continued cutting hair in Patton, moving to his current location Doc Barber Shop in the early 2000s, when the Fifth Avenue Hotel was closed.

In addition to barbering, Noel marriage has remained a constant in his life. He been married to Kathy for 47 years.

met at a dance about 50 years ago, Kathy said, explaining the weekend events were common then.

The couple eventually had four children and now have eight grandchildren.

Still, Doc Noel said he has no plans to put down his scissors anytime soon.

like it, and as long as my health keeps up, I keep doing it, he said, revealing he most enjoys meeting and interacting with the customers who sit in his chair. enjoy people. sentiment likely is reciprocated, with generations grandfather, fathers and sons regularly visiting the shop, Kathy said.

Those connections may have played a role in his election to multiple terms on the Patton Borough Council, as well as the Cambria Heights School Board.
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Arliss Beach has been chased by some of the best college football players in the nation and even some linebackers in the National Football League.

But speaking at the annual Boy Scouts Leadership fundraising luncheon on Thursday was more of a nerve wrecking experience for him.

you hear my heart pounding? he asked across a table before going up to speak at the ACTC Roberts Drive campus. is my first speech. I nervous. He spoke to a crowded room about the importance of being a role model in the community.

As one of Ashland all time football greats, Beach is already that in northeastern Kentucky. His status grew when he finished a four year career at the University of Kentucky and then it reached even greater heights when he made the Green Bay Packers roster last summer.

Beach didn get to play in the NFL last year because of a high ankle sprain suffered in the Packers last preseason game.

Instead of cutting Beach, which happens to many rookies who are injured, the Packers protected him by placing him on injured reserve. While the move to the IR effectively ended his first pro season, it kept him as property of the Packers, who hope the confidence they showed in him last year pays off this season.

Beach is already a role model in the Tri state community, said Phil Eason, the Ashland schools superintendent and chairman of the Tri State Boy Scouts Council.

is truly an outstanding person, Eason said. never heard anyone have anything of a negative nature to say about Arliss Beach. One of my hopes is when his playing days are over, that he be back in this area not as superintendent, but anything else.

take pride in being a good role model, he said. like giving back to the community. We are the groundwork of the children today. With all the drugs and alcohol and other things happening around us today, it important for them to have good role models.

need to set our children straight and those activities help us do that, he said. sports kept me out of trouble and kept my head straight. I had a lot of support from people, including a lot of you in this room. He said besides a supportive community, his role models were his parents, Andre and Kerri Beach.

have an older sister and a younger brother, so I the middle child, he said.

A turf toe injury has sidelined him for now. He went to Green Bay weekend mini camp recently and will return for another Packer camp on Monday. However, the turf toe will probably limit his repetitions in practice.

so frustrating, he said. feels fine but it an injury you can rush back from. It may be another two or three weeks before he can practice.

The Packers begin their fall camp on July 26 and Beach hopes to be there fighting for a roster spot. know how it is, there are no guarantees, he said.

However, Beach extensive knowledge of the playbook is definitely a plus. helps a lot, he said. coaches had me showing some of the younger guys how to do things at the mini camp.

Beach said being around players such as quarterback Brett Favre has been an amazing experience.

Bay is a great organization, he said. couldn ask for anything better. To be on the same practice field with Brett Favre, somebody I watched growing up, is a dream come true. He like a big kid. One of my coaches, Edgar Bennett who was on their Super Bowl teams, is somebody else I learned a lot from.

The Boy Scout fundraising goal was $50,000, Eason said.

Two Beach autographed jerseys one from Ashland and one from Green Bay were auctioned and brought in $1,000 to the Boy Scouts, Eason said.

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wholesale replica soccer jerseys A lesson in role models